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And actress Ann Wedgeworth died at age 83, her daughter said this weekend. In television, Wedgeworth was best known for her nine-episode role on the hit '70s sitcom Three's Company and as Merleen Elldridge in Burt Reynolds' 1990s sitcom Evening Shade, where she acted in four seasons. The move sparked waves of outrage from animal-rights groups, conservation activists and social-media users. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, wouldn’t say Sunday if she would vote against the current Republican tax plan under consideration in the Senate, but she ticked off a lengthy list of changes she hopes to see before any vote. The House approved a sweeping overhaul of the tax code crafted by the Republican majority on Thursday, and the Senate is working on a different plan that could come up for a vote after Thanksgiving. The two measures must be reconciled before they could be sent to President Trump. Here are the winners and losers in the tax bill that passed the House. Earnhardt Jr. will start the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race from the rear of the field. It will mark the end of his 19-year Cup career, although he expects to run two or three Xfinity Series events next season. Zimbabwe's ruling party fired Robert Mugabe as its leader Sunday, the next step in the forced expulsion from power of the world's oldest head of state. The ZANU-PF party said Mugabe must resign as Zimbabwe's president by noon Monday or impeachment proceedings will begin. The 93-year-old's allies have been turning against him since the country's military intervened this week to prevent Zimbabwe's longtime leader from installing his wife, Grace, 52, as the African nation's next president. Aly Raisman Rips into Victim Shamers — 'Women Are Allowed to Feel Sexy' ijr. om Texas gymnast Simone Biles slams teammate who said women in sexy clothes entice 'wrong crowd' dallasnews. om Let the left destroy its own Contact WND wnd.

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Front-month futures for WTI and Brent stopped falling on Nov. 14, which was the signal to start buying back short positions and establishing fresh longs in anticipation of short-covering. Comments from key OPEC officials including the oil ministers of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq have indicated the group is narrowing differences in an effort to reach a credible agreement by the deadline of Nov. 30. Ministerial chatter has turned from pessimistic at the start of the month to positive in recent days, which has raised the risk of running short positions going into the OPEC meeting and fuelled the rally. The previous fall in prices has highlighted for all members the consequences of failing to reach a realistic agreement by the end of the month and sharpened the incentives to compromise. The fifth short-selling cycle has been the fastest and most aggressive so far as hedge funds piled in rapidly to exploit the down-cycle ( ). But there are strong indications the fifth cycle has already entered the liquidation phase, which would also make it the shortest and shallowest in the last two years. The decline in prices during this wave of short-selling has also been much smaller than during previous cycles ( ). The balance of risks seems to be shifting, with bearish news and short-selling producing a smaller drop in prices than before. TURNING POINT? Overall, the bearish bias that has characterised the oil market over the last two years appears to be lifting in favour of a more neutral or even bullish outlook. If OPEC fails to reach a credible output-limiting agreement at the end of the month, confidence in that floor price could be severely tested. But prices started to improve long before OPEC embarked on its current search for an output-limiting agreement. The cyclical upturn in the oil market does not depend on an OPEC agreement, though a credible deal or failure to reach one will affect the pace of rebalancing and any further price gains. Besides OPEC, there are a number of negative factors for oil prices going in to 2017 including a warmer-than-normal winter so far in the United States and Europe, sluggish global trade and continued economic weakness. The reactivation of U.

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This is the End. Best in Show. The Royal Tenenbaums. Anchorman. In ensemble comedy the focus is not on a single character and his goals or desires, but on a group of characters with multiple plots and subplots that 212 Writing the Comedy Movie intertwine and resolve themselves thematically by the end of the movie. These movies will show us a number of different perspectives on a particular world. Usually a leader will become apparent, or if not there must be a protagonist with whom we identify. In Parenthood, this is Steve Martin; in Grown Ups, Adam Sandler. In a dramatic ensemble piece, there may be the opportunity for an individual to perform a comic cameo, most notably Tom Cruise’s pick-up artist and inspirational speaker Frank Mackey in Magnolia or corpulent agent Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. In Woody Allen’s chamber piece period in the 1980s (Hannah, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Husbands and Wives) there was ample opportunity for this, if it was not the Woodman himself. For the purposes of narrative cohesion, there will be a communal event, theme or social issue and the most successful of ensemble comedies gather all of these together. There will be a connection between the characters, either by blood or marriage, circumstance or coincidence. Ensemble comedy is hard to manage, as the writer must juggle several balls in the air at any one time. The more characters you have, the more exposition is required and the danger is that they become ciphers if there is no time to flesh them out. In a sense, they are representations of attitudes and opinions, as in a bad play. We are, however, exploring a world, for example that of minimumwage store clerks in Clerks, the dysfunctional family in The Royal Tenenbaums, television ethics or the lack of them in Network or Broadcast News. Grown Ups and Parenthood both involve family vacations.

