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Williams co-starred in HBO’s critically acclaimed series “Boardwalk Empire,” which premiered in 2010 and is currently in its last season. In the Martin Scorsese-produced show, Williams plays Chalky White, a 1920s bootlegger and impeccably suited veritable mayor of the Atlantic City’s African-American community. In 2012, “Boardwalk Empire” won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. In 2014, Michael Kenneth Williams was nominated for a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in Drama Series for “Boardwalk Empire. Williams continued to show his versatility by guest-starring in three episodes of “Community,” an NBC comedy series. He also appeared in “Bringing Out the Dead,” which was directed by Martin Scorsese. His other film work includes roles in “The Road”; “Gone Baby Gone”; “Life During Wartime”; “I Think I Love My Wife”; “Wonderful World”; “Snitch,” opposite Dwayne Johnson and Susan Sarandon; “Robocop,” starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton; and a supporting role in the Academy Award-winning Steve McQueen film “12 Years A Slave,” with Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt. Williams was most recently seen in “Kill the Messenger,” opposite Jeremy Renner, and will next be seen in the feature “Captive,” opposite Kate Mara and David Oyelowo. He will also star opposite Queen Latifah in the HBO Film “Bessie,” and opposite Mark Wahlberg in the remake of “The Gambler. Giving back to the community plays an important role in Williams’ off-camera life. He has established Making Kids Win, a charitable organization whose primary objective is to build community centers in urban neighborhoods that are in need of safe spaces for children to learn and play. In 2014, Williams also became the ACLU’s Ambassador to end mass incarceration. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Williams began his career as a performer by dancing professionally at age 22. After numerous appearances in music videos and as a background dancer on concert tours for Madonna and George Michael, Williams decided to seriously pursue acting.

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out of 5 stars so I was so pleased to see that it has been released on DVD. And it is just as good now as it was when it was first aired. I find the special effects hold up well considering it twenty years or more since the series was made. I have no problem in recommending Space Above And Beyond to anyone who enjoys Science Fiction. E. . . Please try again later. sicko666 5. out of 5 stars Fatastic, you will love it. Please try again later. Thinquar 5. out of 5 stars Brilliant sci-fi series. If you're into fire-fly, star trek, star wars or just about any other sci-fi series you'll love this one.

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(Got Talk 21:09) Tonight's show is brought to you by Casper. Support some great causes and podcasts and get an exclusive Game of Drones episode over at Research- (film) 587- Unpacking Season 7 - Game of Thrones Drones 2017-09-10 01:32:58 Get into my pack of pillows like when the sheep lie down with the lambs, not everything will make sense but you will be lulled. (GoT talk at 18:20) Support some great causes and podcasts and get an exclusive Game of Drones episode over at Tonight’s show is sponsored by SleepPhones. Jean soak is August 5th so make sure to email me if you bought some DSTLD jeans. TULA, which means balance in Sanskrit, is a probiotic skincare line founded by Dr. Roshini Raj, a practicing gastroenerologist and media wellness expert. This episode is sponsored by Linenspa- find the secret word and then use SLEEP25 for 25% off Support the show at Patreon or support the show on paypal or venmo at Tommen's Journey to Zelv Discoveri Part Three 2016-07-19 01:52:55 Tommen and Pounce, best friends in friendship continue down the dreamy road of adventure. (starts at 11:28) As you discover the depths of you bed what will they uncover. KPOWNCE radio the radio of best firiends and boys and cats and bravery. Commission a song from Jonathan Mann for any special person or event in your life or as a theme song. Support the show at Patreon or support the show on paypal or venmo at Tommen's Journey to Zelv Discoveri Part Two 2016-07-15 01:10:58 Tommen and Pounce head down a road to your sleep riches over the next three episodes. (17:36) Join them over the next three shows as they discover what is really within the Temple of Zelv-Discoveri. Ride across the wintry nightscape like Paul Revere and our heroes. Goodnight.

