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U suprotnom ce odbiti da budu poslusni mali robovi koji krotko slusaju svaku roditeljsku misao. Vas autoritet je pravedna stvar za otvoreno, radoznalo dete Strelca. A k o ste fer - pokusate da budete iskreni kao sto je i on, mladi Jupiterovac ce nauciti da postuje vasa pravila. Treba da budete cvrsti kada znate da ste u pravu i dajte mu dobar, osnovan razlog. K a d a pogresite, moracete da priznate svoju gresku i otvoreno prihvatite svoju glupost. Mladi Strelac namirisace takvu vrstu neiskrenosti na nekoliko milja dok njegove nozdrve trepere kao kod pticara, a misice drhte od ljutnje, potkrepljene ispravnim ogorcenjem. Naravno, postoje neki dobri, zdravi, logicni razlozi za vase insistiranje na tome da je p o t r e b n o da postuje odredjene drustvene obicaje. O v o dete je nezgrapno, ako ne p o t p u n o nespretno. U ormaricu za lekove treba uvek da imate puno j o d a i flastera. Ali to nije nista prema ranjenom srcu kada ga jednog dana Jupiterov decak ili devojcica cvrsto pritisnu n o g o m. Najbolji lek za takvu roditeljsku ojadjenost jeste da vodite racuna da vas Strelac nauci j o s dok je mali da vas postuje zbog vaseg smisla za cast i tolerantnost. U suprotnom, bice t a m o negde, sa svojim c e b e t o m ili jastukom ili m e d o m kao novim prijateljima koji ga prihvataju takvog kakav jeste i veruju u njega. Ocekujte da ljubav podigne svoju cipkastu glavu prilicno rano. Trosice novac kao da je od papira, jer su vec otkrili da i jeste. Treba da nauce da kada potrose svoj dzeparac, on je zaista i potrosen. A k o potrose novac za rucak na stripove ili Ludi Magazin, pustite ih da do kraja nedelje nose u skolu sendvice sa puterom od kikirikija i zeleom. M o z d a zvuci malo grubo, ali je n e o p h o d n o. Sto je nacin obrazovanja napredniji, to ce ova deca biti bolji i srecniji ucenici. O n a su nemirna i terati ih da konstantno sede mirno ili prigusiti cudnovatu mastovitost, ubrzo moze b o l n o ubiti njihove p o b u d e, ponekad trajno.

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Should we now assume that Jon really is definitively Azor Ahai and the Prince that was Promised, or should one be Dany, and the other him. The scene on the bridge with Euron and Balon was also a bit too drawn out. It would have worked better without so much dialogue. Unless there are more dragons, which is entirely possible. Yup. hat a great episode all around. The preview to episode 3 had someone stating that people believe he's some god now. I don't know, nor do I know if Azor Ahai is considered a god. While he will have people supporting him it always struck me that Roose was the brains of that operation, and Ramsay is now kind of going to be like a mad dog let off the leash I really enjoy these scenes with the Sparrow despite how badly I want him to get knifed, it's really well written dialogue whenever he has a one-on-one scene with someone and his scene with Jaime was great. As with most, I'm just really excited to see what happens with Tyrion and with everything going on up at Castle Black. He didn't in the books, at least according to Old Nan. Roose's death surprised me a bit, but he isn't really as badass in the show as in the books. I mean, he's pretty badass, but in the books it's almost hinted to be on a supernatural level. Everyone kind of shrugs and gives up way too early, but they can hardly show them just standing there for five minutes I guess. It will be interesting to see how Jon re-introduces himself to everyone. And Euron! Finally! He's one of my favorite secondary (or tertiary) characters in the books. He's like Kurtz in Heart of Darkness, except he's every bit as badass as all the stories would lead you to believe.

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This thread is for your opinions on the companions we can newly recruit. Feel free to give shout outs to older companions that's story had changed. For example: I, for one, really like how Qyzen has changed. Even more so because I have a Kephess customization for him. cool. I thought my Consular got cheated with her romance, but then I felt my Warrior got a beat cheated in the romance with Theron:p I was never a fan of Qyzen, but I do like how I feel he's more right for the crew now. I never thought he was right for it in the original three chapters, outside of saving Yuon. Deadeye. Finally have the one non human covered in fur or scales (what have you) species as part of my crew. Hate that she doesn't speak basic, but from what little we've seen of her, I like her personality. She's not a (or doesn't seem to be) crazy sith you want to kill to save everyone. Lastly Theron. Good to have the spy officially on our team:). If you meet another companion in Knights of the Fallen Empire you really, really, like. Current ones are just neutral for me but if there are more in the upcoming chapters then I may find one favorite. I would really like to be able to play an Ithorian as well but I am just super happy having him as a companion for my Jedi Knight:). Her voice is godly and her character just seems. Interesting. I hope we get to hear more of her singing talent.

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Produced by CSABA BERECZKY and CARL MORANO Directed by DEREK WAN. Advertising and oromotional details subiect to change without. There's a bod October Moon rising for Sean Michael Lambrecht. February 3: Tamara. When a Stranger Calls (remake). Undated: Altered, An American Haunting, The Attic, Beowulf. Flash! The gamer arrives and is greeted bv lakes of fire, tortured souls and savage. Condemned is a launch title for the new Xbox 360 system, so I. Price ond ovoilobility subject to chonge yrithout notice. See poiticipoting SLOCKBySIER' store locotion for complete terms ond conditions. All rights reserved, keleosed by lAoverick Entertoinment Group. CREEP (LIONS GATE): There's something lurking in the sewer and. Cross Station. The terrified young woman soon discovers she's not. Although the script doesn't deliver anything new or original, first-time. Horror anthology films ore often a mixed bog; it's. When you serve yourself up on a platter like this. Man has put me in.