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Jon is the son of Ron. Just Ron. No last name. During the episode flashback, they spoke of Rhaegar. It's reasonable to assume he is Rhaegar's as well, I suppose. There is nothing confirmed about his true name or any of this non-sense that trolls are adding. Whether you believe Rhaegar is his father or not, the show has confirmed he is Lyanna's so that should be reflected in his page. Tinuviel Undomiel ( talk ) 07:36, June 27, 2016 (UTC). I was in the middle of editing this right before the page was locked. Please add that the Stark children are his maternal first cousins. Not only does this make it easier to edit the wikia, it also makes it less confusing.

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(Ugc distribution): 248 521 159. DANISH GIRL (Universal pictures international France): 246 334 160. QUAND ON A 17 ANS (Wild bunch distribution): 237 058 164. DIRTY PAPY (Metropolitan filmexport): 220 927 169. 45 ANS (Ad vitam): 219 967 170. BLAIR WITCH (Metropolitan filmexport): 210 053 173. HORS CONTROLE (Twentieth century fox): 206 576 174. TOUT EN HAUT DU MONDE (Diaphana distribution): 203 111 176. LE PETIT LOCATAIRE (Diaphana distribution): 192 587 185. JOYEUSE FETE DES MERES (Ugc distribution): 188 421 188. ILS SONT PARTOUT (Wild bunch distribution): 173 963 191.

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And I’m sure that there are folks now who will see it and say, “Sure, we would have taken that risk,” or “Yes, we would have financed that movie,” and maybe they would have. Maybe. But it would have been a much longer process, a much more challenging process, and ultimately a process I did not want to even consider embarking upon, because I knew it would just slow me down. I think that everyone is very acutely aware of how risky independent movies are these days because there are so many of them being made, and the ways in which they are seen are increasing. There are more movies being made and more ways to see them, but the chances for a film to recoup its investment seem to be rapidly decreasing. So I think that investors are being much more conscientious about what they are investing in, and as a result they want to have more of a say. It was much easier to make the movie I wanted to make, and that’s not to castigate the producers of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints in any way, but it was just that there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen for that movie, and there were a lot of different opinions that were all good and valid, but it was a much rougher production as a result. And I want to be clear that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think that if you have a good producer, he will be involved in a good, productive way. If your financiers care about the movie, they will be involved in a very constructive fashion, but it can get out of hand very quickly, and that is something to be aware of in any type of filmmaking. Up until that point, I was a big-screen purist; I only wanted to see things on the big screen.

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This is the 1st of 2 scenes which were deleted from the pilot episode before it was aired on November 16 2004. PLAY MINECRAFT WITH US EVERYDAY AT IP: mc. rangecraft. et. A reworking of the 1990 film EXORCIST III in line with LEGION, the low-key film that William Peter Blatty originally shot before studio-enforced reshoots and renaming. This edit restores the original main story arc sans exorcist or exorcism. For background and the complete changelist visit the project page at. NOTE: Fanedits are not for sale and provided under fair-use provisions for the sole purpose of discussion, exposition and education. Star of Exorcist III Brad Dourif graciously agreed to attend a public screening of this fanedit at the Mad Monster Party horror convention that was held in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 25th 2012. Thankyou to the crew at Mad Monster for approaching me with the idea and making this screening happen. I was honoured to be asked and how I wish I could have been there in person.

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So we took the chance, and it’s worked out amazingly. On to the Next One Wiczyk declines to share any details about the second season “House of Cards” — not that he would, but we had to ask. One thing’s for sure, though, MRC has no intentions to end the show anytime soon. Yes, it’s already been picked up for a third season by Netflix, but as Wiczyk tells it, “The intention is for this show to keep going for several seasons. And it looks like the show’s audience wants it. Per data from a Civicscience survey, 93% of respondents who watched season one plan to watch season two. For context, the survey of more than 10,000 respondents found that 5% watched all of season one. If it’s a good representative sample, per BTIG Research (login required), that means as many as 9. million US adults watched all of season one. If you were a betting man, that number is only likely to grow. No spoilers, please,” tweeted Obama’s Twitter feed today of the 13 new episodes of the political drama set to premiere simultaneously at midnight tonight.