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The runner-up documentary film was The Salt of the Earth (France). The winner and runner-ups were picked on the basis of over 70,000 ballots cast by audience members during the Festival. Both winners received the John Kennedy Statue (? he Entertainer? specially designed for the Festival. FIPRESCI PRIZE A special jury of international film critics reviewed 51 of the 83 official Foreign Language submissions to the Academy Awards. The jury selected the Oscar shortlisted Leviathan (Russia), directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev. Michael Oleszczyk (film critic and scholar) said, ? t once timely and timeless, this film manages to comment on contemporary issues in a way that is both artistically stunning and deeply humane. In a statement, Director Andrey Zvyagintsev said, ? e are thrilled and very proud to receive this honor from the Palm Springs Film Festival jurors. Our film attempts to portray a universal truth while staying close to its Russian roots; it is deeply gratifying to feel that audiences in the US respond to this story and the spirit in which it was told. FIPRESCI Prize for the Best Actor of the Year in a Foreign Language Film went to Haluk Bilginer from Winter Sleep (Turkey), directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Fest juror Ernesto Diezmart? ez Guzman (columnist and author) said, ? his actor achieves a superb performance through dialogue, and is even more impressive when he? silent, planning his next lethal response. Anne Dorval from Mommy (Canada), directed by Xavier Dolan, received the FIPRESCI Prize for Best Actress of the Year in a Foreign Language Film. Ella Taylor (film critic) said, ? s the somewhat unhinged mother of a thoroughly unhinged son, Anne Dorval appears in almost every frame of Xavier Dolan?


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Penulisan ulang naskah film dikerjakan oleh Mark L. Smith dan Alejandro G. Inarritu. Dibintangi oleh Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, dan Will Poulter. Pada ekspedisi itu, mereka di serang suku Indian sehingga membuat mereka lari dan bersembunyi. Di tengah perjalanan pulang, Glass kemudian diserang seekor beruang Grizzly dan membuat seluruh tubuhnya terluka parah, nyaris tak lagi bisa bertahan hidup. Keputusan itu diambil karena tidak memungkinkan membawa Glass saat mereka sendiri sedang berusaha menyelamatkan diri dari suku Indian. Sebagai imbalan atas menjaga Glass sampai meninggal orang yang sukarela tersebut akan diber uang yang banyak. Ketiga relawan tersebut adalah John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), Bridger (Will Poulter), dan tentu saja anaknya Glass, Hawk (Forrest Goodluck). Film ini bercerita tentang seorang prajurit baru yang bergabung dengan kru sebuah tank dengan julukan “Fury” pimpinan Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt). Mereka bertugas menembus pertahanan musuh dan membuka jalan pasukan lainnya. Aktor Keanu Reeves beraksi; ia melompat, menggelinding, menendang dan meninju, serta menembakkan pelurunya dengan tepat sasaran. Film ini dipersiapkan oleh dua orang master film action selama hampir seumur hidup mereka dan membuat film ini menjadi salah satu film action terbaik yang pernah dimiliki oleh Hollywood. Adegan aksi tanpa henti dijamin membuat film ini memikat penyuka film action. The Avengers rilis pada tahun 2012 dan sukses meraih pendapatan sebesar Rp 20 triliun. Keuntungan filmnya ditaksir bernilai hampir 7 kali lipat dari biaya produksi filmnya. Dengan alur cerita yang baik, ditambah oleh aktor dan aktris berkualitas, tidak salah The Avengers memenangkan banyak penghargaan dan nominasi. Di antaranya adalah nominasi Academy Award untuk Visual Effect terbaik dan nominasi Academy Film Award untuk Best Special Visual Effect. Di susul Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 akan rilis tahun 2018 dan Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 akan rilis tahun 2019. Ya, pecinta film kung fu pasti mengenalnya lewat serial TV Kung Fu Master (pernah tayang di TPI) atau serial Fist of Fury (pernah tayang di RCTI).


