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There was a time (when) suspicious men or motorbikes were following me, and I was advised to stay in the office, she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview. She kept her head down, hired a bodyguard, then spent several months at a US university having won a fellowship for frontline human rights defenders. For decades, Carling has been at the forefront of the fight for land and the environment, which London watchdog Global Witness calls a new battleground for human rights, with communities worldwide locked in deadly struggles against governments, companies and criminal gangs exploiting land for products like timber, minerals and palm oil. In 2015, more than three people a week were killed defending land, forests and rivers against industries, said Global Witness. Of the 185 Ramos Cardin murders it documented in 16 countries, the Philippines ranked among the most dangerous, with 33 deaths last year alone. In many parts of the world, the biggest impact from extractive, agricultural and infrastructure projects is felt by indigenous peoples, living in remote, resourcerich areas and lacking land titles or knowledge to defend themselves against multinationals, international banks and government officials. Carling, from the Kankanaey tribe of the northern region of Cordillera, grew up on a logging concession where her parents ran a shop. She got her first taste of protest in the mid-1980s while studying at the University of Philippines in Baguio. She spent two months in the Kalinga tribal areas protesting against four World Bank-funded dams along the Chico River, which activists said threatened to inundate 16 towns and villages and displace an estimated 85,000 people. In the early 1990s, Carling immersed herself in mountainous tribal villages in the Cordillera and worked with the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) fighting for land rights, until the day she fell sick and had to be hauled out on a stretcher. Four men took turns two at a time carrying her out on a blanket slung between two bamboo poles, hiking for half a day, then driving for five hours to the capital of Kalinga province. Duterte has a tendency to be really forthcoming and forceful, said Edmund Tayao, a political science professor at the University of Santo Tomas. Regardless what the president says, if there are legal options available for business groups, then they have every reason to fight it, said Tayao. But of course, if you are a businessman and you would like to have less headaches, you d try as much as possible to comply. Labour Undersecretary Joel Maglunsod estimated that up to 70 percent of the country s 39-40 million workforce are on short-term contracts. He is a military man who studied there (in the US). You must remember Ramos finished his (studies) in West Point.

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Militant Dalits thus took a radical option that rejected Hinduism as a religion whose fundamental core was hierarchical, and could not be reformed; reformism, in this view, was thus unfit to be a project of a modernizing society based on principles of equality. On this occasion, the Mahars, the most important Dalit community of Maharashtra, and the one to which Ambedkar belonged, collectively converted to the new emancipatory religion as it was purposely redefined by him. Influenced by the Marxist idea of the proletariat as a revolutionary agent of history, such a redefinition of Dalit identity valorised anger as the expression of a legitimate moral stand taken by the oppressed. The autonomous redefinition of the self along militant lines demanded public manifestations able to both capture general attention, and to provide a new exemplar for the Dalit population. As with the burning of the Manusmrti by Ambedkar decades earlier, one of the founding gestures of the Panthers was to highlight publicly the political autonomy of Dalits by assaulting the national flag during the silver jubilee of Independence. Gokhale shows, they developed a command of the language of outrage, not only by publicising their anger, but also by inspiring adverse reactions from nationalists at their outrageous acts of defiance. To the new radical Dalit ideologues, being outraged was thus not enough; they also felt the urge to display their rightful and daring ability to shock the conservative sections of society, thus radically replacing the condition of victimhood by a threatening image of Dalits as revolutionaries. The politics of outrage was thus designed to instil anger at the heart of the new militant Dalit identity, but also as a strategic device in order to create controversy, mobilise opponents and catch the media’s attention. In a word the repertoire of outrage was used strategically to gain publicity. He characterized the 25 th anniversary of Indian independence as a black day. His criticism of Indian independence brought swift reaction from the Jan Sangh and the Shiv Sena; they led morchas to the office of Sadhana and threatened to burn down the magazine as well as the offending article. Those parties also urged the Indian Government to punish Dhale for his lack of respect to the national flag. Throughout 1972 and 1973 the Marathi press gave interviews of Dhale and other future Panther leaders such as Namdeo Dhasal. Thus by 1973 members of this young, somewhat militant, stream within the Dalit movement had gained a measure of publicity for themselves and for their ideas and had also succeeded to some extent in establishing a political identity separate and distinct from the RPI. (Gokhale 1993: 267-8). In a context of rising unemployment among educated young males in all sections of society, the educated Dalit youth’s aspirations and frustrations provided a breeding ground for such radicalisation. In villages, these educated and assertive young men openly defied the caste order.