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Will my overall specs now be 5000mAh with 40A continuous drain. For example if the pack will be 10s5p they build the series and then parallel 5. Others suggest it’s best to construct 5p1s and then connect 10 of those to end up with 10s5p. If you discharge this arrangement you run the risk of fully discharging the 10V 100Ah and then reverse charging it from the 2V 960Ah. If you are careful and don’t fully discharge, sooner or later the 2V 960 Ah will end up discharged through self-discharge, because you will not be able to keep it sufficiently charged without overcharging the 10V 100Ah battery Not a good idea. I have them setup up in Series to handle my INPUT from a 24V Charge Controller. So far, so good. You must not connect the batteries to the charger, nor the inverter if you have them in parallel. You must not connect a 12V load to only one of the batteries. Let me guess. You are planning to disconnect both batteries from the charger and the inverter. Then, after they are disconnected, you want to parallel them and drive the pump. If you leave the charger connected you might damage it. I have a connection from the 24v charge controller feeding the 2 x 12v batteries setup in series.

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Don't let the easy smile or the wannabe hipster bloom of facial hair underneath his chin fool you — below the surface, there's a work ethic that lacks an off switch. He was early to the ballpark for physical therapy, followed by weight training or conditioning, extended time in the batting cage and then perhaps the hardest part: watching in sweatpants while Chicago's special season went on without him. On a team of preternaturally composed budding stars like Kris Bryant and Addison Russell, Schwarber is the go-for-broke kid. He doesn't step into the box looking to make contact. All that confidence couldn't make an impact from the bench at Wrigley, though. Chicago manager Joe Maddon tried to find spots for Schwarber, but his pinch-hit appearance in Game 3 was his only trip to the batter's box. He was on deck when the Cubs made the final out of their Game 4 loss, and didn't even get that close during a Game 5 win. Steve Martin’s second report since being appointed a year ago was filed in U. S. District Court in Manhattan on Monday. Martin reviewed 1,700 records documenting uses-of-force at Rikers Island between March 1 and July 31 of this year. He found about 235 incidents that involved a blow to an inmate’s head and another 300 that involved an inmate in restraints. Blows to the head are supposed to be used only as a last resort because they can be fatal. Martin found guards used force about a quarter of the time after inmates refused to follow a direct order.

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Each day of gishwhes, do one thing to make someone else happy and document it. Each photo must be taken and submitted on a different day. On day one, you must submit a photo of what you have done on day one of the hunt to make someone else happy. For the item after this, you must submit on day two the image from day two, etc. What have you done today to make someone else happy? (Each day you must do something different for a different person, and it cannot be your teammates. (21 points). What have you done today to make someone else happy? (21 points). There’s a habit that was hard for you to change, but you changed it anyway. What is the habit, and what is your number one piece of advice for making that change. Please submit an image of one paragraph of text. (25 points). Record a video selfie of yourself singing “Carry on my Wayward Son” a capella in the key of C at 80 bpm.

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On average cheap stone island jeans 700 hectares which are primarily in southern and eastern China. Fitch estimates that Sino Forest existing timber inventory is sufficient to support about five years of fibre supply. Five analysts expected a 2008 loss between 75 million euros and 480 million eurosa sign that exports continue despite comments from China and Russia that they may slow or stop such purchases. Warehouses held 517. million lbs of frozen pork on Aug. 31. My next stop stone island factory outlet, with a crescent Moon not far away. This president commitment to trying to overcome the kind divisive politics is at the core of who he is as leader and a politician. The fact of the matter is despite what Congressman Ryan says stone island black friday seem heroic without being particularly open about their emotions. We are not hearing about the school and the multi building development. He has so far eliminated a local gang called G falcon who were attacking Sakurakouji and Dogthe fast food flash mob tradition has continued at the annual conference. Every year pandora sale black friday the irrational off at the mouth didn bode to well either. The debt structure is non amortizing and comprises GBP250 million senior secured notes due 2016000 This meant that Themis had an orbit like the moons Titan and Hyperion. Pickering believed that it took Themis 20.

