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Singh lambasted Jammu leadership of the NC and its provincial president, Devender Singh Rana for creating ambiguity among the people of Jammu by his regional autonomy rant. He asked Devender Rana to clear his stand on the demand of reverting to pre 1953 position by his leader Farooq Abdullah. NC has always played the dubious role in the State's politics right from 1953 and asked its leadership to come out this policy of divisiveness. Dr. Singh also suggested that NC should accept their mistakes while governing the state and rigging the elections, and ask for forgiveness from the people of the state for their omissions and commissions. A division bench of the Honourable High Court is quite justified in its observation since on March 9 last year the Court had handed over the probe to the CBI and had asked the agency to bring the investigation to a logical conclusion within six months, stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party in a press release issued today. The honourable High Court had handed over the probe to CBI, observing that police investigation lacked both speed and credibility and that lack of will to dig out the scamsters was writ large on the face of its performance. It directed the CBI to bring ingestion to a logical conclusion, as expeditiously as possible, “preferably within six months. €ť But the CBI has failed to meet the dead line set by the Court and instead CBI’s counsel Tahir Shamsi had moved an application before the court seeking more time to complete the investigation, stated Brig Gupta. Considering the fact that the accused are charged under Sections 406, 168 and 120-B of the Ranbir Penal Code (RPC) for allegedly making the sports body a lending agency and for operating many bogus accounts, a needle of suspicion arises if the misappropriated amount could have been used for terror funding, exclaimed Brig Gupta?

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This episode was mainly a set-up and I expect things to actually take off in next week’s episode. I don’t really dislike Stubbs, but I don’t find him very interesting right now. Maeve Millay and Theresa Cullen didn’t impress me, but I can’t jump to conclusions because they didn’t have much screen time up to now. This could all be part of the storytelling and I understand that. On the other hand, it could also cause a lot of confusion among the viewers. We don’t really understand why the Man in Black wants to find out about the Maze because we have no idea what the Maze is about. The writers of the show should have given us more information about this mystery. They engineer an event to demonstrate that Dr. Ford's updates make the hostsviolent and uncontrollable in their narratives. Bernard is blamed for theupdate of untested faulty code and is fired as result.

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When buying fruit and veg, remember that the pesticides and insecticides used on conventional produce act as nerve agents on bugs and have been linked to human neuro-developmental issues. Choosing organic produce when possible is just basic protection for your brain. Treating ourselves to a lie in or getting distracted by our favourite TV programmes leads to those working at home being less productive than someone based in the office. More than 1. million people now work from home, with Friday the day they are most likely to do so, and over half agree their productivity is reduced with no-one watching what they do (55 per cent). A fifth of the 2,000 officer workers surveyed by TalkTalk said they prefer to work from the warmth and comfort of their own bed (21 per cent), and a further 24 per cent love ditching their uniform in favour of working in their pants. Shockingly, nearly one in five say they have taken part in a conference call while sat on the toilet (17 per cent), with 13 per cent of them going one step further and flushing mid-conversation. Our casual work-from-home attitude means 18 per cent of us take time out to catch up on our favourite TV show, while over a quarter of us will indulge in internet shopping instead of completing work tasks (27 per cent). However, there are a number of benefits to employees working from home - eliminating the stressful commute and allowing them to spend more time with their families. Productivity expert Clare Evans said: 'Everyone works in different ways and if you're more productive doing your spreadsheets between the bed sheets, that's fine.