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Sometimes, a good cry is just what the doctor ordered. Suggested talking points: Rap n' Beats, sweet jeans, Highlander of Fun, virtual dumpster fire, Marshall Gaiman, nine-twelve, wormy, pigchicken rulez, g-ma 44:27 August 2, 2010 My Brother, My Brother and Me 15: The Armpit Hat We need everyone to think back about all the good we've done with all our advice before giving this episode a listen. Because this is the episode which will be responsible for our long, slow descent into hell. Hopefully we've got enough positive karma in the bank to weasel our way out of eternal damnation. Suggested talking points: Begrudging respect, altercations, on porousness, XYZ, getting Carl Sagan on it, car talk, don't get them digits, safe sex helmet 48:55 July 26, 2010 My Brother, My Brother and Me 14: The Secret Life of Ferguson The Boys of Summer are back with another dose of their unique brand of advice -- in fact, we're going to supply you with some free advice right here, in the very next sentence. Here's some more: You should leave a message on our voicemail, at 203-MBM-BAM1. Boom. You just got advised, and you haven't even started listening to the show yet. Suggested talking points: Spiderbelly, Tiller-snoot, Google Voice Follies, Ferguson Sex Change, Couldn't Care More, Jazz Cigarettes, Hans Solo and Chewy, Rock Lobster Diet, SHIRTS 44:46 July 19, 2010 My Brother, My Brother and Me 13: The Life Moustache. WE'RE LATE. And we're sorry. We've got no excuses, except that, man, it's been such a rough week, and our alarm didn't go off, and Justin's cat ate his audio file. We come to you with humble hearts, with a humble episode in our humble hands. We know you're going to hate it, out of principle, but we're hoping you won't share your anger with other potential listeners. No, to the left. Left a bit more.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they were the source of the leaks, to be honest, if only to test the waters on what would upset too much. I didn't watch the video, but I saw a comment above about. It's great so far, though I thought it'd have more sex scenes and be more violently graphic. \. But, it is not just the mother of dragons who proved popular on the world’s largest porn site, Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) and Shae (Sibel Kekilli) were firm favourites. Pornhub also features parody videos featuring adult performers portraying characters such as Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) and Varys (Conleth Hill). SKY Shae was one of the top searches on Pornhub A spokesman for the US broadcaster revealed to The Sun: “HBO is aware of the issue and is in the process of getting material taken down from Pornhub. It is estimated that around six million people visited Pornhub for content related to the programme. GUIDE TO CHARACTERS AND CAST Related videos Iwan Rheon discussing if his Game of Thrones will be killed off Game of Thrones Producers Apologize for Hodor YouTuber pulls 'Hold the door' prank on Hodor actor Kristian Nairn. SKY Daenerys was the top search on Game of Thrones-related content Related articles Game of Thrones sex and nudity by numbers Emilia Clarke thrilled to finally see male nudity on Game of Thrones Sahara Knite, Britain’s first Muslim female adult star, featured in season one, while fellow UK porn artist Maisie Dee had a role in season two’s The North Remembers. Out of all of the seasons, the first one featured the most amount of sex, according to new figures. Some of the racy moments included an incest scene between Cersei and twin brother Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau); a sequence involving Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) instructing two of his prostitutes in how to please clients visiting his brothel and Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) having rough sex with his new bride Daenerys. Given that Game of Thrones is one of the most pirated programmes in the world, this latest development involving Pornhub does not come as a huge surprise. Play slideshow HBO 1 of 29 Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Moro Around one million people illegally downloaded the first episode of season six of the fantasy drama. According to figures from TorrentFreak, which charts online piracy, at least 200,000 people shared unofficial copies of The Red Woman following broadcast. Despite attempts by HBO to curb illegal viewing, it appears that an accidental leak of The Red Woman could have been partly responsible for the high number of downloads.

