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ight be as good as CROPPY The Speakeasy 5 bulan yang lalu Thanks for tuning in, Deb. Geniale Lanzo 6 bulan yang lalu Try Niagara Falls you never know what will happen The Speakeasy 6 bulan yang lalu We definitely will, thanks Geniale. Elvira Arriaga 6 bulan yang lalu P. . nly drove through Denver,Co freeway heading to Nevada that's about as close to Colorado i'll ever get to be i guess. Thanks again, Elvira:-D Elvira Arriaga 6 bulan yang lalu Here is a. Colorado is definitely worth a visit, if you get the chance. Are there any locations that you would like to see in our future videos. There's is alot of scary stuff that happens during summer time as well. There's this one haunted house (Spider house) 4 years ago me and a friend went to visit there in daylight and speaking from experience I never went there again. It's close to where I live but never will ever get too close to it. What I saw that day was a body covered by a sheet of blanket and heard an eerie scream and me and the friend got on our bikes and hauled ass getting out of there. I've always walked at night from work and there's animals and strange noises at night. In my neighborhood like at 3 A. you could banging noises and old people just walking. We would have to lift the tarp. -) alexandria waldron 6 bulan yang lalu I used to live in Brighton Colorado, actually 2 miles from Riverdale Road spent a lot of time on Riverdale there is a white fox when it looks at you the eyes shine at you like a bright flashlight more like a spot light or head lights, then disappears. The Speakeasy 6 bulan yang lalu That's very frightening. Forever The Speakeasy 6 bulan yang lalu Don't do that on our account.

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The mortgage industry is inundated with ever-changing regulations, and we're working our way through dozens of integrations at the moment. So we'll continue to work on improving and integrating this software for years to come, but it works. Black holes, quantum computing and oncoming doom Cache Translate Page Could our universe be a hologram. Dr Karl and Professor Patrick Hayden from Stanford University answers these questions and more. Farmer's tales, shaved-head hair, and quantum physics and God Cache Translate Page What happens when fruit and vegetables cross-pollinate. Why does my hair appear to grow quicker now I shave my head. In this fast moving and lighthearted interview with the Innovise Guys she talks about her deep dive into the idea of organizational improvisation and the related topics of creativity training and appreciative inquiry. Pam has a deep background in the theater arts and she discovered the value of improvisation when casting plays. She's learned over time the value that improv has to build responsiveness to changing conditions in the market place, and an ability to adapt quickly to change. She's also learned how to introduce improvisation to organizations in a way that takes the emphasis off performance and back to awareness, appreciation, and ultimately improved ability to interact and innovate. She teaches these things to her corporate clients and students at DePaul University. Cache Translate Page I’ve often thought that the whole “where are they? question about SETI (i. . the Fermi Paradox ) is bogus, both because the universe is just so BIG, and because we still understand so little about it, even though we have learned in recent years that planets and even “Earth-like” planets seem to be quite common throughout the Galaxy. As smart as some of us may be, it seems likely that we are still as clueless about major chunks of physics as scientists in the 1800’s were about quantum mechanics and the scale of the universe. If there are wormholes or quantum foam or gravitational technologies we won't develop for another 200 years, there could be aliens popping in and out all the time, and we wouldn't even know what to look for. It would be like an airliner passing 37,000 feet above some remote tribe of people who have never encountered other humans or modern technology, as unlikely as that may be today. Such advanced beings might find radio wave communication to be as quaint as rubbing sticks together as an energy technology.

