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Gene Stupnitsky (co-writer): It started off very slow. Little by little, it just starts building, and I never experienced that before. The laughs kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. You’re seeing someone experience it right in front of you for the first time, which is great. Gene and Lee just had such a grasp of the voice of the show and of these characters that we knew that, yes, we’re on to something special here. The only thing that was changed was that in our first draft Jan hits the neighbor’s dog and kills it on purpose. So the writers got called in to the office to hear the notes. Greg gets on the phone and the executives are on the other line, on speakerphone. I maybe had to use up some chits to protect this episode, but I had a bunch of chits in the bank. I think we did a little to redeem Jan, like she didn’t intentionally run over a dog, she spray-painted it, but other than that I was pretty confident it was going to be a great episode. Jan and Michael were never supposed to work out, so I think there is an element of relief and hope that they break up. We’d always gotten bits and pieces of people’s home life. We spent days and days talking about, like, “What is that apartment like.

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There will also be face painters and many other surprises to delight young and old alike. The Hollywood Arts Council is a community-based organization founded in 1978 to promote, nurture, and support the arts in Hollywood. The annual Children? Festival of the Arts is one of many projects and events presented by the Council to enhance the quality of life in the city. I missed the Opening Night but sources noted that actress Ricki Lake took the stage at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre downtown to present the 16th annual Outfest Achievement Award to the legendary director John Waters before screening ? ito. I started my exploration the following day, Friday (July 13) with two great films -- ? ooking For? (five amazing short films about true love and other reasons how to connect with another person) and ? Want Your Love? (a funny, explicit drama with lots of real sex, about a gay artist trying to reconnect with his ex-lover on the eve of his departure from San Francisco). I continued my movie marathon on Saturday (July 14) with some notables I will remember for a while: ? oy Shorts.