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Bichir orders a drink in his native tongue and the barman is impressed. “Good Spanish, sir! he nods. Bichir is somewhat taken aback. “Aw, yeah,” he deadpans. “Er, that's my thing. The Mexican actor came to the production recommended by Robert Rodriguez, who directed him in Machete Kills, telling him pretty much every day that he was “a Tarantino actor”. Surprisingly, he claims never to have been a big fan of Westerns before this. “But Quentin introduced us to this world, or at least he introduced me. He sent me a few DVDs and I just kept watching them and discovering more. I'd always heard of John Wayne and Gary Cooper but I’d never watched any Westerns — a full Western. I'm just very happy that I finally discovered them. He sees The Hateful Eight as a very human drama, despite its genre dressing. “The fascinating thing about this story,” he says, “is that these guys are exactly the way we human beings are. We have our fantastic sides and our terrible sides — we have this duality. We cannot only be good or bad but interesting and funny. The devil is always disguised as a really charming person.

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This would be especially fitting if the theory regarding his true parentage comes to life. Now Martin has gained millions of fans, all of whom are dying to learn the fates of their favorite characters. To pass the time, fans binge-watch the show or re-read the books earnestly looking for anything they may have missed. More than anything, the ideas prove fans are getting desperate for discussion topics. The idea is straightforward enough: Roose Bolton is an immortal creature who magically wears the skin of others in order to continuously rule over House Bolton. He's best known for his brutal betrayal of Robb Stark, having orchestrated the Red Wedding along with the Lannisters. Some say vampire, others say he's a descendant of the White Walkers. According to the theory, Roose skins men (typically his offspring with similar colored eyes) and takes on their identity using some kind of blood magic. Alt Shift X is perfectly self-aware of the ridiculousness of it all, but that doesn't stop him from breaking down context clues and laying out every possible clue tying Ser Pounce to Azor Ahai. He seems determined to bring down Cersei Lannister's corrupt reign and restore justice to the lands of Westeros. Some fans believe there must be more to this man than meets the eye, but others think he may in fact be someone else entirely. Book readers know Howland as one of Ned Stark's closest friends and allies, and the leader of House Reed. Howland has yet to be seen in the show, but we've met his children Meera and Jojen (they accompanied Bran and Hodor north of the the Wall). However, it's quite extreme to think Howland would have laid in wait for nearly two decades, only to emerge in the elaborate disguise of a humble priest with a cult following. Both the High Sparrow and Meera are described as small and thin, with their hair knotted in a bun. Howland Reed is also assumed to know Jon Snow's true parentage, and being High Septon would make it easy to reveal Jon's claim to the throne without backlash. For full details, watch Alt Shift X's video on the theory.

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At the time I said those words, I had come across several videos and other material by Holocaust revisionists, including Dr Nick Kollerstrom. Now I find it far less credible that the Nazis somehow did not deliberately try to exterminate millions of Jews. They most certainly did this earlier on in their regime to disabled children, see:, so why not Jews. They regarded Jews the same way, as a debilitating force and a burden on society. I also came across more ripostes to the Holocaust revisionists that have made me reconsider. One thing I want to make abundantly clear: Nothing I have said above should be interpreted as an apology. I am not sorry that I examined this issue and I am not sorry that I continue to do so. It's about time the Holocaust was debated openly like all other historical events. I abhor the censors who destroy the lives of those who have dissenting opinions, forcing them out of their jobs and even into prison. Dr Nick Kollerstrom was one of those who were persecuted for their beliefs. I most especially decline to apologize to Peter Robbins. long with another target of his vitriol, Sacha Christie of Liverpool England. Please see the background links below where I address Sacha's claims about Larry. Unlike Peter, I provide all the source material necessary. Make up your own mind, readers; who is the more vitriolic of the two of us. Ask those who know me well; am I normally a vitriolic person. Who else has been the target of my supposed vitriol.

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I say she's Spencer's On Speed hellfully: i’ve officially lost every bit of faith in all of humanity Noi Alfgeirsson: 234th 1 M subs with one vid: it's official this is a ded channel AbelleveMe: 1:25 I'm just glad something's getting sucked Denial Haze: Keep posting stop leavinggg plzzz I miss ur video Daileys Aspiazu: For every month no triggerd tro I will and a sad face( as long as I get reminded). Drake Davis: Yo this nigga really blew up then dipped spicy ricardo: Rip trigger tro xxred: Doggoroo. Isaiah Coleman: Plz come back ps2martin: We miss you. Annalicious: Has anyone looked him up or anything or did he quit. I looked everywhere and there is nothing Meow Meow: Why isn’t the blood clotting. It's cool but yeah he has been demonitized forcing the execution of plan J. A job. TRO come back, we will all support your patron. That's how you do it on YouTube these days Bora Bora: HEY TRO. Ray Marie: R. . Tro its been 2 months since we've last seen ya Jade. The Messiah has returned Maddy: Boi Just post already Delilah Negron: can you at least make a video saying your alive. Brendan Klagu: it's a month now where are you trigger tro. Stay alive and stay safe Pete Olivarez: Wolf what are pizza earthers SizzleNizzle TittleLittle: You’re all gay Angel Nikeya: So. Henry Meyer Garvey: She's gonna get aids homie Smokey Bear: YOU SAID YOU WOULD BE BACK IN NOVEMBER WTF. Grant Christopher: Plz tro plz tro Adolf Hitler: She is worse than Hitler.