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Interacting with the locals, Minister highlighted the importance of forests and sought their cooperation in protection of the green gold. He asked the officers to devise innovative techniques to prevent the erosion and loss of forest soil. He stressed on construction of check dams, DRSM works and plantation of soil binder plants. Later, the Minister also inspected forest closures near Shankracharya temple and directed the officers to develop it on modern lines by planting ornamental and fruit plants. During the visit, Choudhary Lal Singh asked the officers of Wildlife Department to take necessary safety measures to prevent attacks by wild animals on people visiting Shankracharya temple. The senior functionaries told the Minister that the department is monitoring the situation closely and all necessary measures have been taken to check such incidents. Rajesh Gupta started the work of different lanes at Kanji House and Gujrati Mohalla in ward No. 7 MLA Jammu East Rajesh Gupta started the work of different lanes at Kanji House and Gujrati Mohalla in ward no 7. MC officials accompanied the MLA and included Xen Joginder Bhagat,AEE Gurcharan Singh and JE Israr Ahmad. The members of the Gumat Bazaar Traders Association were present on the occasion to welcome the Hon'ble MLA on the occasion. The members included Rajesh Gupta, Sunil Gupta, Ashok,Varinder Gupta and Raj Kumar Sharma. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasi on said that development alone would solve the problem of violence and extremism. Rajesh Gupta said that our Deputy CM Dr Nirmal Singh Ji is guiding us to carry forward the agenda of development and to reach out to the last man in the society. Gen Secretary Sangeeta Anand,Meena,Shashi,Bimla and Amita Gupta accompanied the MLA. The prominent who accompanied the MLA included Ex corporator Gulshan Mahajan,Kuldeep, Surinder Anand,Charanjeet,Prof Shyam,Rajesh Gupta,Kuldeep Kandhari,Advocate Vigeesh Bharti,Girdhari Lal,Jagjeevan,Rajinder Gupta, Raj Kumar, Chaman Lal,Ramesh Sharma and Amit. Sunil holds public grievance camp at Padder Overwhelming response by the People, inaugurated several projects. In his ongoing efforts to redress public grievances at their doorstep. unil Kumar Sharma today held a public grievance camp at Paddar, Kishtwar. In an open interaction with the MOS, people of the area put forth various demands with respect to the supply of sufficient amount of clear drinking water, repair of electric lines and uninterrupted power, black topping of the roads, sanctioning of degree college for the area besides a number of other genuine problems. Responding to the demands Sharma directed the concerned officers to take immediate actions with concrete output under intimation to the Minster.

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DeathLab Death Lab is a physics-based ricohet shooter. DeathMetal combines the best old school gameplay with cutting edge graphics and touch controls on your tablet or mobile! DeathRogue Survive in this old school zombie dungeon crawler with procedurally generated levels. Fight your way through zombies all the way down to the treasure. You are randomly selected to be a runner or a killer. If you are a runner you need to reach a specific place in the map to win the game while the killers try to do everything to stop you us DeathRun 2 Go - Ragdoll Fun 3D Pickup several characters and join right into the Death Run. In this game, players have two options: killers and the runners, they have different targets runners need to run to the end of the map alive, and the ki DeathRun Portable DeathRun Portable - addictive game in which you will choose the role of the victim or the killer. Deathchase Remake of the classic 1983 ZX Spectrum game. To solve the case, you have to discover and collect a series of clue Deathless Full (English Version) In the role of Adam Smith, the Scotland Yard agent in charge of following the investigation of Ljudmil Todorov, a retired archaeologist, found bleeding to death in his own library. To solve the case, you have to discover and collect a series of clue Deathless biker 2 Ride with high speed on malaysian highway. Marooned in the darkest depths of the ocean you are a the squid creature Bernice Sandalwood and you're quite hungry. Horrifying Deathly Red Please scroll down for Vietnamese. You only have to touch and change the color of the squares. Enjoy the thrill of racing and beautiful scenery togethers. Lovely Green ra Deathmatch Game Server Extendable game server for a Linux Deathmatch. Basically, a Linux Deathmatch is a realtime hacking competition where several teams share a network and try to set up services, for which they get scores, and hack the other players. You can make a diff Deathride: Betrayal On the blasted freeways of mankind's grim and deadly future, a new world is emerging from the war-torn ruins of the old, a frontier where only the fast and fearless survive. So check your weapons and Deathride: Betrayal - Drifter Edition On the blasted freeways of mankind's grim and deadly future, a new world is emerging from the war-torn ruins of the old, a frontier where only the fast and fearless survive. This game is tested on many devices and should work well on nearly all android devices. Bunch of different deadly traps will kill you again and again, unless you can prove that you are unstoppable and fi Deathruncontent Stop bitching to me i wont fix the damn fastdl use this or if you dont know how to use svn then goto hell.


