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Some of the city's most nakedness-prone actors, performance artists, and directors expose their reasons to arts writer Ada Calhoun. To download and subscribe to Caffeinate: Daily Gaming News by Samuel Adams, get iTunes now. From the biggest announcements to drama with online personalities, you can find what you need to know every weekday. Let's break down the biggest news from yesterday's big Borderlands reveal. Updates are coming to Borderlands 1 and 2, the Pre-Sequel AND Borderlands 2 VR! Gearbox is teasing some big info coming at PAX East 2019! Why? Thanks to a statement from Shawn Layden, now we know. Andrew Wilson has teased new new premium Titanfall content. Ubisoft is moving The Division 2 to the Epic Games Store and SKIPPING a Steam release. Who would have ever imagined that such a smart and legal business venture wouldn't pan out? Let's talk about the highlights of last night's show! Check out the gaming news of the day coming at you RIGHT NOW. It does depend entirely on other studios' willingness to help them with their project! Cheaper RTX 2080 cards will arrive after the initial launch. This episode of Caffeinate is not an accurate representation of other episodes in the series. If you'd like to help contribute to the cause, feel free to donate via the official Tiltify link. The order of operations is important in math, but it's even more important when it comes to making sure that your passions are balanced with things that actually HAVE to get done in life. However you are spending your day, I do hope that you enjoy it! Let's talk about that a little today, with a barebones rundown of the basic idea of what game you should play on your stream.

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This is also probably the reason behind the decision to limit the 3D effect, only used during regular battles and special story scenes. While the 3D effect looks really good, it also makes the framerate issues more evident, hurting the game experience more than enhancing it. With the 3D Slider fully on, the framerate takes a real hit during battles. It’s not really game breaking, to be sure, but don’t expect things to run smoothly all the time. They also decided to offer 100pc free returns. “This was really brave for a new business,” says Mr Blacker. “If we’d had 20pc to 30pc returns, we would have gone under. . The 62 inch umbrella has a fiberglass shaft, non-slip molded grip and a double canopy that is wind resilient. The umbrella has a pink border and white and pink panels with a pink ribbon in two panels. The statistics do not include Yahoo properties that have received fewer than nine requests in the reporting period, excluding Yahoo Columbia and Yahoo Hispanic America. It also omits data from Yahoo Japan, in which Yahoo now owns a minority stake. I’m a swimmer,’ she replies when I ask how fame has changed her life. 'The red-carpet stuff is brilliant, but at the end of the day, it’s about getting into the water. Cal freshman quarterback Jared Goff hit James Grisom for a 61-yard touchdown to get the Bears on the board and found Chris Harper for 42 yards to make it 24-14 after a quarter. Even on a relaxed day of childcare you've still got it - wouldn't want to be one of the other mothers in the playground with you around though. Besides, if you exclude London, house price inflation in the rest of the country is running at under one per cent. . The New York Daily News said Sanchez plans to continue rehabbing the injury before making a decision on surgery. As much as A-Rod talks about playing as hard as he can, it appears he wona?

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Of course, it comes with fatal consequences: One man who blew it was found to have black lungs after he died. In the books, Dragonbinder is basically Euron’s trump card in the kingsmoot. Euron in the book promises the Ironborn they’ll have Westeros and dragons, whereas Euron in the show crudely promises to marry Dany and align her forces with his. We’ve yet to get a single mention of the horn in seven seasons, and we’re a bit late in the game to be introducing powerful instruments and weapons of this magnitude. Dragonglass at Dragonstone was planted in season 5, while the shards were introduced as early season 2. Even Samwell Tarly’s discovery of it at Dragonstone in the season 7 premiere included a direct callback to a previous conversation about it. That event occurred in Game of Thrones ’ second episode, and the blade appeared multiple times throughout season 1 before showing up as an illustration in one of Sam’s stolen library books. Plus, Euron wouldn’t need to lead a horn in with a rope. But it fits far more than the others as far as payoff goes. Soon all the masters and overseers were gone and the Faceless Men fled. . The little girl whose face Arya stole to murder Ser Meryn Trant is an example of the former, while Arya’s task to kill Lady Crane is of the latter. Book Euron is a kinslayer multiple times over, slept with his brother’s wife (precipitating her murder at the hands of her husband), and taps into dark sorcery and human sacrifice. How much of that will come into play in season 7 is still up in the air. And given that Euron arrives in King’s Landing in the aforementioned preview looking victorious, it would be heading straight into tinfoil territory. Just that maybe characters are realizing that the Iron Throne is not the finish line. Which makes me think that maybe the Iron Throne is not going to be around. Without Robb's will they had the Northern lords randomly elect Jon as KITN despite Ned's trueborn heir sitting next to him and then turned against him two episodes later. Bran was completely normal at the end of season 6 and then turned up as robo-Bran in season 7 so that Sansa could be Lady of WF despite Bran being the actual lord of WF. Maybe Bran is back to normal and takes up his mantle as Lord of WF.

