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so yeah in that respect we are dogmatists. I know you have been around here long enough to know this to know we did in fact engage leftist critics intelligently and respectfully. I dont pretend to be any smarter than i am and i am not a good writer and dont care to try. I dont think you have a coherent response so you pretty much do what the lefts in the media do is insult call us stupid nazis. Well at least those leftists have a shot at using that tactic to prolong the game, but you have no shot at convincing me or wag or nick that cultural marxism is a great idea and that we are sad stupid nazis, people in this day and age dont become nazis lightly, ok well maybe the kids do but well theyre kids. I’m christian-gened too and I’m not sure that is the case. A lot of these people are dirt-clods that perpetuate themselves, I hate to state this fact but “Christ is the Truth” made us value Truth over Christ bullshit which you physiologically, i. . biologically, unwittingly betray. These people are not people, will you ever get that, Christcuck. So Just Stop. Artxell is what we might call an AU, an artificial unintelligence. The only option for them is a bullet in the head, and you know this, yet you don’t, hence you keep chattering on with them. They can’t change, everything they say is programmed, they are meat bots, nothing more. You guys think im kidding but Land really did make me a nazi. The tawana brawley, rodney king, and o,j things were informative and i think the bell curve came out about then. That was really big because the facts were undeniable that there was a biological reality underlying the disparate outcomes.

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0 Euron Greyjoy 21. 0 Jaime Lannister 26. 0 Varys 51. 0 Theon Greyjoy 67. 0 Ser Davos Seaworth 81. 0 Yara Greyjoy 81. 0 Brienne of Tarth 101. 0 Jaqen H'ghar 101. 0 Melisandre 101. 0 Gilly 251. 0. Who will rule Westoros at the end of the series? Jon Snow 3. 5 Daenerys Targaryen 5. 0 Cersei Lannister 8. 0 The Night King 9. 0 Tyrion Lannister 11.

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The Scene with Daenerys was an improvement to let influence bad US-American comedy shows on the conversations with the two Dothraki and with the new Khal (I mean shows in which you are always hearing recorded laughers on scenes, who are supposed to be funny, but they aren’t. I don’t like this sort of shows; I don’t like to be instructed to find a scene humourful. I liked how Emilia Clarke portrayed the handing out of all her last cards in behind. Now to one of my favourite scenes, Kingslanding, I admired the great acting skills of Lena Headey, when the ship arrived with her dead show-daughter. And I loved the scene between the twins, it was good that Cersei didn’t freaked out like on Joffreys death, it means she doesn’t let her emotions lead her in a quick-reaction and that she is glad to have Jaime back. And he does begin what I would call the Westerosi -Enlightenment with saying “Fuck Fate, Fuck Prophecy”. The Sansa and Theon-run was very good, and it reminded in a way that a scene is composed as a “Gesamtkunstwerk” with the perfect use of the music. The Fight-Scene with Brienne was great, even it had some logically errors and the oath-scene was very moving and finally Sansa has one person, who’ll do nothing but protect her. Margaery in the cells reminded, that she is different from Cersei, beloved by the poorer people and keeping her to long away could upset the crowd. Winterfell was fine, but I’m wondering, that Davos has such an interest in Jon, but maybe we’ll get a scene explaining his thoughts and intentions. Now the scene that has left the most impression on the screen: Melisandre revealing herself. For me it was a perfect example of an attack of (patriarchal) viewing settings. I’ve read a lot of awful commentaries of commenters, who watch the female-nude scenes with a hand in their pants. First, please don’t watch GoT like this; it’s a very disrespectful manner to watch Art, you wouldn’t do this in a theatre, in which you are also seeing Art. For me it was like a speech: “Yes, we’ll give you a nude scene, but you will regret it and you have to ask yourself what real beauty is. I had a great respect for the elderly extra, who stepped in to do this scene. It reminded of an theatre-production I’ve seen a while in which an elderly background actor was sitting the whole play naked on a chair, and she was representing the knowledge and wisdom of our world and she gave with her presence a whole different point of view on the interpretation of the scenes.

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So when you look at it from this perspective, we did great and it would have been a miracle if we had managed to raise more. We almost got there with our Kickstarter, so I am quite happy. Most of the stuff went according to plan or even better. We really didn’t expect to have such a strong support from the press, for example. Of course there was a lot of stuff we could do better, like starting the campaign on time. Our counter went to zero, Gamespot wrote about us and the campaign wasn’t running for several hours. We all could work on our English accents to look more trustworthy in our videos, but I don’t think that it would make that much of a difference in the end. Thanks to new business models there is a much bigger chance to make a game you want and let your target audience know about it. In the past, everything was depending on the intuition of a dozen publisher gatekeepers in the world and if they didn’t like your concept, the game was not possible. These days are over and it really comes down to your skills and your game. His games sold more than 5 million copies combined. Are you hosting an event or do you know of an event that has to be in this list but is missing. Beth was in the galley, the mid curtain was drawn back and secured. I sat up and saw my new lover, in her robe with a good bit of breast showing, bringing my tea. Beth held the cup out wide, planted a big wet kiss on my lips and said “Good Morning. I replied, took my tea and looked at the beauty before me. From what I could tell she was ready to go, hair curled, makeup done and ready to dress.

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2. Ice, Ice, Baby Image: HBO We have seen plenty of fire from Daenerys and her dragons, but what about the theory that her dragons could be involved in the great White Walker war. As you expect, Jon's mission to collect Frosty the Snowman doesn't go to plan at all. Perhaps one of the best tidbits from the post is the actual birth of the long suspected ice dragons. Daenerys arrives to fly most of the team away on her dragons, but for whatever reason Jon gets left behind. Long lost Benjen turns up to save the day once more, and rescues Jon at the last minute. This time there will be a consensual scene of lovemaking, which leads Cersei to believe that she is pregnant again. She has Qyburn examine her in the hope of breaking Maggy the Frog's prophecy, but all is not well down below. Towards the end of the season Cersei wakes up in a bed soaked with blood, we are all guessing she miscarries her little Satan spawn. 4. Petyr gets 'Little' Fingered. Image: HBO Petyr Baelish will continue his convoluted quest for the Iron Throne, but could his evil schemes finally see him come unstuck. No, it isn't a gay analogy from one of his brothels, things finally come unstuck for the sickly Petyr Baelish. There will be no marriage to Sansa in the Godswood, although there could well be a beheading in the hallowed Winterfell grounds. With Jon off wooing Daenerys, Sansa is left in charge of family homestead, where she is finally reunited with her spunky sister Arya and crippled brother Bran. Baelish tries to play the two Stark girls off against each other by using the letter that Sansa wrote to Robb about bowing down to Joffrey. Bran helps Sansa figure out Littlefinger's plan to divide the family, and she sentences Baelish to death.