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And I don’t think it really spoils things from the main series. I think eventually it depends on Dee and her reading preference. I made that comparison some years ago when reading TWOIAF not only because it’s from an unreliable narrator(s) perspective but also because the style of these books is a lot like it too. Ill save ASOIAF for when I have GOT withdrawals after the series finale. It’s me against the spamkiller (which does a pretty nifty job I should think). It’s a bit like Arya and the hound going on an adventure. . Instant hit. The only challenge: Finding synonyms for the expletives in Sandor’s vocabulary. Don’t see why the Lord of Light should be any different. I bought A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms when it released as well and haven’t gotten far into it either. I have the interest to read them but I just can’t get myself to jump on ’em like ASoIaF. Even if AFfC and ADwD were arguably not as good as the first three I still burned through them both within days of release. As you say, they’re not spoilery, because they take place about 90 years prior to AGoT. And they’re a bit lighter in tone, though they do introduce darker elements and raise awareness that there is a much bigger political picture waiting in the background. It’s comparable to reading The Hobbit before taking on LotR, with Bloodraven’s attempted coup in the third novella being similar to the foreshadowing that Bilbo’s magic ring may be much more than a handy tool for burglars. When I was a kid in the early days of television, there were a lot of family adventure shows with medieval settings. They usually featured known characters like Robin Hood or King Arthur or Ivanhoe, but tended not to have much of a narrative through-line.

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Ramsey that son of fkng whore bitch got what he deserved. A girl has no name, a girl has no home, a girl has no brain. BBCode Modified by daAmazinFatB0y, Jun 20, 2016 4:03 PM My Manga List My Anime List Shabada shabadabadaba I am DjG545 aka Dj Fo Fo aka The Mutha Fkn Name I'm Usin Now. It also had one of my favorite scenes in the show (mostly cause I'm a Jon Snow fanboy) the scene where Ramsay's army is rushing towards him and he takes his sword out and holds his ground, the music and imagery was amazing. Ramsay deserved way worse, but it was nice to see Sansa get some sort of revenge on him (and she made good on her promise) I'm worried about where her character might go now that she seems to trust Littlefinger more than Jon:o The stuff with Dany was cool, one thing I absolutely loved about this episode was how it was paced, ever second felt like it was just right, when I saw the battle was going to start at the 30 min mark I was worried it would be cut short but no, it was perfect. Great episode, probably the best of this season. BBCode. He should have ran towards to burning flayed men, could have used them as cover in that large open field. This is one of the dumbest and The most plot hole riddled episode of the season BBCode. This is one of the dumbest and The most plot hole riddled episode of the season How is 10 higher than 10 mr. athgenius? Last I checked Ozymandias is an episode of Breaking Bad and not GOT. I meant highest rated episode of GOT but even then, it's still tied with Ozymandias which makes them the highest rated episodes. Nice attitude Hitler, calling fans braindead just cause something is not to your liking. You do know that one season of Got consist of only 10 episodes and it's only an hour per episode. If you want something complete then just read the book, no need to whine like a bitch, BITCH. See, that's how you use the word bitch properly and not just throw it out randomly. BBCode.

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Not having the dragons there (thanks Tyrion) was a fatal mistake but does move the plot along. The dragons burning Euron's fleet would have made things too easy. Even the Dragon killing bow borrowed from 'The Hobbit'. And I think its actually 3 Ravens, 1 from Kings Landing, 1 from Dragonstone and 1 from Sam in Oldtown. To be honest they could of sent a rider down in that time from the Wall. Sansa showed she had some respect in the way Cersie operates. Sansa doesn't like Targaryen's of which JS is one. But, the timelines don't always match up 100% as we see them. Getting a surge of messages wouldn't be out of place. A different route to Arya's Kingsroad, if she is heading North after meeting Nymeria. If she's anything like Neddard, then she'll follow the same principles. If you want to execute someone, you should swing the sword yourself. I think it played out like this in Nymeria's mind. Nah Sister, I'm a lonely planet reviewer now, got keep exploring, being a home buddy ain't me. I'll keep an eye out for you in my travels and if you're ever in trouble I will rock up to help out. She may admire parts of Cersie, but I think she has her head screwed on well enough to not become her. There's a lot of plot to progress in a short amount of time and nobody really cares enough about these characters and not enough buildup to warrant a massive amount of time being spent. There's been plenty of significant but relatively short battles.