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If you can tell me what movie i’m talking about I would appreciate it. Thank you. I wish there was a movie database by the year, I think it was on Starz or Encore Family but I dont remember whe. All I remember is that it was about a boy and his dog who have to enter a race to get money to help his sick mother. At the end, the boy’s dog’s heart gives out and the boy carries him across the finish line. Can anyone tell me the name of this movie please. The girl is an outsider and she feels she doesn’t belong anywhere. I rememeber a scene from the movie when the girl meets the dog. The girl has entered the building where the dogfights are held and she stands with her back against the door. The dog escapes and reaches the girl who is standing in front of the door. The dog looks in her eyes and the girl slowly moves and opens the door. I think the dog and the girl meets and become friends. All I can remember is that a dog is trying to get back home. That he meets an old woman (I think she owns a duck? . But I think this is the movie that Tyler was talking about. A friend just told me about it, but I can’t seem to find any information about it on the internet. I was wondering if anyone knew the title of this movie. This man is sitting at a big computer desk and he is downloading information onto a disk.

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Try to bring them into the fold as well, as he did with the Wildlings. Or will he be plagued by Dothraki blood riders raiding and pillaging Westeros through out his reign. That’s, to my mid, the real essence of GRRM’s question. And that’s vastly more interesting and challenging than deciding what to do with a fictional b0atie. ) Thanks for the ask. Even the baby orcs? - which is why I included a lot more examples aside from Jon “baby orc” Snow. Because I think his question applies more generally to former enemies in war or factions fighting against each other and what happens once the war is over. Jon has never questioned who he is: he’s Jon Snow, the son of Eddard Stark, the bastard of Winterfell, the shield that guards the realms of men. Hence the narrative import of “You know nothing, Jon Snow”. So why would Kit feel the need to mention that he “knows who he is” if he’s talking about a pre parentage reveal Jon Snow. If it’s post parentage reveal, then it makes sense because while Jon will struggle with who he is, he will in fact finally know the truth about himself. That’s never out of the realm of possibility with GOT. I got a few messages from people wanting to read it and I’m really sorry it’s taken this long to get it back up again. But here it is! ) This is actually the second part of the “More than 2 is a crowd” section of the series but since it got very, very long I split it up. Welcome to Days of GOT, the soap-opera where your captor turns into your lover only to turn into your aunt: Keep reading. Even the little baby orcs, in their little orc cradles? But rather what happens once the war ends and how does a leader approach the subject of the factions he fought against during the war.

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Star Wars Live Action TV Show: EVERYTHING We Know So Far! 00:07:54 August 26, 2018, 4:00 pm Star Wars Live Action TV Show: EVERYTHING We Know So Far. Everything is going digital, direct to market, and mobile. Start Watching Dragon Ball Super Now! 00:04:41 June 17, 2016, 9:28 am Start Watching Dragon Ball Super Now. The new arc of Dragon Ball Super is the perfect jumping on point for those who fell off the series or those who never started watching. Future Trunk Arch, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Bulma, Goku Black, Champa, Beerus, Anime. A spinoff podcast featuring the favorite father in George R. . Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga: Samwell Tarly's dad giving a tour of Horn Hill. ook Bitchin': Arya Stark Edition. Enjoy non-depth reviews of the delicious food trucks: Pink Taco, Baby's Badass Burgers, Dream Creations Cupcake Truck and more. Food not based on George R. . Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga. We break out the 2019 calendar to deduct the date when HBO's Game of Thrones will return for it's final season 8! lus we break open George R. . Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga to discover if the show has revealed any secrets about which book characters might sit the Iron Throne in the next 2 novels.

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phat tri? thuong hi? tren kh? m? n? du? g. A couple of my blog readers have complained about my website not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. I have read this publish and if I could I wish to suggest you some fascinating things or advice. I think that you can do with some % to force the message home a little bit, but instead of that, that is great blog. Please reply back as I’m wanting to create my own personal website and would like to find out where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after browsing through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Hi there, simply become aware of your blog thru Google, and located that it’s really informative. Extremely useful info specifically the remaining phase. I did however expertise a few technical issues using this site, since I experienced to reload the website many times previous to I could get it to load properly. I am not certain whether or not this publish is written by way of him as no one else recognise such exact approximately my problem. Rendez vous sur et vous aussi creez des comptes Facebook en masse. In addition that you’ll be buying an excessive amount of, you will pay excessive as well. I mean, I don’t want to tell you how to run your blog, but suppose you added a title to possibly grab folk’s attention.

