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Well, given the time period and the setting, lives were shorter and the world was smaller (exploration-wise). One's own family and culture was everything, and while it's great that Ragnar welcomed outsiders, he created some divides between himself and others in the process (most notably Floki). The fact that he was so fluid in his cultural values makes us wonder how much honor he really had. Even before he officially challenged him and took his place, Ragnar never seemed to have much respect for Earl Haraldson. Fool me three times or more, and you might just be Ragnar's brother, Rollo. Seriously, how many times does a guy need to betray you before you learn your lesson. For Ragnar, he definitely let things go way too far with Rollo, which isn’t fair at all considering how he has handled betrayals from other people. After all, it wasn't that long ago that Harald took the life of his brother, Halfdan for a comparatively minor betrayal. Perhaps the showrunners are trying to demonstrate that Ragnar is different from other Vikings in this regard. No, Jarl Borg should not have betrayed Ragnar, but at the same time, it was understandable why he did. Then there's the fact that Ragnar himself betrayed quite a few people during his lifetime without batting an eye. Nevertheless, Jarl Borg received the worst punishment of all time in retribution for his actions that were no different from those of other Viking leaders. Oh, and did we mention he had a young wife and son at the time. It was a pivotal moment in the show and was shot really well, and dare we say it's actually a pretty captivating feat to watch. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t change the fact that Ragnar’s victim totally didn’t deserve that end. It was a cool, slightly more modern version of the Trojan Horse, but there was a big problem here we all just chose to ignore in order to keep enjoying the show.

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You are in the culture and country where the language is actually used while studying with other Americans who have similar passions for the region. These students all care deeply about some aspect of the region as well as language. It was phenomenal meeting all the students and learning about their reasons for studying Arabic, as we all had different majors and specializations. I think that I did not receive the CLS Arabic Program my freshman and sophomore year because I did not have an experience that directly demonstrated my appreciation for Arabic outside of the classroom. I discussed this in my application to highlight my commitment to the language and appreciation for the culture. I think this study abroad experience was the catalyst for my CLS Arabic 2016 Program as well as my thesis on the Jordanian Refugee Crisis. Through the fellows program at Elon University, I researched how Jordan shifted its domestic policies in regards to the Syrian refugee influx into Jordan. Living in Jordan for four months during the biggest shift in Jordan’s policies (the creation of the work permit program in March of 2016) allowed me the unparalleled opportunity to speak with locals about their thoughts on the policies in Arabic. Studying abroad is not a prerequisite for the CLS Program, but a commitment to the language is. I was able to best showcase my commitment by going on my semester abroad while also conducting research. No matter which of the 14 languages you choose to study, you must make it clear in your application why you are studying the language and your appreciation for its subsequent culture. The CLS Program is not easy; you are living in a brand-new culture for two months and speaking a language that you are studying (sometimes with only one semester before you travel). Before you apply, know that you will be fully immersed throughout the summer, exploring incredible sites, making incredible memories, but also speaking almost exclusively in a new language. My CLS Arabic 2016 program immensely improved my language acquisition through all of its activities and the CLS Arabic 2017 program is currently furthering my fluency. Your fluency level before CLS is not important, but your appreciation for the language is the most significant aspect of your application. Bookmark the Critical Language Scholarship Program to your ProFellow account.


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We see papercraft visuals fairly often, but Inked has a very particular style. It looks it's made of graph paper, for starters, but it's not rigidly geometric. It uses thin pen lines to create detail via hatching and sometimes uses ink blots as shadow stand-ins. It's a clean, cool art style which really pushes the limits of the trusty line tool. I especially like the ripple effects on banners and water. If it feels like Zuckerberg is bending the truth, know that making a false statement to Congress might be difficult to prove given the slippery nature of Congressional testimony, but it’s still illegal. As Lawfare clarifies: Committees handle the matter of swearing in a witness a number of different ways, and there are three committees involved in Zuckerberg’s testimony this week: the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The Senate committees banded together to form a joint hearing on Tuesday. It’s possible that Facebook stipulated that Zuckerberg not be made to take the oath as a condition of his appearance before Congress. The optics of Facebook’s founder with his right hand raised would likely be anathema to the feverishly PR-conscious company. An aide to a prominent Senator not questioning Zuckerberg this week confirmed to TechCrunch that such a negotiation would be unusual but not impossible. Facebook did not respond to our questions on the topic. While no one can legally outright lie in responding to Congress — under oath or not — witnesses go to great lengths to temper their speech so they don’t get into hot water. During his first Congressional testimony, Zuckerberg spoke in an extremely disciplined, well-practiced way that adhered closely to safe talking points established in advance. A number of Zuckerberg’s statements could certainly be interpreted as lying by omission in an informal sense, but legally his testimony remains strategically vague enough to stay well within legal bounds. But this recently discovered dice—with its conspicuously absent one-side and two-side—is unique, pointing to some Medieval-era shenanigans.

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Benjamin B. Jones and Al Abrams are firm believers in the pulling power of merchandise prizes. Jones has a milk bottle game and a guess -your -weight stand and is in a position to analyze the field from both the souve man's and concessioner's angle. Abrams has ro-lo and is offering dolls, clocks, stuffed toys, ice buckets and World's Fair book -ends. Both have expressed themselves as satis- Not To Be Sneezed At NEW YORK, May 25. The New York World's Fair of 1940, which has had pretty nearly everything else, now has an official handkerchief. Callahan, the official handkerchief is a Trylon and Perisphere when folded and a heart when opened. He is justifiably vague when asked to explain the connection. Fair's merchandising department has approved design of the handkerchief. Callahan describes it as being the ideal souvenir that everyone has been looking for, an idea not to be sneezed at. Ruth Milgrim and her mother, Mrs. Mollie Milgrim, have opened a break -the - bottles game and are offering merchandise. They have a line of plaster for low scorers and dolls and other merchandise for those who have high scores. INGO By JOHN CARY AVZ alcp,,ce7 Almsf,31Zt OUR MAIL BAG tells us that more operators are making extensive plans for the outdoor season. Operators in resort towns are expecting record crowds. They feel that with good exploitation and flashy merchandise the law of averages will be more than kind to them.

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Bikini line, is it. In other news, I'm just getting ready for a camping trip this weekend, whilst keeping an eye on the torrential rain out there. yikes. Are you worried this inclement weather will cause dry rot in the instep. Got home at 4am. It was getting light and STILL RAINING. This might have something to do with the fact that I still haven't decided where I want to live, or what I want to do. I can't belive that for someone as obviously mobile as you are, the right job isn't out there somewhere, or will be soon. I'm sitting at the Man's desk in Rotterdam right now, while he's in a meeting, and inventing a letter of application for one of the vacancies that one of the agencies seemed to think was up my straat. I know they can nearly all speak English, but even so it must help. When you get a chance, you might like to visit the OMC chat game and see what's what. In other news, I've got a job offer, less than I wanted, and I have to move house. But I have another interview this afternoon for a BIG job, on an international scale. The second interviews are next week, which is when they'll give me personality tests to check I'm a loony, and make me do Sudoku maths tests (it's a Japanese company). Sorry for blurting all of this out at you lot; you can expect more over the next few days. When these things finally loaded, they proved on close inspection to be nothing more than wrappers for the original wikipedia material.