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Thus, the bonding that started in the antenatal period is reinforced. Any other items that have been identified during the educational phase may be included, such as the amount of bleeding, the time for the second stage, the severance of the cord, the separation of the placenta, and the final contraction of the uterus. It is important to include every detail and these should remain fairly consistent from one rehearsal to another unless there are compelling reasons to alter the routine. Once such a detailed fantasy movie is constructed, the patient undergoes hypnosis and imagines it as part of her self-hypnosis. In earlier sessions, the therapist may have to help her by relating the contents of the imagery as a running commentary until she is able to remember the details. Should this prove difficult, one of the sessions (the best one) may be taped and used for self-hypnosis. Whatever method is chosen, it is important to regularly practise self-hypnosis. Nearer the time of the expected date of delivery, for example at 34 weeks, further imagery is added to the movie relating to the future care of the baby, such as breast feeding (with plenty of milk available) and suggestions of how much hypnosis is helping the child and the mother, how well the baby is accepted by her partner and the rest of the family and relatives, and how much happiness, love and care the baby is enjoying. This reinforces the part of the routine involving only the labour and delivery, as it helps with motivation. In cases of hyperemesis or any other problem during pregnancy, this second stage can be introduced in the strategy for such treatment. When the rehearsal of the first part is going well and there are no problems with the pregnancy itself, then it is only necessary to practise the second part on an occasional basis. The therapist may expand on the themes described if there is time and the patient is able to absorb this information. The above 'self-hypnosis, imagery rehearsal strategy' helps the expectant mother to be self-sufficient in the use of hypnosis during labour and obviates the need for the therapist to be present during labour. However, it is a real bonus to have the therapist there. One of us (KKA) has trained a number of women in this manner. Most of them did not involve their partner in the training. One of the mothers, a consultant psychiatrist, commented, 'I was thrilled with the whole experience. When everything was finished 1 wanted to jump out of bed and run to the pub down the road for a pint'. A few of them even managed to correctly predict the actual timing of labour in the 'self-hypnosis, imagery rehearsal routine'. Direct methods of hypnoanalgesia If it is possible to have plenty of practice, then it is not necessary to use hypnoanalgesia as a separate technique, because all contractions will be 390 MEDICAL AND DENTAL HYPNOSIS perceived as such, and not as pains.


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158166. Edinburgh: Edin-burgh University Press; Bloomington: Indi-ana University Press, 2006. Production cinmatogra- phique et parti unique: lexemple du Congo. In Th e Francophone Film: A Struggle for Iden-tity, pp. 247249. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2000. In Questioning African Cinema, pp. 133149. Minneapolis: Univer-sity of Minnesota Press, 2002. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Uni-versity Press, 1996. , ed. Mass Mediations: New Approaches to Popular Culture in the Middle East and Beyond. Bnard, Marie- Claude, Jean Charles Depaule, and Ayman Salem, ed. Darmstadt, Germany: Wis-senschaft liche Buchgesellschaft, 1993. Paris: LAvant- Scne du Cinma 341, 1985. . Le Destin (script). Paris: Cahiers du Cinma, 1997. hikhaoui, Tahar, ed. Tunis: Cincrits, 2004.


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It may not be all that scary, but it really is inventive and wonderful, and still kind of eerie. You can see so many elements that are still with us today in its handmade cavalcade of creepy effects — skeletons materializing out of nowhere and turning into bats, beautiful women transforming into witches, and mysterious, cloaked figures emerging from the shadows. — Bilge Ebiri. In his book The Monster Show, film historian David J. Skal put the artistic leap of the picture on par with the arrival of sound. The image of Cesare, the haunted somnambulist, attempting to stab the film’s sleeping heroine was a true turning point in terror, wrapping classic images of the genre — the man invading the woman’s bedroom, the sunken-eyed proto-zombie figure, the monster animated by a madman of science — in one of the most stunning cinematic presentations ever witnessed at the time. That paper had the slogan “AMERICA FIRST” emblazoned on its masthead, but such rank nationalism didn’t stop German filmmakers like F. . Murnau and Paul Leni from leaving their mark on American horror. — Jordan Crucchiola. Henrik Galeen’s script makes no mention of Nosferatu, or Count Orlok, making his way up the stairs to Ellen Hutter’s bedroom, where she has willingly sacrificed herself to the vampire in an attempt to trap him. But director F. . Murnau was notoriously obsessed with shadows. “Art consists in eliminating,” he often said, noting that creating shadows and darkness was much more important in film than creating light. And here we have one of cinema’s greatest usages of darkness, as the slinking, demonic shadow of Max Schreck as Orlok slowly makes his way up the stairs, where Ellen beckons, and where he will eventually meet his doom. The angle of the light as it hits the wall distorts the vampire’s silhouette so that it’s even more unreal and menacing than before; watch how his claws are extended in shadow, as if they’re stretching out all by themselves. Shadows creeping along walls would eventually become one of the building blocks of horror, but it took a visionary like Murnau to perfect this motif before it truly took hold. — BE. Written and directed by Benjamin Christensen, this unsung entry in the witch-horror subgenre is a strange brew.