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Appendices are included on identification of anthology titles, chronology of British imports by PBS, and the impacts of directors on various decades as well as several lists that help frame the information in the rest of the book. The bibliography includes primary research sources. The files, logs, clips, books, and other resources used to obtain information prior to 1960 made the effort only as definitive as possible. Any additions or clarifications can be forwarded to the author through the publisher. Acknowledgments This book was considered in various forms for more than a decade before it became a reality. I decided to undertake this task because television history still lacks details, and TV directors are often overlooked in the realm of the entertainment industry. The medium has been perceived as having belonged more to writers-producers than directors, which often has not been the case. Plus, long-form TV directors are overlooked in the sphere of directing in general. In the entertainment world at large, feature film directors are deemed artists, masters, and the elite, while TV directors get short shrift. Historically and generally, TV directors are perceived to have worked fast and cheap on a mission of expedience rather than in service to the story and the best way to tell it. Others are among the great unsung masters of not only the medium, but of the industry, directing, and American storytelling. The news story, feature profile, or obituary on any one of the hundreds of directors who were at home in both media nearly always recounted feature films and rarely or never the TV work. But sometimes these directors’ presentations on the small screen dwarfed those on the big one—in terms of content, style, performance, grace, pictorial quality, and overall artistry. Conversations with many film and television industry veterans shaped or informed my understanding of the director’s role in the making of TV productions and movies in general. I am indebted to many people who were helpful and spirited in their recollections with me about directors and direction. Many directors graciously allowed me their time and insight while I was primarily an entertainment journalist for three decades. My time spent independently with Richard Bare and John Rich was both instructive and entertaining. Primarily sitcom directors for whom I edited and placed memoirs—Confessions of a Hollywood Director and Warm Up the Snake, respectively— they illuminated for me many aspects of directing, and corners of TV history. Bare’s vast experience and TV pioneering on the Hollywood landscape are truly remarkable and includes 40-plus series, including every episode of Green Acres.


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I'd have preferred we didn't get even the small interior view (that no one is driving) but that carries its own penalty too. It doesn't bother me so much - it's very hard to see for sure, the door's open so small a crack. BUT hey, there's a few moments of that, to some fine effect. Gerald Hirschfeld's camera never gets to over-the-top with art, just delivers the vistas in as much focus and dynamism as possible; he lets Utah do the work, and work it does. The climax with its early dawn thing (I love he goes into the garage the morning of the big climax it's still night out, and when he comes jumping out the garage window it's early dawn then in wide later shots its morning and the sun's just coming up from between the far off mountains-- that's hard to get just right when capturing all the Utah scenery - but Hirschfeld does it - and the final shot with the smoke and the sun coming up like a big round eye of God. Sometimes if a car alarm is blasting out my window I play along to it via harmonica or ukelele or whatever's handy (most all car horns and alarms are in C-major-by the way) and Rosenman clearly has too, for his merging of diegetic ambient sound into his score is so termite. He doesn't need to compose a complex piece of emotional telegraphic 40 piece orchestra pomp when a 10 piece bunch of drug-addled avant garders fired off Lalo Schifirn's cacophonic home guard will do. Tearing it up like pals of WILLARD and remind us all that the 70s was still the best time for music scores, and that termite madness --of using ambient noise to diagram out the score, could be done without distracting viewers from the narrative. It's a real stunner of a scene and Lloyd brilliantly acts a full range of emotions, moving very palpably from terrified, to mad, to sneering provocations, and even branch throwing, trying to goad whomever's driving to come out and show himself. Eyes getting dark and shark-like glistening both from the dust stirred up by the furiously revving car, voice dripping fear-spiked adrenalin. Lloyd gets the tremor in the voice exactly right, of someone who never raises their voice in anger but doesn't back down either. She's ageless in this moment - with her big head and short sleeves she could be a fifth grader or my fifth grade teacher from the same approx. time. She's a rare the first time we've really cared or rooted for someone so much cooler and complex than we originally thought; in JAWS, Mrs. Brody doesn't get much to do, shark-wise, and even in THE BIRDS (1963), Melanie and Annie merely help the children run to safety (there's no point taunting nature - but this thing isn't nature - it's a car). She was the romantic interest with Jack Nicholson in THE MISSOURI BREAKS - and as Lauren. All in all, Lauren is a naturally buoyant and fun lady, easy to get along with, mellow and observant East Coast ethnicity with that intelligent stridency that lets you know she's not perfect - she can be a 'bit much' which is why she's perfect for elementary school as her energy finds an outlet in the kids. And she thinks boys drawing nude pics of her is 'healthy' while a fellow teacher gets indignant (it's implied only because no one ever draw one of her). The tremor in her voice reminded me of my own when I almost got into a group fight with some obnoxious other kids throwing milk duds at us in STAR TREK WRATH OF KAHN, or lathering vicious insults back at my viciously insulting downstairs UES neighbor in the late 90s.