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Primary School for the welfare of the residents residing there. After that Charanjeet Singh Khalsa looked out the grievances of the inhabitants and assured them that this is the startup to improve the living standard of the people, adding to this he also said that this is our prime duty to satisfy the public. It was the great initiative by him to assure the people that BJP and PDP will alwayz be there for the welfare of the people of the State. Modi puts India on fast track growth: Manhas During the two years of NDA government under Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the country has scaled new heights of development in all the fields putting it on high fast track growth and the despondency that had crept into the psyche of the masses due to the scam laced mis-governance of the UPA’s ten years rule is a thing of the past, claimed BJP Member of Parliament Shamsher Singh Manhas while addressing media persons at Trikuta Nag ar office. The sole endeavour of NDA has been to provide corruption free, transparent governance committed to remove poverty, unemployment, industrial stagnation, inflation and stimulate the economy, work for the welfare of farmers, youth, women and downtrodden communities and raise the stature of the country in the comity of nations, he said. Shamsher Singh Manhas said that the NDA’s good and clean governance has resulted in India becoming one of the fastest developing country in the world, with GDP rate having grown from 5 to 7. percent and tremendous increase in the foreign investment and accretion in the foreign currency reserves. The reputation and credit rating of India has significantly improved throughout the world. Manhas said that the thrust areas of development has been on creating the infrastructure like highways, which were earlier being constructed at low pace of 4 km per day, now being constructed at the rate of 20 km per day. The railway network and the conditions of rails and platforms have under gone drastic improvements. In Jammu and Kashmir, through free LPG connection scheme, 2910 connections have been provided and benefits of Mudra Bank Yojna have been availed by 713 youth. Skill Development Centre in each district of the state with an objective of providing skill and job to 2000 youth per year are in the pipeline. Manhas said that the Union Health Minister recently laid foundation stones for three medical colleges at district levels in the state and two more such colleges have been sanctioned. The Union government has also sanctioned two AIIMS, IIT, IIM and Institute of Mass Communication, work on which have been already commenced. About 52 new schemes have been initiated including Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Beti Bacho- Beti Padoo Yojna, Dhan Jan Yojna, Make in India, Skill India, Start up India, Jeevan Jyoti, Beema, Jeevan Surakhya Beema, Atal Pension Yojna, Kissan Fasal Beema Yojna etc. BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, State Spokespersons Prof. Budget includes many points from our Vision Document: Brig Gupta The annual budget presented by the Finance Minister is path-breaking and will lead the state to an unprecedented era of development, said Brig Anil Gupta State Spokesperson of BJP. The budget includes many points from the Vision Document released by the party before the elections. It validates the commitment of the alliance government to work in unison for the welfare of the people of the state and usher an era of holistic development to fulfil our vision for the planned development of the state. In order to conserve electricity, use of LED bulbs had been proposed in the document.

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I really hope she’s not with Bolton, but unless she’s sneaking up on 3rd trimester, it wouldn’t be too weird. Maybe she thinks Jon and Davos would have forced her to work with him. She wants to do this by herself and with Jon’s help. She is overconfident about the loyalty of the North to the Starks and their capacity to help. The comparison between Jon and Ramsay didn’t sound good. But, Littlefinger and Davos are telling her Jon isn’t a Stark. She has a point. Sansa didn’t kill Littlefinger because she know she might need him if her plan doesn’t work. Littlefinger knows she needs The Vale and he will join the Blackfish in Moat Cailin. This is Littlefinger’s plan to join the North, the Vale and the Riverlands. Bran, I’m sure, will feel a tremendous guilt regarding Hodor. It’s like stripping the Starks of layers of their soul. I loved the scene with peaceful Winterfell in its old days, to see young Ned, Benjen and, especially, Lyanna made me very happy. But now, being aware of the tragic side of this golden age I worry more for the Starks. Other than the obvious things, I’m very clueless as to what they showed in the preview. We know that Sam will have an awkward family dinner (where Randyll may glare at Gilly’s table manners), Jaime will try to free Margaery (not interested in that story), and Dany will ride to conquer some place in Essos. I am more excited for Arya’s choices in Braavos and Bran’s escape from the wights. Cersei did only mention to Qyburn that she wants little birds in Westeros locations though. “Don’t stop at the city. I want little birds in Dorne, in Highgarden, in the north.

