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(Laughs) And he was right. My rule when I shot that film was that when the kids came on set, I gave a hug to every kid, every day. And seven year-old kids still have one foot in heaven, you know. They’re just all good, so when you’re around that, you feel that way, too. There was not one time on that shoot where any of these kids were a bummer. The only thing they did is they’d forget they were being filmed, and kind of walk off-camera! “Oh, there’s a butterfly. I love the fact that in the end credits, you show us some of the miscues you just talked about, the staring-at-the-camera stuff. Oh my god: “Sweety, don’t look at the camera! I know. This is a good one: kids like to look in the lens to see themselves. They are these big Panavision lenses that are five inches across, so they like to look in there and see themselves. I could never get them to get their screen direction look correct because they’d look in the camera, so what I did was I asked the prop department to get me a mirror. And wherever I wanted the kids to look, I’d put the mirror. So they looked at that, and I got the screen direction right. I read that there were a bunch of crew members who were kind of pissed off about having to constantly do repeat takes for these kids. But I’ll tell you one thing: that film had to be shot in tiny little pieces. That was shot on film, and some of the pieces of film were three feet long, little tiny pieces because I had to figure out how to put it all together.

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How about telling Mel to hit the road, because she is crazy. It was exciting in ep2 and ep4 for me, a bit cheesy with the introduction, but still cool enough. The fight in ep6 was kinda lame, but not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be imo. I think the aftermath of the fight and this episode did a good job of showing Dorne in a good way. Basically, the sand-snakes and Ellaria are just bummed about Oberyn, and Doran is actually a really clever guy who makes things right. It was a lighthearted storyline for GoT, which I think it needed. Ellaria went from being hated to being understood in this episode, I think. Hopefully we’ll get some more Doran next ep, with some of his famous words from the books. I understand that it happens in the books, but it must happen differently, right? I mean. It makes sense for the situation they’re in, I suppose. But if they’d done it in a way so Stannis was opposed to it, or didn’t know, people would actually root for him the coming ep. Stannis WANTS TO BELIEVE there was no other option, but there was. How about staying at The Wall to help deal with the real threat? ow about telling Mel to hit the road, because she is crazy. I love mine, but know a lot of people who don’t particularly like his siblings. Maisie is 18 and the UK is way more liberal than the puritanical U. .

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We’re still frolicking about with the Ironborn and Riverrun, for heaven’s sake. Just do one 13 episodes long season and be done with it. This means more time and resources devoted to each episode; more preparation for the writers, actors and set, costume and VFX makers. In other words, more of a movie schedule and quality, which GOT has been approaching for a while anyway, yet without the necessary time to live up to that promise. There has been an implication in the last few years that they have rushed in a few departments. This move means better crafted scripts, actors being able to rehearse, more time and money spent for each prop, each action sequence, each CGI setpiece. The only hindrance is that we already know how it ends. But still, the journey would be interesting enough and most importantly, it involves characters we already know and care about. An adaptation of “Dance of Dragons”, would be great too, I guess. Even if they put a side story out, which many show-only’s won’t care about, we’d get sidetracked, and the continuity would be broken. So it make sense for them to cut it off, than to make some filler episodes or plotlines. And you don’t want to skip it like the Stannis slaughter or Tyrion on the Trident, because these are going to be some very very special battles (both visually and narratively), battles we’ve been waiting for since season 1. And I also see the Wall finally falling, while the Stark armies amass in the North and prepare for the White Walkers. Dany vs Cersei, and Dragons vs White Walkers with the North being swallowed by Winter throughout the season. In the end, they may just end up calling it season 7 part 1 and 2 and be done with it. I defnitely don’t want 20 episodes of White Walkers massacring people in Westeros if The Wall comes down in season 6. ADWD is bigger then AGOT, but AGOT moves the plot 10 times faster then ADWD does. That book contains fluff, filler, pointless world building, and even more pointless characters and side plots, because Martin wrote himself into a corner.


