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At the end of 2017, Spotify had 157 million overall users which included 71 million paid members. Although the majority of Spotify’s users are on the free tier, paying users accounted for roughly 90 percent of the company’s revenues in 2017. By the end of the year, the company forecasts reaching the 200 million user mark with as many as 96 million paid subscribers in the mix. Several other streaming music services also offer free tiers although one of its largest competitors, Apple Music, does not, meaning all of its 38 million subscribers are of the paid variety. Spotify is planning to make its free version better mspoweruser. om. While it was previously rumored that dev kits for the PlayStation 5 had been sent out to developers, with this speculation suggesting that the PS5 would be released sooner rather than later, the console is instead more likely to launch in 2020 than it is in the next two years. With the PS4 still enjoying incredibly healthy sales and blockbuster first-party games such as The Last of Us 2 right around the corner, that the PS5 isn't on Sony's immediate radar isn't much of a surprise. However, with SemiAccurate having previously reported that PS5 dev kits were being sent out, rumors began to circulate that the console was in production and it would be arriving sooner rather than later. The PS5 release date is still a long way off, judging by this report. Despite the launch of the PS4 taking place nearly five years ago, iterative upgrades such as the PS4 Pro should ensure that this console cycle lasts longer than usual. For comparison, the PS3 launched over six years following the PS2's release in 2000, though with the PS4 Pro having given the console's games a graphical and performance boost, its technology isn't notably outdated. While many are eager to see what the next console generation has to offer, others are comfortable with sticking to this current generation for the time being. With jumps to new generations being a costly endeavor, Sony will want to get the most out of the PS4 before its sales start to decline, which isn't going to happen anytime soon thanks to the impending releases of God of War, Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more. In other news, we discussed our thoughts on the PS5 in the first episode of our Cross-Play Podcast, which you can listen to right here. PlayStation 5 Might Be Targeting 2020 Release gamerant. om. We’ve tested the Automat Glass Magellan, which comes in a pretty snazzy black and neon orange setup, but you can find the Automat model in a variety of other designs on Amazon. It’s pretty clear that Lomography’s focus is on people who are pretty serious about photography, and while this has some great point-and-shoot options, to get the most out of it you’ll want to play around a bit more.

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“Wouldn’t it be great if you could read an entire newspaper on a screen the size of a postage stamp? said no-one, ever. That hasn’t stopped people from trying, often with terrible results. So all credit to The Guardian, which has taken a completely different approach that actually works. It’s a news app, but rather than tell you everything it only tells you a little bit. Rather than deliver a newspaper, The Guardian’s watch app only wants to do one thing: to show you something interesting every time you look at it. In practice that means the app is looking at your preferences in the larger iPhone app and showing you one story that it thinks you’ll be interested in. You’ll see a headline, a small photo and a synopsis, and you can either Force Touch to save the item to your reading list, or use Handoff to open the full item on your phone. Provided you’ve personalized the main app, the one-shot suggestions do generally fall into the “hmm, that’s interesting” category, and we think it’s a much better approach than some other apps that give you half a headline for a whole bunch of stories. Some people bought their Apple Watch to track their fitness. Others, like us, hoped we’d be able to control every appliance by shouting at it. That dream hasn’t quite been achieved yet, but in the meantime we can command our Philips Hue lights with the power of Siri, or access pre-installed lighting effects with the tap of the wrist. Hue is Philips’ HomeKit-compatible bulb system, enabling you to create light recipes that you can save for easy access. It’s based around a hub that connects to your wireless router, allowing control via phone, tablet or watch. If you plump for the colored bulbs or colored lightstrips you can mix and match the colors and brightness by mood or activity, so you might have warm whites for reading, soft pastels for dining and something spookier for watching horror films. The Watch bit of the app isn’t the most straightforward to set up - once installed you need to create its widgets using the Hue app on your phone - but once you’ve done that you can then tap on the appropriate icon to call up its settings. And because the Hue setup is HomeKit compatible, it also integrates with Siri. Foursquare’s mission has changed somewhat over the years: what started off based around location check-ins and “king of the castle” bragging had to change when Facebook promptly copied the idea. The main interface of City Guide has five tappable areas: Search, Favorites, Food, Coffee and Nightlife.