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His other film work includes roles in “The Road”; “Gone Baby Gone”; “Life During Wartime”; “I Think I Love My Wife”; “Wonderful World”; “Snitch,” opposite Dwayne Johnson and Susan Sarandon; “Robocop,” starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton; and a supporting role in the Academy Award-winning Steve McQueen film “12 Years A Slave,” with Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt. Williams was most recently seen in “Kill the Messenger,” opposite Jeremy Renner, and will next be seen in the feature “Captive,” opposite Kate Mara and David Oyelowo. He will also star opposite Queen Latifah in the HBO Film “Bessie,” and opposite Mark Wahlberg in the remake of “The Gambler. Giving back to the community plays an important role in Williams’ off-camera life. He has established Making Kids Win, a charitable organization whose primary objective is to build community centers in urban neighborhoods that are in need of safe spaces for children to learn and play. In 2014, Williams also became the ACLU’s Ambassador to end mass incarceration. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Williams began his career as a performer by dancing professionally at age 22. After numerous appearances in music videos and as a background dancer on concert tours for Madonna and George Michael, Williams decided to seriously pursue acting. JEANNIE BERLIN (Aunt Reet) was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Elaine May’s “The Heartbreak Kid,” opposite Charles Grodin and Cybill Shepherd. He received the National Book Award for Gravity’s Rainbow in 1974. In addition, Sellar produced Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming’s critically acclaimed “The Anniversary Party. Her repertoire of feature film producing credits began with the sci-fi thriller “Hardware. She went on to produce such films as Richard Stanley’s “Dust Devil,” George Sluizer’s “Dark Blood,” and Clive Barker’s “Lord of Illusions. Prior to segueing to film, Sellar had a successful career producing music videos for the likes of U2, Elvis Costello and Iggy Pop. DANIEL LUPI (Producer) most recently executive produced Spike Jonzes’s critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning film “Her,” starring Joaquin Phoenix. In 2012, he executive produced Steven Spielberg’s Oscar- and BAFTA-nominated biographical drama “Lincoln,” after previously working with Spielberg on “Catch Me If You Can. He is currently executive producing the director’s upcoming cold war thriller, due out in 2015. He also worked with Tony Scott three time times, on the films “Unstoppable,” “Man on Fire” and “Spy Game. Somner most recently was the First A. .

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On the other hand, the Cabinet welcomed Saudi security agencies success in foiling a terrorist attempt to detonate a booby-trapped car in Al-Jawhra stadium in Jeddah during a football match between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Cabinet wished the sisterly Saudi Kingdom everlasting stability and safety to its people. KUWAIT CITY, Oct 31, (KUNA): The Public Authority for Sport s Director General Sheikh Ahmad Mansour Al-Sabah said Monday PAS and the Ministry of Education would launch Tuesday a national program aimed at selecting pupils with distinguished sport skills. The program, dubbed Eyalna Amana and to be launched in all educational areas nationwide, translates into action instructions of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sbah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to activate PAS roles with all state sectors, Sheikh Ahmad told a news conference. Sheikh Ahmad also called on Kuwaiti coaches in local sport clubs to carry out the role of scouts in schools to discover the talented students. Dr. Humoud Fulaiteh, PAS Deputy Director General said PAS and the education ministry would be establishing academies for the youth to train. He said the two entities shared more than KD million worth of projects, aimed to attract around 2,000 students in different sports. PAS, he added, has special programs for the girls as well. Ministry of Education assistant undersecretary for educational development and activities Faisal Maqseed said two swimming academies were opened, in addition to an academy for bowling and another one for marathon. The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) signed Monday a deal with the National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) to build, complete, maintain, and operate a model home operated by a renewable energy system, in accordance with intentional standards. The project is based on the directions of His Highness the Amir of diversifying power sources in the country by the year 2030 via using 15 percent of renewable energy of the total electric production, and Law No 27 (1995) which allows the private sector to build on empty state lands for housing purposes, Bader Al- Wugayyan, PAHW s Director-General, said in a press statement. Station Max Min Exp Rec Kuwait City 35 24 Kuwait Airport 35 18 Abdaly 35 19 Bubyan 30 20 Jahra 36 22 Failaka Island 33 23 Salmiyah 32 26 Ahmadi 32 27 Nuwaisib 38 21 Wafra 38 18 Salmy 34 19 4 days forecast - Weather Tuesday, Nov 1 Expected weather. Moderate to rough at times Wave height. -6 ft Max Temp. 39 C Min Temp. 19 C Wind Direction. Condolences: (Men) Shaab, Block 3, Al-Manama Street, House 16, (Women) Al-Salaam, Block 7, Street 720, House 17, Tel: 55110408. Moderate to rough Wave height. -6 ft Max Temp.