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I wasn’t a big Euron fan last year, but that has changed. He still has the air of being deranged, but not in a buffoonery way, more of an underlying, ominous derangement. He had the best lines of the night, about killing brothers, and having two good hands, and other lines. When Jaime reminded him that the men Jaime was killing were his kin, he says “It was getting crowded. The whole section was enjoyable. It was almost as though Cersei was trying to make Jaime jealous, when she told him Euron was looking for a Queen. Both she and Euron succeeded in goading him plenty. Even when Euron was telling Jaime that watching Jaime (the Jaime of the past) work his way through the Iron Islanders was beautiful, there was an air of menace about it. Euron does intend to have Cersei, and the fact that she would even consider it will be the proverbial last straw for Jaime. A running theme is the difference between Northerners and Southerners, and that the qualities associated with Northern houses (honour, loyalty, hardiness, austerity, very, very ancient ties of fealty and kinship) are going to be huge advantages as winter sets in (their insularity, not so much. These families have had their differences, but they’ve spent so long prioritising survival over political intrigue that it’s left a mark. If Jon had given the castles to other families, who’s to say the men sworn to the Umbers and Karstarks or the houses left out would have gone along with it. They’re not delivering to every area, so check your postcode. I don’t think he packed up the entire household of servants and brought them on a march, yet there didn’t seem to be a soul there, not even old people who wouldn’t be able or of any use on a march. Unless they were hiding in the woodwork and will come out eventually. Strange happenings. Like I said earlier, the whole homecoming lacked emotion for me. I don’t know what I expected, maybe when Dany was in the map room, to look out onto the horizen and say in a small, incredulous voice “I’m here,” THEN turn to Tyrion, take on a serious demeanor and say Shall we begin. As it was, it was as though she had a list that read Land on Dragonstone, and she checked it off. About BotB, maybe the reason he was talking to Tormund and Davos and not Sansa was because they were actually contributing to the discussion themselves.


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Buy Epic History X-Men Volume 3, the Dark Phoenix Saga. Watch Marvel's Off The Rack only on go90 on your mobile device. Season 6 of GoT is over and HBO have announced two more series before it all comes to a glorious end. Libby counts down the best theories about GoT's ending. Someone. omeone is going to have a melt down about this video or my picks. Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Yara and Theon Greyjoy Hodor, Wyllis, Hold The Door, Bloodraven, Three eyed raven, Children of the forest, Bran Stark, Summer, Hodor,A song of Ice and Fire, ASOIAF. Still reading this Game Of Thrones House Stark description? Well thanks but sadly I ran outta stuff to give out for reading the entire description so no more Boose BOOBS or Dragons. John Iadarola debunks a viral Game of Thrones conspiracy theory. Tell us what you thought of the Game of Thrones season finale in the comments below. If there's something you'd like to see us discuss on the show, tweet us about it. Every day ThinkTank challenges preconceptions, exposes amazing new facts and discoveries, explores different perspectives, and inspires you to learn more about the world and the people around you. Keep up to date with John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston. Looks like Jon has the edge in strength and hes learned a couple of things from his fight against a Thenn and White Walker but I think we'll see being a surprise from Mad Dog tonight. Latest: AlternativeFactsRule, Apr 10, 2019 at 1:33 PM. A site like TMB needs a dedicated server, regular support, firewalls, and backup systems that all cost money. We will never charge for the site, but those who choose to donate will be added to our donor board where they will have inside access to what's happening with the site. If you choose to make a one-time or recurring donation, 100% of your contribution will go directly to funding TMB's expenses. TMB is a large, standoffish group of unfriendly men who fear change and sometimes talk sports.


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Constitutional correctness required that, but if his. The viceroy said he would like him to stay, to which. Gandhi agreed. It transpired later that Jinnah had voiced it as a grievance. By all accounts, Lord Wavell began well, guiding the deliberations of the. You must accept my leadership for the present I will endeavour to. Referring to this part of the viceroy's speech Gandhi. He thus acts in the conference as its leader and not as the agent of Whitehall. . The viceroy deftly bypassed thorny points when they threatened to hold. Congress was a Hindu body when Jinnah launched forth on one of his usual. Viceroy: 'There is nothing in my proposals which characterises Congress. Jinnah: 'We have met here as communities and Congress does not. Gandhi argued with the Congress leaders that he took the viceregal. Congress should accept the position that the non-scheduled Hindus would in. Indians, Englishmen, Parsis, Sikhs, Jews (if available), Indian Christians. Scheduled Castes and women, and to do so irrespective of whether they were. There need not thus be more than one or two Hindus apart from the. Scheduled Castes, Gandhi reasoned, and even they should be present not as. Viceroy's Executive Council and bring into play the viceroy's veto.