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If you wanted to use, you would have to be off the Buprenorphine for at least 3 days. Hopefully you would have one strong moment in that time, and take your Buprenorphine. It is important to be strong now, and although it is easier to do so on Buprenorphine, it still will not be “easy”. Stand firm. When they see your success you may be able to help them to find the same way out. Needless to say, their lives will be shorter than they have to be. It may become difficult to remain optimistic now that a month has gone by. Work with your counselor to make small goals and accomplish them so that you don’t lose heart. Many bridges can be burned with prolonged drug use. It may take quite a while to recapture your relationships and financial stability. You should expect to have a well-established routine with regard to doctor appointments, counseling appointments and taking your Buprenorphine at the same time every day. Face them anyway and you will know what it is like to be successful and strong in adversity. This will be a skill you will be glad you have, over and over again. Studies show that the longer you are on the medication, the better your chance or permanent abstinence. It is best to gradually reduce your dose when you are ready to stop Buprenorphine treatment. For example, reduce your dose from 16 mg to 14 mg for a month, and then reduce again by 2 mg each month. If you find your symptoms are beginning to return go back up 2 mg. It will make it impossible for you to fell euphoric if you do take opioids.

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According to the Psynet model, trying to program AI on past generations of computers has been essentially futile, because such computers have not had adequate random-access memory. Intelligence, as an emergent property, can only come out of a large, complex, self-organizing system. It does not have to do with any special programming tricks; rather, the special “core twist” of intelligence lies in the way a complex system, skilled at recognizing patterns in its environment, can turn inward and recognize patterns in itself, creating circles and spirals of constructive self-recognition. But this self-organizing self-recognition at the core of intelligence cannot be imitated in a simple logical system; it has to emerge from the statistical chaos of a large system whose parts are working independently yet interacting. Furthermore, the efficient connectivity provided by the intranet and the Internet transforms computer networks into vast, distributed machines containing more power than any individual computer and mirroring the distributed, asynchronous dynamics of the brain far better than any modern motherboard or chip. In short, we have finally reached the stage where emergent intelligence is potentially realizable via computer, and the next generation of Internet AI software will aim to exploit this new opportunity. THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS CONCRETIZED The main point, however, is not any particular engineering or software innovation. At worst, if the market makes poor software decisions, or if the rate of engineering progress unexpectedly decreases, the advent of global Net intelligence will be slowed by a few years or a decade. The point is the process of self-organization that is occurring, of which all cognitive scientists and Internet software engineers are a part. This process of self-organization is a dramatic change of culture and consciousness. Computer and communication technology is one of the shining successes of modern Western culture, of the rationalist worldview that has pushed previous mythically and magically focused worldviews into near obsolescence. One of the biggest failures of modern Western culture is the widespread sense of anomie and alienation that it has brought, along with greater individuality and freedom. e have, one might say with a certain dramatic exaggeration, won our freedom but lost our souls. From this view, it is not merely ironic but profound that Net technology offers the possibility of bringing back that unity that was taken from us with the advent of Western rationalism. The World Wide Brain is a kind of global human unity, spawned from the products of alienated culture. Evolved away from the group spiritual experiences that used to bring us in touch with the human “collective unconscious,” we are creating technology that revives this collective unconscious in digital form. The World Wide Brain is not merely an emerging AI, separate from human beings. It is an emerging intelligence, arising from human information and human interactions.