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Maybe Rh'llor conjured a wind to boost the speed of the raven. We already know that Bran can communicate with Benjen psychically. He's probably been summoned there by Bran to save Jon Snow. While hunting for a white walker, the fellowship didn't just walk in a straight line into the wild, they zig zagged, parallel to the wall. This means that when the encountered the walkers, they actually weren't a huge distance from Eastwatch. The guy was literally resurrected from the dead by the lord of light. They raise people from the dead, they can see the future, they can change the weather and freeze everything around them. Why is it so surprising they can throw a spear with superhuman strength? It's MAGIC. The latter more so. None of the above listed issues come close to that level of inconsistency. In fact, I see everything as entirely explicable and consistent. You're delving deeper in to a high magic fantasy world. The writers should handle this better, but they dont. WTF ! -no name randoms getting killed fighting the WW.

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I've never had pechay, or Chinese cabbage, in a salad before but leave it to Sabrina to always surprise you with something new. I've enjoyed pechay in soups, or served blanched or steamed as a side to savory mains and having it in a salad was definitely new to me. Mildly sweet with just a whisper of bitter spicy hints, the fresh greens added unique flavors complemented by the tart dressing. And I did enjoy it. The soft Adlai grains add flavor with its subtle sweetness and texture to complete the salad. It's a dish that reflects the versatility of Adlai, pairing well with the other ingredients of the salad. Known to have the highest nutrients per calorie second to kale, the common pechay can be your first step to better health. After all, it's all about enjoying and experiencing new flavors. The salad dish was my introduction to this wonder grain from Bukidnon. And I was looking forward to the next dishes where the grain was the main ingredient. Adlai is an heirloom grain cultivated in Bukidnon by the indigenous people of the highlands. The mountain crop offers numerous health benefits to supplement your diet. Adlai is gluten-free, low in glycemic index making it ideal for diabetics, a high source of calcium, iron, dietary fiber, potassium and magnesium; sodium-free and contains only 1% fat. It's also a versatile grain and can be used for paella, risotto, arroz caldo, fried rice and even salads and pasta dishes. Cooking Adlai is as easy as cooking rice, with the same 1 cup of Adlai to two cups water ratio in a rice cooker or saucepan. Soft with a subtle sweetness, the flavor and texture is similar to rice but a whole lot healthier.

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. Fortunately, she has surrounded herself with good advisors (book and show) but I’m sure her Targ tendencies will be tested in the future. Her last chapter in ADwD was a perfect example of her internal struggle of what kind of Targ she should be. Dany even assumed a Targ stance by approving the “golden crown” that he ultimately received. Similarly, the “deluded pride” is ubiquitous among the Westerosi nobility: it’s not just the Lannisters, but the Tyrells, the Greyjoys, the Baratheons, etc. We see it among the Essosi nobility, too, despite a much smaller sample size. It’s almost like it’s some sort of general human trait. However, insofar as we can tell, most of her evolution as a person began very late in Viserys life, and continued after he died. It’s pretty instrumental to the stories: we have to understand why Jon or Daenerys or Tyrion would feel that the “right” thing to do is X not Y on one hand, but Y not X on the other hand. And we cannot be holding it against them that they do not choose “Z” when either all of their values say “that is wrong” or when it’s a concept that they do not have. Indeed, the reason why people assume that Daenerys or Stannis will try to take the throne is because it’s exactly what they would do in their situations. This comes up in particular with regards to Stannis: people might think that he’s wrong about Joffery being Jaime’s son, but everyone knows that Stannis thinks that this must be true, and that if Stannis thinks that this is true, then he’s going to try to depose Joffery. Similarly, Daenerys is the last of her family: and (as Tywin, Ned, Tyrion, Catelyn and others all note in different ways), good people do everything in their power to uphold their family’s honors and fortunes. It’s not taking the crown that is “self-entitled”: it’s running off with Wallis Simpson that is “self-entitled! . GRRM once said what an incredible challenge it was to write a macabre chapter from the perspective of an 11-year-old girl.