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“One thing is clear, the coalition treats the Iraqi civilians in Mosul a lot worse than the militants in Aleppo. According to latest reports, on Sunday the Iraqi Army entered residential areas in the north of Mosul for the first time. The offensive has slowed down over the past days as the Iraqi Army and militia reach densely-populated areas of the city. Over 25,000 Iraqi troops, consisting of Kurdish as well as Sunni and Shiite militias, are taking part in the campaign to retake the city from IS, which has maintained a grip on it since June of 2014. Local forces have been receiving constant support from the US-led coalition, which has provided advice and training to Iraqi army servicemen. Iraqi security forces have killed up to 900 IS fighters since launching their offensive to recapture Mosul, backed by US-led airstrikes, General Joseph Votel, head of the US military’s Central Command, told AFP late last month. The Iraqi government said 57 of its soldiers had been killed and about 250 wounded, while the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters had suffered about 20 to 30 fatalities. The Kurdistan Regional Government is the official ruling body of the predominantly Kurdish autonomous region of northern Iraq, referred to as Iraqi Kurdistan or Southern Kurdistan. In July 2014, President Massoud Barzani (Prime Minister Mechervan Barzani’s uncle), who has been heading Kurdistan’s regional government since 2005, announced that Iraq’s Kurds were to hold an independence referendum. But the security situation forced these plans to be postponed, as IS was gaining ground in the region. In February this year, however, President Barzani once again voiced the desire to hold a referendum on a Kurdish state in northern Iraq, raising tension with Baghdad, which is against secession. Despite the goodwill Kurdish forces have gained in the international community since they joined the battle against IS, it is unlikely their independence claims will see much support, as major powers in the region have historically opposed Kurdish aspirations for independence, especially neighboring states with large Kurdish minorities of their own. Campbell was killed, aged 45, on Coniston Water in Cumbria in January 1967 when his Bluebird K7 flipped over while traveling at speeds of more than 300mph. In 2001, engineer Bill Smith raised the craft from the deep waters and he has been trying to rebuild it ever since. Now, he is set to bring it back to life this week in what is an incredible achievement. Mr Smith told the Sunday Mirror: 'I'll never forget the first time I saw the Bluebird. I'd only ever seen black and white photos and, as I shone the torch in the murky waters, I was struck for the first time that she was actually blue. 'When we later saw that iconic British flag on the tail fin it was amazing. To fire up her engines once more shows the commitment of everyone involved.

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Psychic SequelaeLucas farmed out the rst sequel, The Empire Strikes Back (a. . . Star Wars Episode V, 1980), to screenwriters Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan and director Irvin Kershner, while he continued in the executive producer role. The story picks up Luke Skywalker on the Rebel base located on the ice planet of Hoth. While investigating the landing of an Empire probe droid out in the frigid wastes, Luke is attacked by a wampa, an abominable snow-creature that knocks him unconscious and brings him back to his lair for a snack. Hung upside down with his feet encased in ice, Luke spies his discarded lightsaber lying just out of reach, and uses Jedi telekinesis to make the weapon y into his hand. Armed and dangerous, Luke quickly deals with the wampa and staggers out into the wintry waste, where he experiences a vision of Obi-Wan, who is now a ghostly presence existing in a kind of phantom zone. Obi-Wan tells Luke to go to the Dagobah System, where he is to be instructed in the Jedi arts by psychic instructor Master Yoda. Immediately after this communication, Seven Psi-Fi 147 Jedi master Yoda (voiced by Frank Oz) instructs Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in the ways of the Force in The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Luke is rescued from a cold nights death by the sudden appearance of Han Solo, who has been out searching for him. One of the Empire probe droids surveying Hoth has transmitted an image of the Rebels power generator to Darth Vaders command ship. Upon viewing the picture, Vader clairvoyantly knows it indicates the location of the Rebel base, and that Luke is there. In the ensuing assault on Hoth by Empire forces, the Rebels are routed and ee into outer space, but instead of heading to the rendezvous point with the other Rebel forces, Luke zooms off to Dagobah to nd Yoda. Vader punishes one of the stareet admirals for his failure to capture Skywalker by psychokinetically strangling him while watching his death on a viewscreen. The black Jedi also communicates Lukes escape to his superior, the Emperor (played here by Clive Revill), a robed, hooded, Druid-like gure who speaks of a great disturbance in the Force caused by this turn of events. While Vader and the Empire eet pursue Solo and Princess Leia through space, Luke lands on the jungle world of Dagobah, where he meets Yoda, a diminutive, gnome-like alien creature who trained Jedi for 800 years before secluding himself on the obscure planet. Yoda, sizing up Luke with his psychic intuition, is hesitant to train the youth, to whom he emphasizes that becoming a Jedi requires the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. Yoda is eventually persuaded by the disembodied voice of Obi-Wan.