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Bercerita tentang invasi entitas misterius yang muncul dari dalam laut dan secara serentak mulai melakukan rencana mereka menguasai dunia dengan cara mengambil alih tubuh manusia sebagai host. Salah satu parasit tersebut tiba di kamar seorang anak SMA bernama Shinichi Izumi (Shota Sometani) dan berusaha masuk ke lubang telinganya saat ia tertidur. Parasit berbentuk seperti cacing itu pun berusaha masuk melalui hidung Shinichi namun lagi-lagi gagal karena ia terbangun dan melakukan perlawanan sebelum akhirnya parasit itu menembus telapak tangan kanannya dan berdiam di situ. Awalnya Shinichi merasa tidak ada yang aneh selain tangan kanannya yang mati rasa, namun perlahan tangan kanannya mulai bergerak dengan sendirinya. Next thing he know, tangan kanannya bisa memanjang dan berubah bentuk dengan sendirinya, sebelum akhirnya muncul bola mata dan mulut yang memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai parasit. Parasit yang kemudian dipanggil dengan nama Migi (tangan kanan) ini pun berdialog dengan Shinichi dan menunjukkan rasa haus akan ilmu pengetahuan dan apapun yang menyangkut tentang spesies manusia. Sementara itu di berbagai tempat lain, parasit yang berhasil mengambil alih otak host -nya mulai meneror manusia dengan cara memakan manusia lain sebagai sumber nutrisi dan menjalankan misi untuk menghapus umat manusia dari bumi ini sebagai reaksi dari kerusakan alam. Beberapa dari parasit tersebut yang lebih pintar mulai beradaptasi dengan cara menyamar sebagai bagian dari masyarakat. Mulai dari polisi, murid sekolah, politikus, dan salah satunya menjadi guru di sekolah Shinichi. Parasit yang mengambil alih tubuh seorang wanita bernama Ryoko Tamiya (Eri Fukatsu) tertarik kepada anomali simbiosis antara Shinichi dan Migi. Pertemuan dengan Ryoko membuahkan rentetan peristiwa yang memaksa Shinichi dan Migi untuk bekerjasama bertahan hidup dari serangan Parasyte lain dan konsekuensi yang harus ditanggung oleh Shinichi dan orang-orang terdekatnya sebelum akhirnya bereskalasi menjadi perang antara alien dan manusia. Secara halus, sang sutradara berhasil menunjukkan transisi dari adegan sekolahan yang hangat berbumbu light comedy menuju thriller yang semakin gory dan kelam dengan tema seperti degadrasi lingkungan dan family dissolution. Semuanya dilengkapi oleh adegan laga dengan efek CGI yang smooth dan beberapa kali membuat saya menahan napas atau berdecak kagum. Film ini sendiri adalah bagian pertama yang akan dilanjutkan bagian kedua yang akan dirilis April nanti di Jepang. One thing for sure, you don’t have to read the manga beforehand to enjoy this movie, saya merekomendasikan film ini untuk yang suka pada film-film seperti The Faculty dan The Host. I'm sorry for being an ass sometimes and doing anything egoistically. As little kid, I used to see her as a big tree, looking in awe for her determination against all odds. Now, I'm taller than her, but that doesn't mean I'm braver than her.

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Along the way, Daeny does air recon with Drogon once they find out the Lannister forces aren't where they thought. But if I could re-watch one scene without knowing the outcome it would be the scene in Battle of the Bastards where Jon gets crushed between all of his men. Sitting in my room watching that was honestly painful. The camera work was just so good that I actually felt I was Jon in that scenario. I happened to see Joffrey's death on youtube before watching the show and assumed that was the great wedding everyone was talking about. I had to reread it a few times before I came to grips with it and then threw the book across the room and didn't go back to it for a week. I vividly remember reading that cliffhanger then quickly flicking through a lot of pages desperately looking for her next chapter. I felt so violated at some of GRRM's plot twists, but in a way that I couldn't stop from reading them voraciously. So, I think to myself, oh, right, he has a son and there are chapters that revolve around him, he must be the hero that I should get emotionally attached to. I really credit GRRM for making me a cynical bastard. I wonder how many others had that exact experience. I was pissed about the spoiler, but that was NOTHING compared to the growing hopelessness I felt as I slowly realized he might be lying. Having read all the books, it wasnt until the latest seasons (where they go beyond the books) where anything could be spoiled for or otherwise surprise me. Watching the latest seasons we saw much of what we thoerized about come to fruition. We were confident we had got it right, and things would play out like we predicted. Until they didnt. Witnessing the Night Kings throwing-arm in action was absolutely devastating. This addresses two things: 1 what led me to the dark prediction that I mentioned on Living My Rhapsody.

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After marks are found on a corpse, the player, as Moriani, must seek out clues of Dracula’s current existence. Art Direction: Kouichi Kimura, Nobuya Nakazato; Audio Direction: Shigeru Fukutake, Hidehiro Funauchi, Norio Hanzawa; Programming: Masato Maegawa, Yoshiaki Yamada. Video Gameography 225 Dracula has risen from the grave and is bent on revenge against the Belmont Clan. The player takes Christopher Belmont and his whip into Dracula’s Castle to put the vampire back to rest. Art Direction: Kouichi Kimura; Audio Direction: Hidehiro Funauchi; Programming: Toru Hagihara, Yukari HayaNo. Dracula comes out of hiding ? teen years after he is defeated by Christopher Belmont, captures the hero’s son, and turns the son into a monster. Christopher and his family’s whip must face Dracula and the castle once again to save his son. Director: H. Akamatsu (Invicibility); Original Music: Kenichi Matsubara; Staff Members: H. Simon Belmont is cursed after defeating Dracula earlier in the Castlevania the series. The only cure is to collect and burn the 5 scattered parts of Dracula’s body. A hundres years have passed since Dracula’s defeat, and now he has returned as the evil Vladimir Draco. Only the Harker and Van Helsing family descendants can put an end to his thirst for blood and revenge. These descendants face off against werewolves, vampires, and dark spirits, and in the process ? d holy relics to fend off the undead. Jones; Audio Direction: Scott Laytham; Programming: Steven D. Jones.