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I have only just gotten over Ramsey being totally despicable now I have to buy more anti vomiting medication to watch Euron Greyjoy OMGFK Jake Ratka. Wouldn't Ned have to be dead for a faceless man to wear his face. Jake Ratka no jaquen h ghar in season 6 wore someone's alive fac3 Oli DBest. Congrats Fire And Blood, your vids are excellent. Fire And Blood. Fire And Blood You deserve the praise. Fire And Blood. There is a new name for Sunday's now GAME OF THRONES DAY! 1 week to go. It may have already been said but. hat if Euron is the Valonqar.

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Hence the ladies decision to each adopt “Fea” surnames. Moments after the victory, the band busted into an instrumental version of “We Are the Champions” midway through “Moma Dance,” and then, bam! right back into its own song. It's the kind of tough-to-pull off move only a band like Phish can pull off. To think this Austin band chose the legendary jam band to pay tribute to speaks volumes about its members' collective talents. — CG. Now you can find their collection inside Lander's Machine Shop at 207 E. Broadway Ave. They'll celebrate their new lease on life with a grand re-opening party featuring free beer and in-store performances from LaVern Marigold, Sur Duda, Leon Bridges, Modrag and Toy Gun. — CG. This is why I love Austin's Fantastic Fest so much.

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We must be able to clearly see the word and it must span at least 30 stories. (291 points ). Get a picture of her and you, with you holding up a piece of paper with your team name and “I found you in Wuhan! written on it. (32 points ). He’ll be wearing a white short sleeve button down shirt with vertical rainbow stripes on the front. Get a picture of him and you, with you holding up a piece of paper with your team name and “I found you in Doha! written on it. (32 points ). New York, NY. on Thursday, from 11:20 until 11:50am (NYC time, of course).