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However, they give ample insight into what it means to know such an imposing man and be at the mercy of his mood. The positive, the negative, the fearful, the shallow, and the deep all give a far more complete picture of Stannis Baratheon both as a king and as a man. I would have loved to have seen the Westerlands campaign from his point of view. However, I think that Robb as a POV character would have been a great read. He strikes me as one of the more tragic and tormented characters of the series. If you thought Catelyn’s chapters could be depressing imagine reading Robb’s right up until his death. How different do you think the series would be if Rhaenyra had ascended to the thrones. The people would have turned against her, providing the war lasted the same amount of time and did the same amount of damage, and she would have likely died, probably being murdered by one person or another. I think Aegon III probably still would have ascended to the throne but would have had a lot of difficulty in ruling a land ravaged by dragons. However, given her later paranoia, violence, and the past moves of Alicent Hightower, it probably would have come to war in one way or another if Rhaenyra made a move against the Hightowers and Aegon if she felt they were a big enough threat to her continued reign. In reading your Rhaegar essay over, I see a fair amount of book parallels between Ser Friendzone and Jon Connington. Both were exiled from their homelands, lost their honour in some way or another by being sellswords and either by slaving or by allegedly dying as a thieving drunk, and both are doomed to love Targaryens even if it ruins and kills them. It’s about guilt for Connington who blames himself for Rhaegar’s death and is willing to do anything to make up for it. Guilt is one of their commonalities; Jorah’s actual guilt for being a spy and Connington’s imagined guilt over Rhaegar’s death. Is it safe to say you’re not a believer in the “Bolt-On” theory that Roose plans to pull a Buffalo Bill and wear Ramsey’s skin. I’m not a believer in “Bolt-On” but I love that theory. I think there was a YouTube video last year that laid out “Bolt-On” in all of its skinless glory and it somehow made not seem as farfetched as you’d initially think after reading it for the first time. A Song of Ice and Fire is a great universe to play around when you make your theories. Since this time last year, we’ve seen the releases of “The Rogue Prince,” The World of Ice and Fire, season five of Game of Thrones, and another TWOW sample chapter while of course the one thing everyone really wants is still sitting on GRRM’s Wordstar, Have you noticed a heightened sense of urgency within the fandom as the show is only a few months away from blowing past the books. When you’ve been waiting for a series of books to finish for a number of years and its show adaptation is blowing straight past it to completion while hitting almost every single high note that you’ve been waiting years to read about, it can absolutely affect your sense of urgency.

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But those are all fantasy elements in the series and the internal logic still gets followed. Resurrection is a spiritual element of the series and follows that logic; characters don't just randomly get shot with an arrow and leap back up left and right. People bitch about the believability of actions in movies like Man of Steel or Batman Superman despite them being about an alien god-being and Amazonian princesses. People did the same about the Star Wars prequels, a series about energy sword magic Samurai gurus and unrealistic space opera settings. People criticize inconsistent or unbelievable character actions in The Walking Dead even though it's a show about a zombie apocalypse which is unrealistic. If it was a Jodorowsky film I wouldn't care since he makes surrealist pictures where anything may happen at any second with no remote attempt at selling me on how realistic the events are. But Game of Thrones prides itself on a gritty, real-world style sense of politics and intricate relationships where actions have believable consequences. A character trying to argue the illegitimacy of the king is more likely to be beheaded than to succeed because that's how these things would go. One guy with no armor or significant combat experience in a goddamn hallway with knives slaughtering armored seasoned soldiers with swords and shields is absolute plot-armor with zero attempt to hide it. I don't remember a point where it's asserted that Ramsay doesn't know how to fight. In that scene he kills a handful of armored soldiers by himself. In the scene you're talking about, he's backed up by a handful of armored soldiers. If you watch the scene again, he dispatches many of the Ironborn by stabbing them in the side or back while they're preoccupied fighting other armored soldiers in the Bolton army. It's just an easy go-to of what is a hard to believe sequence. That whole scene is poorly presented and the way that suddenly they just run away is generally considered one of the lesser scenes of the series. It's like they want to repeat the satisfaction of Joffrey's death but Joffrey's didn't come after repeated moments of convenient invulnerability. The guy who knows more than anybody save for possibly Varys somehow didn't know about this insanely sadistic bratty torturer, and that's not just me interpreting Littlefinger's scene, that's going by what the actor and writers said even. Roose really didn't think Ramsay would try to stab him. Stannis, a tactical genius hyped up hard just manages to fumble completely and fail. Twenty good men manage to wreck everything because Ramsay sent them.