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He will tell Tyrion and ask him to help to solve this problem somehow, cause Dany is impuslive and she may burn the Red Keep, if she learns that Cersei is planning to backstab them. Trion will try to outmaneuver Cersei to protech her and her unborn baby from herself, but he may fail. Especially for Sansa and the Hound getting married. There’s even a scene in “Josey Wales” that’s virtually beat-for-beat the same as Jon’s solo mission to Mance Rayder’s camp in S4e10. So I would love if we found another movie that could match your list that was NOT a Clint Eastwood. Admittedly, some lines in the show are a bit on the nose, but comparatively I found the prose in the novels to be decent, not great. The Hound talks about Brienne and Arya more than Sansa. He wasn’t like that forty years ago when he made “The Outlaw Josey Wales. . I haven’t seen any indication he’s enamored with the current incarnation of the Red Team he once supported. She didn’t want to leave him, he didn’t want to leave her. Sansa: “You don’t know which way she went? Brienne: “I spent three days looking for her.

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Roping and riding and busting stereotypes, the dauntless members of the International Gay Rodeo Association face constant obstacles in their quest to qualify for the World Gay Rodeo Finals. Director Matt Livadary, along with producer Erin Krozek was on hand to accept the award. Said deGruy, who judged along with Schmidt, ? t was a difficult decision to choose one 'best' because this year's documentary roster was so strong. Ultimately, we chose Queens and Cowboys because of its strong story, directing, editing, camerawork, use of music and its strong heart. Inspired by true events, this is the story of two extremists, one Islamic and the other Jewish, who cross paths while on opposing sides of the 1994 Buenos Aires AMIA bombings. Director Joel Novoa and producer Jose Novoa were on hand to accept the award. The Best Eastern European Film Award for best Eastern Bloc feature went to BAUYR (LITTLE BROTHER), from Kazakhstan directed by Serik Aprymov. In a small remote village lost in the mountains, nine-year-old Yerken is forced to live alone without any support. But the day finally arrives when his older brother returns home, and Yerken is full of joy and happiness. His brother turns out to be the direct opposite of little Yerken, a cold and hollow-hearted person. Through the unfolding events, Yerken never leaves the impression of a helpless little boy; he doesn? fight the harsh reality around him?

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Much of the current scholarship regarding these VR experiences grapples with their technical success or failure. Less explored are the philosophical and ethical implications of transporting users to such dark sites. In an effort to ? l in a knowledge gap, research from the ? ld of dark tourism studies will be used to inform how VR stories might morally construct their representations. For over two decades, the ? ld of dark tourism has grappled with the ethical planning, managing, and facilitating of tours at sites where atrocities, crimes, disaster, tragedy, and death have occurred. Dark tourism tour guides, interactive storytellers in their own right, have negotiated these dark narratives for centuries. This paper proposes that visits to dark tourism sites in VR should not just parallel current models of dark tourism but utilize the affordances of the medium to facilitate new opportunities for ethical compassion and understanding in the mediation of mortality. A foundational step toward an ethics for these kinds of dark VR experiences is put forward for future discussion. The consumption of enhanced spectacles of historical pain, violence, and death afforded by VR experiences require an ethical evaluation if they are to be morally designed and developed. To develop such an evaluation, this paper relies upon existing dark tourism scholarship. This relatively new sub-?