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He wasn’t cast in Transporter until Feb 2014, almost 2 months after they finished filming season 4. He would have signed a contract for the show therefore he wouldn’t be able to quit. He could have potentially asked for release of contract though. Everybody assumed Conan quit to make movies too but he didn’t. I feel Michiel Huisman is a much more talented actor. What he lacks in swagger he makes up in not wearing a Legolas wig and actually acting. Neither of them really look or act like Book Daario so that’s off the table, and frankly, I find Book Daario annoying. Plus, Michiel is smoking hot and as a lady I can see what Dany is about, as Nymeria Warrior Queen said. As for Ed Skrein’s departure, I can’t remember the source but I heard he was an unbearable ass on set and that contributed to them parting ways, he wanted to do whatever it was, and no one wanted to keep him in the cast anyway. I got the point of the scene, but I didn’t feel it was compelling. Overall I thought the pacing was too slow at times but it was very solid all around and you could clearly see the threads they established for different storylines this season. And we spent all that time debating whether it would be in valyrian or the common tongue, they just cut it! -Gilly and Sam’s conversation was hilarious. -Ciaran Hinds acting the shit out of every scene he was given. Sorry to see him leave so soon as he adds so much talent! -Welcome back Ghost, Lancel, and Kevan.

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What do you expect from the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones? HBO released two new teasers with unreleased season 8 footage. In these new s8 teasers we see Jon Snow and Arya stark share a scene, and Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen together in Winterfell as Tyrion addresses the Northern Lords. This two trailers may be the last new Game of Thrones season 8 footage we get before the final season starts on April 14th. The new teaser trailers are similar to the first season 8 trailer but with different voice overs and some added footage. Seeing Jon and Arya share their first season 8 scene is the biggest reveal, but we break down the trailers scene by scene to make sure we discover every new shot. This is the first time we can remember getting two GoT official trailers at the same time. Let us know what you think of the new Game of Thrones season 8 official trailers. This could mean a huge expansion from the Song of Ice and Fire universe in the future for HBO. What part of the History of Westeros are you hoping to see. Robert's Rebellion, Aegon's Conquest, the Tales of Dunk and Egg, or something else. With 4 spinoff ideas being developed it's possible that more than one Game of Thrones related new series will follow the original series. HBO has released it's official pictures for a first look at Season 7 of Game of Thrones set to premiere in July of 2017. The photos include Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Petyr Baelish, Tormund, Brienne, Jaime, Tyrion and Cersei Lannister and even the Hound and Lyanna Mormont. Game of Thrones Season 7 filming is in full swing in Spain, and we have gotten a lot of leaked info. There raising money to help train companion dogs for people that need them.

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Choice Awards, which is given yearly to a person or family that has made the difference in the lives of children and their families. Past Children? Choice Award recipient include Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherry Lansing, Tim Lieweke, Britney Spears, and Queen Latifah. Potential nominees for ? he 33rd Annual People? Choice Awards. Knowledge Networks used its consumer research resources, which include the only projectable, Web-based, nationally representative panel, to identify a pop-culture-involved sample of men and women ages 18-49. For each category, the respondents were provided with a set of candidates determined by national ratings averages, box-office grosses and album sales. The respondents then chose their favorites in television, movies and music. They also had the option to write in their favorites where not included among the provided candidates. Their top three selections in each category became the final nominees. Fans have the opportunity to vote for their favorites in each category at PCAvote. om starting today. Online voters can also register for a chance to win a VIP trip to ? he 33rd Annual People? Choice Awards.

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berubah menjadi bangga. Waktu 40 menit berhasil terpakai maksimal buat pendalaman karakter, akting, plot twist, bloodfest, and stuff. Ceritanya tentang kru televisi yang ingin mewawancarai seorang pemimpin sekte sesat di kediamannya. Penggambaran sekte nya bener-bener sukses bikin disturbing, Epy Kusnandar nya juga alami banget meranin sang Ayah, ketua sekte. Tidak hanya sampai di sana, menit-menit berikutnya jauh lebih gila lagi. Muncul makhluk-makhluk aneh, orang-orang yang mati bangkit kembali menjadi zombie, even the Devil himself ikutan unjuk gigi di cerita ini. Larry ikutan penasaran, dia menonton kaset video yang lain. Apalagi kamera di cerita ini (kali ini ditempelin di seekor anjing) terlalu goyang-goyang. Sekelompok anak-anak yang lagi jaga rumah tiba-tiba diserang oleh Alien. Kurang dari segi gambar, tapi cerita ini lumayan di suara. Adegan kejar-kejarannya lumayan chaos, bayangin aja suara ledakan, raungan jeritan, ampe gonggongan numplek jadi satu. Kasian Larry, kebagian nonton kaset yang biasa aja hahaha. Setelah nonton inilah, Larry lalu sadar kalo mereka gak sendirian di rumah itu. Dari video yang nampang di laptop, Larry tau kalo mahasiswa yang mereka cari masih ada di dalam rumah. Dan mulailah klimaks kisah Larry dan Ayesha, yang menurut saya gagal dalam misinya menakut-nakuti penonton. Shock factor yang disuguhkan buat penutup film pun terasa jatoh flat.