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Following Casino Night at Dunder Mifflin, Jim finally takes Pam aside to reveal his true feelings, telling her: “I’m in love with you. She is, at the time, engaged to Roy (David Denman), and decides to reply to Jim: “What are you doing? While all hope for the pair seems lost, Jim finds Pam (calling her mother) before the episode’s end and kisses her. Cruelly, the showrunners decided to cut to black after the moment, leaving fans wondering for months whether the couple would return to screens happily together (spoiler: they do not). Before creating the mystery-box filled Lost, the filmmaker created Alias, and the season two finale marks one the show’s greatest endings. The episode sees Sydney (Jennifer Garner) discover that Francie (Merrin Dungey) is not Francie at all, but a duplicate. The two then brawl, ending with Sydney shooting Francie and then collapsing due to exhaustion. We immediately jump to Sydney waking up in Hong Kong. After reuniting with her lover Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan), Sydney realises things are amiss as Michael is wearing a wedding ring. Turns out, she has been missing for almost two years. Cut to black, and the world asking “What just happened? . Not only that, but the villain has masterminded an elaborate plan to make it seem as if Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) has assassinated the Chief of the Defence Staff. With everything working against Tom, the agent finds himself backed into a corner. And when Harry (Peter Firth) loses faith, Tom decides to shoot Harry with his shotgun. From Vegeta staring menacingly at the camera to the villainous Cell launching a deadline attack on Goku, the series leaves you anywhere and everywhere.

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SAMUEL JOHNSON -“Do not accustom yourself to use big words for little matters. There is only one path and that is the path of Truth. An effective inspection system is based on mutual trust and respect, not the premise that schools are trying to ? heat. Depends on how desperate you are to be ahead of the curve on your tradeskills. ? The result was that time-honoured classic of British officialdom: tough talk followed by climbdown leading to fudge. Headlines inevitably compress the ideas they convey, sometimes to the very edge of reason, but whichever way you look at it there is a crucial difference between stamping out slavery and stamping out slaves. Follow the outermost ridges on the rise as you approach the Ice Claw Village and you’ll find plenty of Adamantium for the taking. Once he was identified as Gaddafi’s most prominent son, a plane was summoned to take the captives back to Zintan. The illusion is to bonk when to get hind up, dry your eyes, slapdash a grin on your play and get on with the set of your lifespan. If a slave rebels against his owner, then he is buried alive. Now the king David had been proved the real king and enjoyed the maximum support of his people in his empire. Dr Morakovsky said that Saif was being held in a private house inside the city. This game has got its own unique and fun element that makes it so famous and popular. Plane grouping who seem to smoldering a loving spiritedness surface adversity.

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Remeber ur at the gathering and and dont want drive urself nuts. U know u want to have fun too and not just be stressing and running around. And you’d need to have all the right props and things. When she and I went to see it, I thought it might be cool to do a similar thing but with big money hustlas. Someone had taken a garden post out of the ground somewhere, and passed it to me. Some big guy ran over to me, a trifle panicked, and begged us to settle down. It was a pretty tame thing, but I understand fire does what it wants. J mentioned us having a party, i could see them accomodating this by not having a comedian and an internet star for a night and possibly lending us a stage. Even if its the seminar tent or the psychopathic radio tent with microphones and a sound system. The only thing they would have to contribute is possibly someone to run the equipment trustily. I do see a play as being way too elaborate and a flame thrower getting out of control. I wasnt talking about selling t-shirts, i was meaning for US alone. This will only be my third gathering and ive stayed awake past 2am for two nights only to see Green Jello twice and Shaggys FTFOMF. Not cause of being intoxicated but because i have an 8-4 and sleeping before 1am is normal to me. I could see a game of deal or no deal with envelopes as brief cases and silly prizes as one of out gigs, only one spokes person and someone pulling envelopes. If im mentioning something that someone else has done, i apologize.