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Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Nancy Loomis, P. . Soles, Charles Cyphers, Kyle Richards, Brian Andrews, Nick Castle. Comments: Undoubtedly, this is John Carpenter's greatest gift to the movies: slasher cinema at its best. A restrained but incredibly suspenseful film, Halloween set the standard for the teenager in trouble slasher movies to come. It starts with young Michael Myers killing his teenage sister in 1963. Many years later he escapes from an asylum (one of the scariest scenes) and heads back to Haddonfield, his hometown to seek revenge. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence), his obsessed psychiatrist, chases after him. Originally planned to be called the Babysitter Murders, Halloween follows three teenage girls and their encounter with The Shape.

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t filmer under 2 timer og stort sett lettbeinte komedier, action og kanskje en grosser eller 2 pa kvelden. Etter at jeg fikk you tube rett pa tv skjermen sa har det blitt mye derfra, s? lig norsk film. Abonnerer pa c-more og viasat sine filmer og arkiver. Skulle forovrig gjerne provd meg pa 100 filmer pa en maned, men ma nok erkjenne at en slik utfordring er uforenlig med lange arbeidsdager. Kan jeg sporre hva som ma til for a bli kalt en mokkafilm av deg? For meg er en skikkelig mokkafilm, en som bade er darlig men enda verre, utrolig kjedelig. Du trenger ikke poste gjentatte gang for a fa fram poenget ditt:). Som sagt, aldri meninga at 3 innlegg pa rad skulle dukke opp, men ikke noe jeg far gjort noe med. Ser at jeg ikke er alene om a oppleve trobbel med VGD siste timen.

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It appears Bana’s only English words are “Save the children of Syria. In one video produced from just such an interview, Bana can be seen being prompted by her mother in answering questions posed to her. At one point, the interviewer asks her “What do you like? to which she responds “Save the children of Syria. . This is in addition to the fact that she is able to reference historical facts that few adults (in the Western world at least) are aware of as well as intelligent (albeit wrong) geopolitical analysis. It does not take a highly educated investigative reporter to discover that the Bana Twitter account is entirely fake and nothing more than propaganda. Most of them could be considered sympathetic to the war on Syria; many of them have strong links with terrorist groups. . The story went that inhabitants of Madaya, a town besieged by the government, were starving and that it was all the fault of the Syrian government who were preventing aid from reaching the town.

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How Daeny, Jon, Arya, Sansa, Bran, etc. evolve over the course of a single season always is central to that season’s story: and that is what makes them the major characters of each season and the whole series. His character has never been central to the story and I really doubt he’ll be one of the character’s providing some crisis of identity that creates this year’s story. Thus, the list of characters on the show who are more major than Randyll at this point include just about all of them with spoken lines. Personally, I like to begin debates with “Jane, you’re an ignorant slut”. Rhaegar and the MK are back story characters, which have their function, but they’re not “major” characters in the current saga. Maybe if HBO actually does a spin off, and does Robert’s Rebellion, then, yeah, they would be major characters within the arc of that drama. That’s like saying Bilbo is a major character in the Lord of the Rings based on what he did in The Hobbit. Wimsey has a perfectly good command of reasoned logic though I can safely say he needs to re-read a book (I won’t say which). I saw no sign of idiocy in his arguments.

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In any case, Finnegan’s Wake is a legendary and perplexing work of literary genius, by most accounts, and much attention is given to it’s first (and last) sentence. It certainly makes you think of Bloodraven’s speech about how time is a river and how the weirwoods are not moved by that river, being the time-weirs that they are. It’s equally apparent that the idea of time and history being a loop is another theme Martin was eager to work with in ASOIAF, so it makes a lot of sense that he was captivated by Joyce’s literary puzzle here and the deeper concept behind it. Martin also expresses this idea of the recirculation of events in a nod to another of his favorite authors, Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time series. The Wheel of Time, as you might guess if you don’t know already, makes heavy use of repeating cycles of history and fate, and Martin calls out to this idea when he calls out to the author. What has happened before will perforce happen again, he said. I think of that whenever I contemplate the Crow’s Eye. Euron Greyjoy sounds queerly like Urron Greyiron to these old ears. Some of the main heroes and villains in the Wheel of Time are fairly literal reincarnations of past characters, and in the end are primarily concerned with righting the wrongs of events from 3,000 years ago. Martin has borrowed many things from Jordan, who Martin admired and respected a great deal, and many of those things have to do with the “wheel of time” idea.

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