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nothing wrong although some melons were rolling around oddly looking for shade. Just a bit more structure to the plan would be great. It seemed certain people did one project, and when that project was done, they left camp and didn't offer to help those still working on projects (note: this was not everyone on my strike shift; two people in particular went above and beyond to take on as many projects during the 4 hours). Is 4 hours really enough, I probably worked 8 hours on Sunday and was not the first or last. The strike plans and strike shifts were super helpful. I believe we could've had everything done by Temple Burn if it hadn't been 110 million degrees and people weren't needing so many longer breaks. It was efficient to have at least half the camp tackling strike all at once. For me, I wasn't quite sure sometimes how to do the projects that needed to be done, but I was able to find a lot of tasks to work on, or simply ask someone how I could help. Saturday's shift strike felt really positive and everyone was working together. We were supposed to take down the kitchen tent but Michelle ended up calling that off, not sure why. There was a clear list of what to get done and it went quickly because of how many people showed up. Suggest more structure around this - eg, kitchen will cease being used after last dinner or something. Also ended up jumping between tasks when one seemed to have enough help. I think it was our best tear down so far over the last three years. Having people cook all day and hand out food really helps keep the grunt work moving. Everyone felt obligated to participate and tried to help out. We ran into a bottleneck when we had more hands than leaders. We forgot to plan on an easy water distribution system once the San Diego truck was retired from water duty. That bad boy should have been mostly packed on Saturday. I was on both strike and dinner on Saturday, so I started my shift early and ended early so I could help with dinner.

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It's an unlikely think to happen, but a tell-all book about the business of HBO as a network from the time when they decided to pick up GoT to after it ends could be really fascinating. I feel like this season they are letting the budget loose but you could see them not earlier (large battle scenes for example were avoided so much). If you have followed HBO for longer, Deadwood and Rome were kind of the shows that broke their original model when they started doing this period or fantasy dramas. Deadwood in particular was really cut short and I know HBO execs later basically came out and said that was a mistake and they wish they just put up the money, that it was worth it to put out a high quality show. The production values on this season, as I was saying, are definitely them just going all out. I am sure the business can work out when the show is as huge as Game of Thrones is, but I am curious about the lesser shows. Game of Thrones is one of the best looking tv shows ever, but Westworld is really something else, they are going all out. It's quaint looking back at Carnivale and seeing how it was cancelled because they couldn't get the average cost per episode under 2 million and couldn't even justify a shortened 6 episode season at that price. Now, the average Game of Thrones episode runs at least 10 million dollars. A lot of the actors got their big break with Thrones, however as the years have gone on and the show and it's actors more popular they all suddenly became worth a lot more money. I imagine that contributes to the killing of so many notable characters too. Those who did not bow before kings were executed, or sent to the wall. Never excused. My point was by the law of the world in this series, Daenerys was right to kill him. But whenever Daenerys kills someone people say she is evil, whenever someone else does it, it's just 'the way things are'. When Jaime was captured he was taken as a prisoner, when Edmure Tully was captured he was taken prisoner, The Greatjon was taken prisoner etc. Stannis is my favorite character in the books, so I am definitely biased, but the Stannis storyline is the one thing in the show I am still bitter about. Arya and Sansa are not smart and will start fighting. Eventually, they will trust each other because Brienne will tell them what Catelyn said to Stannis and Renly: 'If you were my children I would knock your heads together until you remembered you are brothers (sisters) and make up'. She'll tell them she heard her say it and she vowed to keep her children safe and that includes this.