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But even then death seems to be purely a means to an end for her, nothing that in and of itself holds any interest for her and even then the sacrifice really is fire-centric, not death-centric. That Melisandre has a dual personality and that one of those marries Surtr is pure speculation. So far Melisandre hasn't shown any secondary ID and her and Jon marrying, even in a metaphysical sense, seems a little forced. On the other hand ASOIAF does have a character who fits the description of death goddess really well: Arya. Arya then goes even further: She actually cares for the dead, the dead bodies, the belongings etc. Also Arya fulfills the other role of a death goddess: She not only takes the dead in, she also deals out death. Arya ('Arya' rather) also fulfills the requirement of being married. A whole other role in which she is married to Ramsay Snow. Now if Arya were Hel then Arya's wolf would be - Hel's dog. Garmr. Another piece of the puzzle that kind of then seems to fit into the picture practically on its own. That of course would open up a whole lot more avenues (or should I say: can of worms? to what could be happening. With Garmr supposedly killing Tyr, with Surtr - as Hel's husband - then being Ramsay, not Jon and so on. Probably all wrong but a lot of fun to think through. Cheers! Reply Delete Replies Reply Xyseth November 25, 2014 at 10:12 PM I love your theory. I recently wrote up a theory for how Jon becomes evil, similar to your ideas but expanded. It has some speculation, but I back it up as much as is textually possible. Reply Delete Replies Reply James Staab February 22, 2015 at 12:37 PM In support of Robb being Skoll, couldn't his capture of Jamie during the battle of the five kings be is capturing the sun.

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€ť A chilling statement. This scene has considerable dramatic heft; ironic considering how lightweight the object in question is. Items purchasing freedom for the oppressed echoes the scene at the end of Schindler’s List where Schindler is willing to offer his watch and car to save more lives; a bargain, he bitterly realizes, he’s too late to make. German officers joke about their “resorts. €ť Detestable. Final analysis: an OK WWII tale that’s notable more for its historical importance than its filmmaking. Kingsley’s involvement is negligible in a film desperate for his talent. Despite its obvious dearth of talent, time and money, the movie makes the most of what it has by featuring some impressive on location work. Also, the film’s sets, props and outfits (uniforms play a major role in the film) are all well designed and period appropriate. What holds the movie back is middling performances by a largely no-name cast, a sputtering screenplay by Kenny Golde (the first half of the film really drags and some of it could’ve been condensed or trimmed since the film runs fifteen minutes too long anyway) and standard, largely uninspired direction by Mark Schmidt. What’s sad about the end result here is that this true account is actually an inspiring tale of courage and cleverness in the face of unspeakable evil. As for Kingsley, he does what he can with what little screen time he’s given, but his presence is more like a cameo than a star turn. On this count, the movie poster, which prominently features Kingsley’s visage, is more than a little disingenuous. Fans of the performer will feel shortchanged by his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it part, while those who know Kingsley only by sight will wonder why this accomplished actor isn’t featured more prominently in the story. Happy reading! A meet-cute on a train. ne of Hollywood’s oldest romance movie tropes. I would get rid of my mustache in three seconds flat with that kind of offer. Kidman challenges the “code of silence. €ť Amazing how men can get together and talk about anything under the sun except for what’s troubling them.

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According to the thread, next week’s episode “The Door”, will be our first and likely last showcase of the White Walkers for Season 6. Fans shouldn’t be surprised we see the White Walkers this episode, as they are in the trailer, but it does come as a surprise this is our final encounter with them this season. Their presence also means the death of two characters next week. Here are some points regarding these topics according to truede. “ You will soon learn how Hodor came to be. The White Walkers attack Bran and company and Hodor will be forced to 'hold the door' as they make their escape. “The White Walkers were created by the Children of the Forest. “Bran has a vision of a bunch of the CotF gathering and doing something. He wakes and then confronts Leaf about creating the White Walkers. Bran then has a vision of the White Walkers but the Night's King actually senses him and that's how the White Walkers learn of Bran's location and attack. He will accompany them to The Wall before departing. Bran will have one more 'flashback' in the finale and we will see what's in the Tower. €ť Below the now deleted Reddit thread, truede answered specific questions about the Tower of Joy (those answers still exist). We then see a baby, and the very next scene we see Jon. €ť Game of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers: Who Wins The Battle of Winterfell, What Happens in the North. Last week, for the first time since Season 1, Sansa and Jon Snow were reunited. This event, correctly predicted by truede, was not just finally a happy moment for the Starks, it also served as a jumping off point for the eventual battle of Winterfell. The battle itself has been a mainstay for trailer for this season and we’ve got the alleged scoop of what goes down in the “Bastard Bowl. €ť Truede also confirms Rickon will not survive his encounter with Ramsay. He’s not burned alive, as several have predicted, but his fate is sealed with “arrows actually.