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She was in charge of cleaning the bodies and, possibly, cutting up the faces after a while (a knowledge she re-used on the Waif). Since Sansa is inherently evil, it must mean that she is trying to sabotage Jon by giving him correct information in what can only be called a superb, if remarkably counterintuitive, reverse psychology move. When they were arguing, Sansa said he has to be smarter that Ned and Robb to which Jon replied “and how am I supposed to be smarter. By listening to you ? (or something in that vein) which I took to be a rhetorical question, implying he has no desire or inclination to do it. So he may have been particularly dismissive as a result. She sees a lot of injustice in the world, and is happy when she can punish those who she thinks deserve it. People like Joffrey or Ramsay like hurting or killing people for its own sake, just because they can, while Arya risked her life to protect Lady Crane, knowing that the best assassins in the world would be hunting her if she did. I think Jaqen H’ghar knew this would be her path, and intended all along for her to leave the House of Black and White and return to Westeros as Arya Stark, so that she could act as the avatar of the Many-Faced God, the Stranger, bringing divine retribution to those who have long escaped justice. I think the “No One” training is actually a test, but not quite the way it appears. Giving up your identity and becoming a mindless killer is not the actual goal, but rather it is the failing outcome. Those who pass, who manage to maintain their identity despite the constant attempts to break it down, are the ones who become the higher ranking agents, like Jaqen and Arya. Arya may be doing what she wants to do, but Jaqen seemed fine with it, and seemed to expect it. He’s the Golden Warrior, the Knight in Shining Armor. And I think after getting to know her, the feeling is somewhat reciprocated. Jaime just needs to pull his head the rest of the way out of his backside. So I guess I have a soft spot for Tormund (in my bed lol).

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Our steers are entirely grass-fed and grass-finished. They are sold by the whole, half, or split quarter. We are able to ship frozen meat; e-mail us for details. Forty inches of rain, cool summers, and water holding soils enable us to grow excellent forages without chemical fertilizers or herbicides. With more than 650 acres of meadows and pastures, the sun provides all the energy required to sustain our farm operations. The farm is home to more than 500 Dorp-Croix hair sheep and 125 Angus cattle. Our lamb is for people who don’t normally like lamb, as there is no wool lanolin taste to the meat, and Angus beef is among the best. Our farm grown lamb and beef are USDA inspected, custom cut and vacuum packaged. Cows are sold by the whole, half and split quarters and lamb by the whole. They are very tame and raised organically but not yet certified. The heritage breeds were chosen because of their ability to do well on grass and produce a healthy and tender, tasty product high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids. We also sell and ship individual packages of steaks, roasts, burger and now terrific hot dogs (PaPa Dogs) that are all-beef, no-nitrate, with a natural casing. Our pork is much more moist and flavorful than supermarket meat. It's different because we raise heritage breeds of pigs the old-fashioned way. Because they have so much space and because we move them often, the land stays clean and the pigs stay healthy. The pigs snack on grass, weeds, and roots that grow on our land, and they also eat dried, ground grains. It may seem odd to use these breeds for pork because they are so rare, but they will not survive unless a market for these animals can be created.

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Each teams have hired head coaches who have worked extensively with NBA players and now purpose to popularise the game in India. Enthusiasts of whitewater kayaking are concentrated in the north in direction of the Himalayas, with some in the south in Bangalore in Karnataka Most of these fanatics are or have been whitewater raft guides who took to the sport of whitewater kayaking. A number of the distinguished whitewater kayakers embody Abhinav Kala, Shalabh Gahlaut, and John Pollard. Whitewater kayaking in India allows for exploration of places the place, actually, no human has been earlier than. Whereas the worldwide designs for whitewater boats and paddles change yearly, Indian kayakers need to pay high charges if they wish to import any sort of gear, or they’ve to buy used gear in Nepal. Introduced in 2011 by various American football figures, including Mike Ditka and Ron Jaworski, the Elite Football League of India was India’s first skilled American football league. Their first league play was to begin in 2012, and have teams from eight totally different Indian cities, including Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Jaipur sixty two. In the last few a long time, the emergence of privately owned teams has ensured a renaissance in Indian polo. Kho kho is a tag sport performed by teams of twelve players who try to keep away from being touched by members of the opposing staff, solely 9 players of the crew enter the sphere. Thus, all sports broadcasters playout from outdoors the country, which solely permits the aptitude to produce worldwide events and fades the production, distribution, invention of the brand new local subject of sporting occasions. Inexperienced background for the foremost IPL-Fashion sports leagues. One member of a group throws the ball on the stack to knock the stones over. The staff then tries to restore the pile of stones while the opposing workforce ( known as the hitters) throws the ball at them. If the ball touches a person, he’s out and his team continues without him. The sport is performed with spherical glass marbles and the motive is to gather as many marbles as possible by taking pictures and hanging other marbles with those you’ve. Chain is one other classic kids’s recreation, although it is dropping popularity now. The participant who fails to take the bone has to go out of the game.