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We offer grass fed lamb from purebred Romney sheep and highly sought wool. Our lamb is tender and fine and young while being fed on family pasture where sheep have been raised for over 25 years. We utilize natural remedies such as garlic and diatomaceous earth for flock maintenance and keep watch of flock health through frequent checks and rigorous breeding guidelines. We ship in the United States and deliver to close locations. We, the owners, are also the managers and operators of the business. We are dedicated to a sustainable agriculture that supports a beautiful meat product as well as a stress-free life for our animals. This food base is a combination of irrigated, mixed grass pasture as well as dry land grasses and forbs. Sheep and beeves roam year-round and self-select on our pastures and hills. Our cattle are never treated with antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal byproducts or grains. Our beef is also third party verified by the Global Animal Partnership that we treat our cattle humanely and that our cattle are raised on open pastures, in a stress-free environment throughout their entire lives. For every 20 pounds of beef purchased we donate one pound of ground beef to local food banks. No supplementation to their diet, nor use of hormones or antibiotics; Our herd is never subjected to feedlot confinement. Reproduction patterns are solely dictated by natural cohabitation of sires and does. We deliver locally. We can ship statewide, the cost of shipping being added to the purchase order. We are located in the pristine and isolated Chilcotin plateau, in the interior of BC, Canada, and welcome visitors. Our cattle graze wild grasses and herbs on range and pasture lands in the spring, summer and fall, and bale-graze on pastures in the winter, fertilizing our lands as they go. We partner with Rodear Meats, a local, licensed, and provincially inspected abattoir located in Beaver Valley, east of Williams Lake, to provide our high quality cuts and products. Chilancoh Ranch provides healthy, nutritionally-packed beef full of omega 3s, CLAs, vitamin E, and more for the health of our customers. Shipping to anywhere in BC can be arranged for the customer and is paid for by the customer.

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Ustumde gormus oldugunuz atlet yogun ilgiden dolayi yeniden imaalata girdi. 10 gunesitede olacaktir. Bolum 00:03:21 June 5, 2018, 1:41 am Cemal ve Suzan Y? Donumlerini Kutluyor - Bir Istanbul Masal? 2. Esma Demir’le opusmesinin etkisinden hala kurtulamam? t? . Behiye, Omer’in hayat? da bir baska kad? oldugundan suphelenmektedir. Kocas? ? bu konuda s? ? t? d? ? da, hic beklemedigi bir tepkiyle kars. Selim, kozmetik sektorune girmek icin onundeki engelleri bir bir asmaya cal?