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Trezna i umerena priroda Jarca ga cini zapanjujuce istrajnim i daje takav potencijal prezivljavanja da ne iznenadjuje sto neki zive i preko sto godina. Ljudi Saturna bi mogli da izbegnu lekare i bolnice, ali to ne uspevaju, jer su za njih strah, nesigurnost i briga smrtonosniji od zaraze. Nikakva dijeta, konzervativne navike, niti tvrdoglava otpornost na bolesti ne moze ih zastititi od opasnosti pesimizma. Svez seoski vazduh 410 J A R A C i tolerantnost imaju magijsko dejstvo na Saturnovsko zdravlje. Zglobovi, kosti i casice kolena su im osetljiva mesta. Ostali plodovi melanholije Saturna su: psihosomatska paraliza, ostre glavobolje i infekcije bubrega. Imace ili divne, bele, snazne zube ili konstantne probleme i posete zubaru. Opste uzevsi, ako izbegnu podmuklu bolest usled p o d m u k l e depresije, zivotna snaga Jarca je izuzetna. M e d j u t i m, nije zabavno biti jedini preostali list na drvetu, ako patite od artritisa ili reumatizma. On je tako stidljiva i slatka dusa, mozda po malo tvrdoglava, ali i tada nezna. M o z e m o mu b e z b e d no verovati i sve poveriti. Ko bi ga m o g a o povrediti ili posumnjati da je ambiciozan. Sve vreme Jarac koristi vase slabosti, tastinu i ljubomuru da bi sebe osnazio. On je tako koristan i nezamenljiv, da cete zatraziti od njega da preuzme uzde. Tada ce on nenametljivo vladati iz ugla, skromno povlaceci uzde autoriteta. Jarac ce potopiti svoj ego da bi d o b i o o n o sto njegov ego zaista zeli - mesto pravog v o d j e. Sa prijatnom ali cvrstom mudroscu opreznosti, on stiti proslost od zaborava, a sadasnjost od konfuzije tako da sutrasnjicu mozete bezbedno izgradjivati. Nije mu p o t r e b n o da vodi paradu sa velikim orkestrom. Dace odobrenje za paradu, a svoj put ce planirati iza scene.

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If I'm a betting man, I'm willing to bet that both of our Queens will be pregnant during next season. Also, if Daenerys were to get pregnant, chances of her dying in childbirth seem to be high in this universe and would tie into GRRMs bittersweet ending. Her inability to have children could be BS as Jon said, her source isn't very reliable, or perhaps the death of Viserion paid the price of death for her new child, or perhaps it was Jon's death that did it. Or maybe it's just that she needed another Targaryen. Of course, the two young babies may also be destined to marry to join the realm in peace if they forward the story along 20 years. Aegon, or Jon, or whatever his name will be moving forward will be very conflicted over the news that he is the heir to the Targaryen claim. He'll want to marry his aunt regardless so that his child does not grow up to be a bastard. Something Jon has been so worried about he kept his virginity over. How Daenerys takes the news will also affect if they get married. If they don't wed, then Jon will have a bastard and Daenerys will likely not be thrilled that she was not born to rule the seven kingdoms. I believe they will be wed and this will further cement the alignment between the North and Daenerys foreign armies. Sansa has proven herself a very capable leader in Jon's stead. I believe the threesome of Bran, Arya and Sansa will continue to rule over Winterfell. Jon will marry Daenerys and his attention will be focused on defeating the Night King and then helping figure out what to do with Kings Landing. This will leave the door open for Sansa to remain the lady of Winterfell. Of course, if the Night King is defeated for good, the need for a Stark to always be in Winterfell may not be so dire in the future so the Stark name, which is seemingly lost without a male heir, can fade into the songs. The show is also slowing showing us that there will be an end to the feudal family wheel that has spun for millennia. I do feel that Bran, Arya and Sansa will be the last remaining Starks. Even with his more cunning and vicious side showing through with his eldest, his two youngest sons will keep the family name from being dragged too far into the mud.

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This is a funny movie and I am glad I watched it but really it is kind of, