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Summerhays improved on his Saturday 6-over-par score with a 5-over-par 76, but his struggles dropped him to a tie for 71st at 12-over par. Finau played the back nine in 1-under-par 35, but he could not overcome a front nine that included three bogeys and a costly double bogey 6 on the par 4 No. 6. For the tournament, Finau made 14 birdies and eagle and 40 pars. Those three doubles ultimately cost him a dance under par for the event. Summerhays scorecard blew up with three double bogeys on Sunday which offset a nice eagle on No. 15 coming home on the back. The normally steady Summerhays, who had a top three finish in the event a year ago, had 11 birdies, 40 pars, 15 bogeys and five double bogeys for the week. Finau solidified his spot in the playoffs, dropping from 24th to 26th. Summerhays, who went into the PGA ranked 124th, stayed there after Sunday's play. There is one more event in the regular season, the Wyndham Championship at Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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One of the top contenders this year is the An. Read more. After I found out that they were going to be joined by five very special cas. Read more. My second thought was ? could sure use some chicken fingers right now? Finally,. Read more. He was the World Wrestling Federation champion, and his image was. Read more. Thankfully, in 1993, director Mark Davis showed us there is another.


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As she has put it, it is Field Marshal Ayub who is not yet ready for democracy, and not the people of Pakistan. In her speeches she has charged that the Ayub regime has created an “atmosphere laden with fear and reeking with corruption. AS she campaigns throughout Pakistan she promises that if she is elected she will restore an unfettered parliamentary democracy and direct adult franchise. Once that is accomplished, by amending the country's Constitution, she has promised to step down and let the people's political leaders run Pakistan. Religious leaders of the Ayub camp, however, continue to fulminate against her candidacy. The religious debate notwithstanding, Miss Jinnah's pledge of restoring parliamentary government has met widespread approval. HER chances of winning hinge not only on rallying the people to vote for Presidential electors pledged to her, but also on the moral fiber of those who arechosen, for there is no doubt that in the “real campaign” that will be waged over the coming winter to win the support of the 80,000 electors, the incumbent Ayub regime will have far more powerful weapons of persuasion at its disposal than wil1 the opposition. As things stand now, few political experts concede Miss Jinnah a chance of beating President Ayub. About all she can really hope to do, according to the generally held view, is provide the hitherto fragmented opposition with a common aim—parliamentary democracy—and hope to create a sufficiently large opposition bloc in the National Assembly to tie, to some degree, President Ayub's hands. It is already a miracle when a woman is a serious candidate for the Presidency of an Islamic nation. The story of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder ofJinnah Film Review Submitted by Expat on Sun, 00: 57 Now that India is no longer a British colony, politician Mohammed Ali Jinnah (Christopher Lee) sets himself a simple task: To carve out a jinnah film review Conclusion: Jinnah may not be a masterpiece but is a very good film that has been marred by the most unfortunate events.


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The blitz in King's Landing (Davos and Tyrion) looked really cartoonish, from landing of the boat to the end, especially the encounter with Jaime (they did not dare to show us the dialogue). Also Gendry's return felt forced with really poor script. Jon petting and caressing Drogon was, to be honest, embarrassing. Also Winterfell was not convincing: the dialogues between Arya and Sansa were poorly written, the chase between Arya and Littlefinger (her sneaking into his room, the small paper in the mattress, etc. was, once again, not adult storytelling. Also annoying is the current speed of characters' displacements, which has become essentially instantaneous. I remember the efforts that were needed the first 4 seasons to ride medium to large distances, the slowness and the difficulties of every movement. Now that's no longer an issue and main characters are readily teleported anywhere. This show has become a huge budget mess. p. .


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Original Playboy Men Leather Wallet High Quality Playboy Wallet. Shipping information. Shipping. The Man Playboy Tv Porn Videos: Come For The Strippers Stayed For The Strippers. Miami Strip Clubs Have The Hottest Girls On The Planet. Whether In. Playboy leads, never follows. Join us at the forefront of culture and at the cutting edge of lifestyle reporting with the Playboy Classic app, featuring content that's. Download The Drunk Playboy (And One Year After) His sentence trailed off as the Japanese man started squinting at him, was he that mad. A game where it explores the dark knight like never before as it goes in deep with the man behind the mask, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and his crusade as. Playboy has unveiled the latest creative evolution of the brand with its re-focused principles that are core to our.


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TheBattProductions 7 mesi fa Bahahha -- I could see that very easily. Keith Kahler 7 mesi fa I'll bet someone kills him in his sleep L U 7 mesi fa I bet Euron kills Cersei in that exact way books from Windblown 7 mesi fa That is a reference to Macbeth, one of William Shakespeare's best novel. I'm so irritated with GoT because of this new possible air date for S8 that I wish I could just stop watching all of it. Ege Ersu 7 mesi fa What if Season 7 had decent screenwriters Ege Ersu 7 mesi fa Being someone who have not read the books, I don't give a single shit about Euron. He literally appeared from nowhere, killed Balon Greyjoy and joined Cersei. He has a total screen time of 17 minutes, coming right after Lancel Lannister. Even if Season 7 had 10 episodes (and was properly written), I doubt they would have managed to make him relevant. You may have done these already. f not: 1) What if Tywin had discovered Arya's real identity at Harrenhal. OR 2) What if Littlefinger recognized Arya when he visits Tywin at Harrenhal. I was convinced that when Tywin had asked Arya about her father, that he had a hunch about who she was.


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OBrien. Cotchett, Pitre amp McCarthy, pro hac vice, Matthew K. Edling. Cotchett, Pitre amp McCarthy, Alexander E. Barnett. Frank Cadmus Damrell, Jr. Quinn Emanuel, Christopher R. Barker. Quinn Emanuel Urguhart amp Sullivan, pro hac vice, Daniel Paul Cunningham. Quinn Emanuel, Jacob J. Waldman.


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The Shabnam-Rahman starrer, studded with fine music by Robin Ghosh, was among only three Pakistani films that stayed in the theatres even after old Indian movies were allowed back into cinemas. It withstood the onslaught for 50 consecutive weeks and celebrated a golden jubilee (50 consecutive weeks on screen). The setting up of FDC (Film Development Corporation) Studios, with modern facilities — including a film processing laboratory — in Dhaka came as a boost to film-makers. Of these seven were in Urdu, which included Sangam. Naila, West Pakistan’s debut in colour cinema, came only a year later, at the same time that Dhaka produced Zahir Raihan’s widescreen Bahaana as well as the Dossani-Ehtesham-Mustafiz team’s Mala, Pakistan’s first colour widescreen movie. He was a producer, director, screenplay writer, composer and also an actor. Khan Ata, as he was commonly called, made great contributions to Pakistani cinema. Among the extraordinary films that he made were Nawab Sirajuddaulah (1967) and Soye Nadya Jaage Pani (1968), which were released in both Bangla and Urdu. Since Kabori, the heroine of the latter film, could not speak Urdu, he got his friend’s daughter, the singer Najma Niazi — who had also recorded songs in her mellifluous voice for the movie — to dub the leading lady’s dialogues. Another bilingual movie to be produced in East Pakistan was Shaheed Teetu Mir (1969). But these films were bilingual in a different sense from the earlier Jago Hua Savera, in which the fishermen of East Pakistan spoke in Bengali and the urban population conversed in Urdu.


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JonCon, Arianne and eventually Cersei when Aegon hits KL. 4. Theon and Asha, and eventually Aeron if Asha’s plans to annul the KM. 5. Jon and Melisandre, if Jon comes back. And if the show is anything to go by, hello Sansa. Obviously Arya and Sansa are going to be involved throughout the book, while we might get a sporadic update on Bran, which could in turn give us updates on storylines through the weirnet. Than there’s Davos, Sam and Areo, which in all honesty can miss three quarters of the book without much trouble. Sam studying can be only interesting for so long (until Euron hits) and Areo is only necessary as our eyes in Dorne. Which is not the most important place to be as Arianne is working for Dorne, outside of Sunspear. I was telling you, you need to read up on your Regency lit and that I’ve see you clutch your pearls better and that Austen wouldn’t approve of your choice of words and that the ratio you’ve posted for fantasy vs current fiction is probably skewed and some other stuff.


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NATURAL ALOE - Shampooing a l' aloe Vera 300 ml - Usage frequent-Renforce l'equilibre naturel. NATURAL ALOE - Lait hydratant pour le corps a l'aloe Vera 300ml -Peaux seches et sensibles -. I like to pay once and be done, plus I have tons of other subscriptions and now I have another. However, I must admit once I really dove into this app and saw everything it can do I feeling like this app will be worth every cent every time I pay the renewal. The way it groups the tv show episodes under one cover and numbers each episode is simply amazing. I just wish the app had a built in web browser so I can access my sites to download files. I hope these developers are going to stick around cause this will definitely be my go to app for years to come at this rate. I tried several free or cheaper video player but have no luck playing 4k video file smoothly from my NAS. I tried VLC, ABC, PlayerXtreme, FE but all of these failed at high-bitrate 4K videos(mkv). I thought it was my wifi speed at first but even on wired network I was still unsuccessful. I benchmark this player with the same file I used on other media player and this able to run the video smoothly and in sync with the sound.