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Obviously now that their two battles have been lost they should have done things differently, but at the time it all sounded like a sound strategy to mitigate casualties and grow their forces. I doubt a man could pierce their hides with a hand thrown spear now. She went through a lot of stuff that would make a sane person mad in Essos, but she was able to remain calm and stable throughout. Something doesn't need to 'trigger' her to start losing her sanity. Just because she was calm and stable throughout Essos doesn't means she'll stay calm and stable at everything. That even though House Tyrell with be gone, House Lannister also suffered a blow, not only by the death of Joffrey, but my the trial of Tyrion and massive subsequent fallout. I'd like to see a white walker sitcom of the day to day life of a WW king having to deal little issues while his bumbling servants keep screwing everything up. You still haven't explained why you she'd go down this path. I'd love to see what you're basing this all from since you sound like you have a thorough understanding of such a complex issue. She's lost her two local allies and her highly trained army are now trapped at Casterly Rock. If she wants the throne (which she has very much made clear is going to happen), she will need to unleash them. I don't care how incompetent the Tyrells are at fighting or military strategy, all they had to do was raise the drawbridge and they'd hold out for a year or more.

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, but you still don’t care. A family moves to a desert town for secret reasons. A dust storm hits, the slutty daughter and resentful son disappear, questions are raised, emotions boil over, everyone lies. The acting was good, the story kept me interested, and the tension, mood, scenery and music are reminiscent of Picnic at Hanging Rock. A man owes a mob boss and in order to save his family is obliged to kill himself when he can’t come up with the money. Obvious comparisons in writing skill can be made to Weird Al, but while the latter concentrates on family-fare comedy, Minchin delves deeply into scathing social commentary. Favorite quote: “Genius: a mentally ill person with an audience. . An adolescent girl refuses to be tamed and drugged into submission when she discovers her inner werewolf, and that of her mama. It is a simple coming of age tale dealing with the usual themes including awakening sexuality. I would not recognize Keith Allan on the street without makeup. Malik Studio.

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% this season. Still produced, even if in a limited capacity. Ranked top 10 in both broken tackles (12) and yards after the catch (438) among receivers. Stands to benefit greatly from an offense better at protecting the quarterback and scheming receivers into more advantageous situations. Aldrick Robinson (3. ) — Signed as a street free agent in Week 3 after the Vikings waived receiver Stacy Coley, one of a flurry of moves after the disappointing tie in Green Bay. Immediately became a go-to deep threat for Kirk Cousins, who spent three seasons with Robinson in Washington. The latter was targeted to tight end Kyle Rudolph, but a poorly-run route put in him in the right place at the right time. Caught a career-high five touchdowns, none closer than 13 yards away, on just 17 catches with 35 targets. Dropped two passes: a deep ball against Detroit and a wide-open slant on third down in the season finale loss to Chicago. Eventually became the No. 3 receiver on most third downs.