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Wladyslaw Szpilman (The Pianist), Noah Percy (The Village) B. Eva Lovelace (Morning Glory), Ethel Thayer (On Golden Pond) C. Dr. Kate McTiernan (Kiss the Girls), Natalie Prior (Divergent) D. Anna Coleman (Freaky Friday), Cady Heron (Mean Girls) E. Truvy Jones (Steel Magnolias), Shirlee Kenyon (Straight Talk) F. Allison Reynolds (The Breakfast Club), Leslie Hunter (St. Elmo's Fire) H. Linda Ash (Mighty Aphrodite), Dr. Susan Tyler (Mimic) I. Mona Lisa Vito (My Cousin Vinny), Natalie Strout (In the Bedroom) J. June Carter Cash (Walk the Line), Mrs. Whatsit (A Wrinkle in Time) 2.

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And it makes for really good political positioning. Thank you so much, you disaffected members of the white middle class who voted for the con man from New York. You will soon, if the Republican tax plan becomes law, be feeling just like all the contractors and other people Donald Trump ripped off for years, playing them for chumps. This tax “plan” represents the largest transfer of wealth to the affluent in American history. Thank you so much. Something doesn’t seem right about the assault on Judge Roy Moore. Judge Moore has been in Alabama politics for years now, and suddenly women come out of nowhere to accuse Moore of sexual improprieties from 40 years ago. Based on prior practices of the leftists and the establishment, I support Judge Moore until proven guilty. I’m disappointed that Republican leaders have called for Moore to step down. These kinds of accusations are a ploy in today’s politics to take out people. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called on the Republican-controlled Senate to immediately expel Moore should he win. Does McConnell want the leftist Democrat in Alabama, Doug Jones, to win. Tax Reform a Moment of Truth for Corporate America realclearpolitics.

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On the other hand Titus and Kimmy were not as sweet as they used to be towards each other, the whole thing wasn't as funny as the first season and neither of the scenes made me laugh as hard as Titus' horrible appearance on live TV on season 1. The music is in particular terrible - apparently it's Kanye - but really everything other than Blunt looks so bad. WTF is that? What does this has to do with anything in the story. I love the horror genre and movies about witches and there is really not enough of the latter. We have one half decent show on TV ( Salem ) and time and time again someone does new spin on The Crucible. But that's it. There are generic money grabbing uninspired spins on the witches, portrayals of modern witches which are incredibly insulting (how Wiccans were portrayed in season 4 of True Blood ) or interesting concepts trapped in a meddled mess ( AHS: Coven ). So when I heard that there is honest to God (well. good story out there about witches set in the most fascinating time you can possibly set a story like that in I couldn't wait. From the cinematic point of view, one which proved that there is still a very good reason why we don't see thought provoking, unique horror movies, The VVitch is a difficult movie. I am no native English speaker but I do read a great deal in English so the fact that the film was spoken in the old English wasn't an issue for me. I read complaints that it was an issue for the audience.

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providing a fast, deep, and driving ride through the best and latest in techno. Inspired by his recent trip to Europe last month, everything he experienced there can, no doubt, be sensed in the following 80-minute mind-twisting, cerebral throttle. Not much else needs be said but let you just hit play. He has an eclectic and versatile mixing style, and on his latest studio mix for us he delivered an amazing 1-hour mix (showcasing some of his recent material on MindTrip and Mord ), spanning 30 tracks of unique, classic techno. There's not much else to say than to let the music speak for itselt. In an effort to better serve advertisers, Verizon Wireless has been silently modifying its users' web traffic on its network to inject a cookie-like tracker. It allows third-party advertisers and websites to assemble a deep, permanent profile of visitors' web browsing habits without their consent. Verizon apparently created this mechanism to expand their advertising programs, but it has privacy implications far beyond those programs. Indeed, while we're concerned about Verizon's own use of the header, we're even more worried about what it allows others to find out about Verizon users. The X-UIDH header effectively reinvents the cookie, but does so in a way that is shockingly insecure and dangerous to your privacy. How X-UIDH Works, and Why It's a Problem Like a cookie, this header uniquely identifies users to the websites they visit. Verizon adds the header at the network level, between the user's device and the servers with which the user interacts. Unlike a cookie, the header is tied to a data plan, so anyone who browses the web through a hotspot, or shares a computer that uses cellular data, gets the same X-UIDH header as everyone else using that hotspot or computer.

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What we are going to see here today is that the burning tree and Nissa Nissa have an awful lot of overlap, so it’s pretty great to know there is a precedent for divine blood falling from the heavens and giving rise to magical ash tree women. The traditional yule log was supposed to be of ash wood, and as it happens, one of Odin’s many names is “Yule Father. Odin was one with his ash tree Yggdrasil, so this makes sense. Martin has made specific reference to both rowan trees and mountain ash trees in the story, and as you will see, it would appear that he is incorporating some of the folklore around these trees as well. Rowan trees and ash trees were both among the top choices for magic wands, were thought to convey magical protection, and that sort of thing. The red, five-pointed weirwood leaves serve much the same purpose. And did I mention that the druids were said to have burned rowan branches before a battle to invoke the aid of the sidhe. That’s significant because George has referred to the Others as a kind of icy sidhe. However I think Nissa Nissa does kind of have to have been a real woman in some sense, because reproduction is probably the most important manifestation of this whole business about cycles and transformations, and Azor Ahai really can’t pass on his magical genetics to anyone unless he reproduces with Nissa Nissa. Before you can give birth to Azor Ahai reborn, you have to wed Azor Ahai, that is indeed the case with the moon, which was wed by the sun, and with Nissa Nissa, supposedly the wife of Azor Ahai, and it’s the case with the weirwoods, wed by Azor Ahai when he theoretically became a greenseer. That’s the kind of thing which is probably not a coincidence. Namely, Melisandre, Lady Catelyn, Sansa, Ygritte, Daenerys when her hair catches on fire, and a few other minor characters. These “weirwood makeovers” will of course always take place in the middle of a Lightbringer forging scene, as you might expect.

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The woman who followed Sam as The Bachelorette, Georgia Love, also made the list, landing at number 29. Meanwhile top spot went to Hollywood's hottest leading lady, Queensland-born Margot Robbie. The matching navy trousers were fitted to perfection on the screen star's 5ft10in frame, while a pair of pointed black stilettos added to the leggy statement. Tilda's statement blonde quiff was expertly styled and she kept her base make-up natural - letting her bold coral lips do all the talking. In a controversial move, Tilda has been cast as the Ancient One, the mystical figure who holds the position of Sorcerer Supreme and trains the title character in the arts of magic. Whilst the character has traditionally been portrayed as a Tibetan man, his identity has been switched to that of a Celtic woman for the film. The British heartthrob looked dapper in a slick black suit, complete with a crisp white shirt and navy tie. He was accompanied by his other half, who stunned in a fashion forward fuchsia cape dress that fell to her ankles. Rachel McAdams, who plays Strange's fellow surgeon and love interest Christine Palmer, also made a daring fashion choice in an exquisite sheer applique gown. The form-fitting number draped off one shoulder and teased her fabulous figure with expertly placed glittering blue and gold bird embroidery. Also present at the event was co-star Mads Mikkelsen as well as Stephen Broussard, Benedict Wong and director Scott Derrickson. He might shoot as few as three to 10 images a day, but after this long he knows what he likes. But then I said 'What would Jesus think about this?