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The less original material the producers had to work with, the more the whole thing derailed. Now the show sadly is only a shadow of what it once used to be. They killed too many characters, and I'm not talking about the ones that literally died. His story had so much potential, and now he is reduced to being Cersais idiot-sidekick. I was totally hyped for this season, but to me it was a big letdown, and quite honestly I don't care that much any more how it will all end, judging from the last two seasons it will be a nonsensical and illogical trainwreck anyway. Don't want to spoil your fun, but I'm truly dissapointed at how fast the best tv-series of all time turned to Lost II. Oh, and I don't think the regression is show-exclusive. What do you think why GRRM refuses to come out with the final books. He just wants to milk this cow dry before people realise its really an ox in disguise. It's not that hard to write an intriguing first chapter, how you wrap things up seperates the exceptional writers from the mediocre ones, and I'm losing hope that GRRM ever had a clear idea on how to do that. I think it's less of the fact that the show has gotten worse, and more that your expectations have gotten too high based on your impressions of the first few seasons. Some pile of bodies for the white walkers if they don't burn them soon. House Tyrell and House Martell will accept her as ruler once they can govern their localities. I guess there will be a short battle with the Lannisters with a quick surrender and then all of Westeros unites under Daenarys to fight the white walkers. (obviously not so straight forward as that). I think we may find out Jon's true parentage in the final episode this year. He left on his secret mission a couple of episodes ago and we have no clue what's up. He left on his secret mission a couple of episodes ago and we have no clue what's up. Boo. I'll have to stop reading the spoilers.

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Such a delay would put the deal that would createthe worlda? largest airline at risk, the companies saidyesterday in a court filing. He revisited the landing beaches and the villas where he had stayed; sketched in the commanders’ decisions; and dwelt on the slaughter while noting that the ruins of Florence “looked like a beautiful woman with most of her teeth knocked out”. His concluding regret was that none of his colleagues in the film unit were alive to enjoying watching the programme with him at home. It is attractive to Amec for its presence in the emerging markets and its diversified range of businesses, which offer services from exploration, through to construction and production at oil and gas sites. Poppy became a barmaid at the Rovers Return after meeting Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) at a Brazilian Crunch exercise class. On being promoted to assistant manager, she ruffled feathers first by tipping off one of two-timing Dev Alahan's girlfriends and then by sacking long-serving barmaid Betty Williams (Betty Driver). When she refused a request by pub owner Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) to reconsider, his girlfriend, Becky Granger (Katherine Kelly), dragged Poppy out of the Rovers by her hair and she was never seen again. In both conditions, there is a strong interest in systems. In girls with anorexia, they have latched onto a system that concerns body weight, shape, and food intake. €ť. That helped boost the group operatingmargin to 4. percent, compared with a peer median of 3. percent according to Thomson Reuters data. Between 2008 to 2012, the commission said it received 301,000 whistleblowing reports online. Officials at the commission, contacted by Reuters, declined to comment. He quickly signed on with Charlie Weis when Weis left the Patriots to become head coach at Notre Dame, and started work with quarterback Brady Quinn. Cutcliffe, struggling with his health, fought pains in his chest when he exercised. One night, when 16 inches of snow dropped on South Bend, he wiped down his car at the Residence Inn. Centralizers help ensure cement properly seals a well.

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Files For Elvis Presley and Vernon Presley, with Four Elvis Signatures. Plus IDs for Vernon, Billy Smith (2) and Al Strada. Everything we know so far about? ohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. Las Vegas shooter 'not an avid gun guy' — RT US News. France Bans Big Screen Zones for World Cup Fans Due to Terror Threat. Real-time bitcoin price alerts and historical charts. From the HBO Schedule: At Castle Black, Thorne defends his treason while Edd and Davos defend themselves. Please do not post or link to any leaked episode 1 materials, at all. HBO requires at least a 50 minute runtime and Beinoff and Weiss weren’t fooling around lol. Maybe I’ll go cook my brains out making goodies for tonight. It was fun following the awards ceremonies this off season with you bro. Same bro, looking forward to award season this year. Shireen’s death, Daznak’s Pit, For the Watch, and some other minor stuff. It’s always fun to start puzzling what the next episode involves and we get to see 30 seconds worth of material as our guide. That’s really starting to become annoying, especially when they promised to “send the episodes to international partners only hours before release”, which they didn’t do, evidently. I was so damn happy to have a distraction, then something to do with my hands. The bacon-wrapped tenderloins I’m making cook too quickly. Unless you’re referring to Mel’s astonishing moment. I’m going to watch Mother’s Mercy at 8 and lead right into the premiere.

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from Russia. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov has been nominated to take Kislyak’s place. Kislyak’s pending departure was announced in June following months of back-to-back election-meddling controversies that slammed the White House and linked the diplomat to hushed communications with high-ranking members of Trump’s administration. Among the bombshells, it was revealed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with Kislyak twice during the volatile 2016 campaign. He then recused himself from the Justice Department’s Russian-Trump probe after the Washington Post revealed he failed to disclose those meetings during his confirmation hearings. Sessions has repeatedly denied that he discussed the campaign and U. S. Russia relations with Kislyak. Complicating matters further, U. S. intelligence officials reportedly intercepted conversations with Kislyak in 2016 that contradict Sessions’ claims. The outgoing ambassador told his Moscow bosses that he had in-depth talks about Trump’s path to the White House with the then Alabama senator, according to a Washington Post report Friday. Kislyak’s ties to Trump’s White House also included fired national security adviser Michael Flynn, who secretly discussed Russian sanctions in a December phone call with the diplomat. Flynn then lied about the correspondence with Vice President Pence. The ousted Trump staffer also attended a meeting between Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Kislyak at Trump Tower that same month. News of Kislyak's departure comes as Trump announced his nomination of former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman to serve as the U. S. ambassador to Russia. Kislyak had served in his Washington post since 2008.