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The individuals involved should know they are unsafe and highly likely to lose, they should be terrified. We should be clear from here on in now at least until the red carpet on 3rd April for any spoilers. Maybe they’re just messing with everyone but that length does sound more reasonable considering the big battle that’s suppose to happen in that episode. Essentially we know where and when in episode 3 but that’s it. That Theon and Yara will reunite sometime in season 8. Daenerys is going to Westeros, sure, but what's she going to do there. Jon Snow is King in the North now but what does that even mean. These questions will remain unanswered for as long as David Benioff and D. . Weiss feel like leaving them unanswered, but in the meantime, there are plenty of spoilers out there if you know where to look. Read on for a roundup of everything that paparazzi photos, call sheets, and Instagram snaps imply might happen this year, but only while remembering that Kit Harington claims they intentionally film fake scenes to throw the internet off real plot lines. This post contains possible, unconfirmed spoilers and rumors for Game of Thrones season seven. 1. Jon Snow and Daenerys will finally meet. He also walked the carpet at the season seven premiere. 3. Nymeria is coming back. Before they made their account private, the company that provides the wolves used for the show Instagrammed a photo of a wolf that looks like Arya's beloved direwolf, last seen in season one. Actress Maisie Williams was also seen in Canada where the wolf scenes are shot, leading to speculation that Arya and Nymeria will have a tearful reunion.

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If you do want to see her naked then watch the movie 300. When watching this the first time, like all viewers I was focused on Ollie thinking what is this treacherous scalliwag up to when he tells Jon about a possible development with Benjen. It's only after watching over and over that I finally noticed Jon grabbing a bottle of red wine when running out the door. Obviously he's thinking it's time for celebration. Each of the men of nights watch that confront him are trying to grab the bottle off him and saying that's not for you Jon Snow, it's FOR THE NIGHTS WATCH. He then falls over trying to evade them, at which point an audible cracking sound is heard as the bottle breaks, and you can clearly see the red wine spilling in the final shot. Stannis's magic sword somethng else completely forgotten about after it was introduced. Waking the dragons from stone is something he's yet to do but there are stone dragons at Dragonstone (as well as dragonglass). She's done the dragon part (stone eggs) but no Lightbringer. My only basis for thinking that was how the Whitewalker General reacted to him when they clashed swords in the prior EP. Tyrion would be a bundle of laughs. arys well. 'll need some to drive me home (and come up with good gossip for shits and giggles). He then goes down the stairs, putting on his gloves. GOT's format of 10 episode seasons isn't sufficient and is doing the material a disservice. I've noticed time and again as each season plays out it seems like 5-7 episodes of waffel leading up to 3 pretty good final episodes usually. Its not sufficient as we can see every single year various storylines that could use a bit more exploring just fizzle out quickly, things being resolved in a rush etc. They need to reformat the show for a 14-16 yearly episode arc to do things proper justice. GOT starts and everybody is super excited and it seems like its over almost as soon as it started airing.