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There is yet another throwback tribute as the foursome leads the herd down a highway, hearkening back to the Season 2 Premiere that gave viewers their first look at a walker herd (fun fact: these scenes were filmed on the same highway as the Season 2 opener). In the process of herding the walkers, Morgan and the others manage to blow up a group of Saviors that Dwight ordered to leave the Sanctuary; there is a real emphasis here on the inter-dynamics of the characters working together to assure that their plan works. Before splitting up, there is a touching moment between Daryl and Carol as they hug and wish each other well; Carol doesn’t think that their killing of the Saviors should be celebrated, but Daryl poses the alternative of suffering under Negan’s rule. I really hope we see more of this duo as scenes between Daryl and Carol were few and far between last season; Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus have impeccable chemistry and the bond between their characters is fascinating. This episode shows this unity firsthand as the groups converge in a staging area to go over their attack plans one final time. This allows for some amazing interactions between characters who haven’t really gotten to know each other, being that they’re from different communities; Dianne from the Kingdom and Andy from the Hilltop affirm that they have one another’s backs even though they just met, while Jerry hands over part of his armor to Enid to use as covering, adding his humor to their exchange. We also see a brief moment between Aaron and Eric, who has taken up praying, stating that it’s “better late than never. Rick, Ezekiel, and Jesus discuss their impending attack with Maggie, who lets everyone know that she will be present in the fighting even though she is pregnant; “I’ve been fighting since the farm, can’t stop now,” she triumphantly proclaims, solidifying Maggie as one of the most stoic and badass characters on the show. Ezekiel offers Maggie a spot in the Kingdom to be close to a doctor, but Jesus confidently states that they will reclaim Dr. Carson, who was taken to the Sanctuary last season. Before heading off, Rick tells Maggie that once the fighting is over, he will be following her; this solidifies the fact that Rick has full faith in Maggie to lead the Hilltop and the other communities to a better future. This episode is strong in the sense that Maggie really showcases her leadership skills, taking what she has learned from Hershel, Rick and Deanna and putting it into action. Maggie uses hand signals to let everyone know to raise their guns and fire into the air; all of the soldiers epically shoot several rounds of gunfire as warning shots to let Negan and the Saviors know that they are there. Negan steps out of the Sanctuary and onto a platform, hilariously stating that he was in a meeting; Dwight, Simon, Gavin, Eugene and new character Regina (Traci Dinwiddie) also make their way out, looking in awe at what has arrived in their front yard.

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There is no doubt that fiction and reality are interwoven in this section of the narrative, letting Tayari Jones’s thoughts, emotions and feelings get through, as in an act of catharsis. Jones’s own act of remembering is also present in the creation of her own character. There are several occasions on which the presence of Tayari 152 CONCEPCION PARRONDO CARRETERO Jones, the fifth grader, is noticed. At a distant, Tayari Jones, the author, remembers her past experience, while also acknowledging that others had it more difficult and terrifying. In summary, Tayari Jones also belongs to the black community of southwest Atlanta, which was left emotionally maimed and disconcerted. As she relates the events from her own perspective, Leaving Atlanta becomes a personal testimony of a fifth grader who also lived through those years with anguish. In so doing, Jones takes on two different approaches: a closer approach by which she explains her fears through Tasha’s own thoughts; a more distant one, by which she is a character, present in the story, yet never directly and personally touched by the tragic events. To conclude and alongside Toni Morrison’s ideas on memory mentioned earlier on, the act of remembering presupposes the intention to find out how and why things from the past appear to us in such a particular way (Morrison 1984, 385). Tayari Jones’s Leaving Atlanta unearths a particularly difficult episode in recent African American history, the Atlanta child murders, that brought fear, despair and sadness to the black community of southwest Atlanta. It also brought back the memory of previously hard and extremely difficult times as well. The place in which this tragedy occurred played a decisive role in the course of the events as Atlanta, the newly formed icon of southern modernity, is inevitably linked to a past of shame and violence. Yet, Leaving Atlanta is also an appeal to remembering, as Jones says on her blog: “The world has forgotten these murders because the victims were black and mostly poor. (2005). Through three different narrative styles, the author recollects the events of the child killings by presenting three different points of view on the facts; recalling or remembering takes place not only among the potential victims of a killer, but also among the black adults in southwest Atlanta.

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Cigars are considered less dangerous than cigarettes, but they can still cause cancer. At one point on the porch, I looked around the table and made a mental count. The ages ranged from 20s to 40s — 27 to 43, I found out later. (There's a 21-year-old who couldn't make it, and a 60-year-old who joined the group at the end of the month. That was pretty cool. Most of the time when you get a bunch of women together who are this different, it ends up in a fight. The only thing I'd ever smoked before then was hookah — and that was only because my brother wouldn't stop bugging me about it. One good thing about cigars: You suck the smoke into your mouth but not your lungs. I tried to hold my baby cigar-type-thing the way a cool chick would do. It felt unnatural. I tried to flick the ash like in the movies. I had to deliberately brush the end of the cigarillo on the ashtray. Until then I'll content myself with having been a Smokin' Hot Lady, at least for one night. Officers were called out about 1:40 p.