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Di yan totoo. Wala pa nga sa mga casts yung script eh. Check out other Lian Li hardware: - Lian Li's original PC-O11 was my case of choice for the first custom loop computer I ever assembled. Now, with Der8auer's latest revisions in the PC-O11 Dynamic, things have vastly improved. MUSIC: 'Exia' by Zuubi Provided by Silk Music RGB Crazy. Lian Li Dynamic 011, Aigo DR12 fans 00:01:48 December 6, 2018, 6:06 pm RGB Crazy. A time lapse video of me building my first ever PC that I call GLaDOS. All of my temps are good and everything is running smoothly thus far on Windows 10 Pro. All parts below (I bought them on black friday to save money). Met deze specs kun je alle nieuwe games op max settings makkelijk aan, zelfs op 1440p en misschien 4K. Een prachtige. Meet the DYNAMIC! Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Time-Lapse Build 00:05:24 April 14, 2018, 7:16 pm Meet the DYNAMIC. Stay tuned for our chassis review over the coming days with the thoughts on the case. Follow our social channels for updates and what we’re up to. Besucht auch unseren Onlineshop oder kommt personlich bei unserem Laden in Berlin, Gau? tr.

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Modern artists do not warrant the same level of interest and respect as the great painter-philosophers of previous centuries. This index, monitored by Reporters Sans Frontieres, rates the freedoms (duh) of the press to report what they like without fear of governmental repercussions. For a breakdown of why Britain is doing so poorly, take a look at the RSF website. What’s worse is that there is a potential new law on the horizon that would allow journalists to be treated and sentenced as spies in cases of leaked information. Though this absurd bit of legislation has been temporarily halted, there is serious concern that, much like Tony Blair, it could return and ruin everything. It was erected in 1891 to honour the group that, twenty years prior, launched a failed insurrection against the Reconstruction Louisiana state government, murdering police officers in doing so. Its plaque in 1931 read: “the national election of November 1876 recognized white supremacy in the South and gave us our state. . But most notably, these women were engaged in the activity. To some extent I had an inkling that the women I would meet at this monthly event would not be the conservative face that over 100 years of country fetes and the 2003 blockbuster hit that was Calendar Girls had led me to believe. However I did not realise just how radical a space the WI really was until I attended a meeting for myself. To be clear, that’s not to say I didn’t value every issue I had, more that it was a fundamental part of my existence. It was always around and I assumed everybody read it in the same way I assumed everybody had tea in the evening. The Beano and its characters were accepted, not considered. Which brings me to a shameful point: I never thought about who created them. All of them have their merits, but they don’t always have the desired effect. A writer has two basic requirements in order to write productively: an independent income which provides basic necessities—food and shelter— and uninterrupted writing time.

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The passes into Dorne can be defended while its forces are marshaling. They take the sea road and the ocean road along the western coast to Highgarden never risking Olenna for a trip back to there. They strip any remaining forces, food, and gold while Tarley and company are away in the capitol and march north to Casterly Rock. Using the sewers the Unsullied force the gate open with significant losses if the Lannisters are actually fully staffed while the forces outside pretend to lay siege. Greyjoy bowman killing any ravens leaving the Rock. They march across the Westerland conscripting any man they find and leave the rest untouched and then occupy Harrenhall. Along the way, Daeny does air recon with Drogon once they find out the Lannister forces aren't where they thought. But if I could re-watch one scene without knowing the outcome it would be the scene in Battle of the Bastards where Jon gets crushed between all of his men. Sitting in my room watching that was honestly painful. The camera work was just so good that I actually felt I was Jon in that scenario. I happened to see Joffrey's death on youtube before watching the show and assumed that was the great wedding everyone was talking about. I had to reread it a few times before I came to grips with it and then threw the book across the room and didn't go back to it for a week. I vividly remember reading that cliffhanger then quickly flicking through a lot of pages desperately looking for her next chapter. I felt so violated at some of GRRM's plot twists, but in a way that I couldn't stop from reading them voraciously. So, I think to myself, oh, right, he has a son and there are chapters that revolve around him, he must be the hero that I should get emotionally attached to. I really credit GRRM for making me a cynical bastard. I wonder how many others had that exact experience.

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I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and chuck in my Selected 15 films although the list is rough and off the top of my head, and I’m typing on my mobile so please excuse any strange auto corrections. The film is brutal and powerful whiled dealing with deep personal issues and the aftermath of a terrible childhood altercation, the Flemish cattleman Jacky( Matthias Schonenaerts ) has a strange alternative lifestyle and aggression problems since the incident. A lone American hunter, Martin ( Dafoe ) is tasked to search out the possible last tiger long after their apparent extinction, his placement in Australia is a family of peaceful conservation activists who he becomes deeply attached to. illem is then faced with a powerful struggle between his job and the consequences of it. Mr oscar (Denis lavant) plays a supercharged agent who takes over various roles of people like an alien guardian angel, chauffeured around by Celine ( Edith Scob ) who also takes care of all other arrangements for him. Breath taking scenes in this avant garde super film. A small cameos from Kyle, Eva Mendes and OSTincludes let my baby ride by Doctor L. Ben Wheatley takes a further step into the surreal with this mystical jaunt into the bizarre. All the familiar faces reappear, with the addition of Reece Shearsmith who plays a mild mannered assistant on the hunt for an alchemist who has stolen his masters books to search for a hidden treasure in a field. Its so on point and so deeply real, the lead is Ivo a father like figure who has stayed behind during the civil war to harvest his tangerines. He then finds himself harboring two soldiers from opposites sides of the war, educating them and freeing them of hate as he heals their minds and bodies. It’s just beautiful all round, sentimentally and in the lavish landscapes of Estonia. It does have a bitter edge, it’s not a daydream that everything will be alright. From the first preview of this I was in love, for me this was the next I can’t wait to see movie after Trollhunter (I should get excited about movies more often) A likeness can be found of Thaw, The Thing and Evil Dead all melded together with a strong European flavour of throwing traditions to the wind. A Glacier turns red with a mysterious algae which starts to mix the genes of the local wildlife as well as supersizing them. The main protagonist is Vincent Gallo who masterfully takes this story by the reins. Without ever speaking he initially tries to surrender but then makes a break for it.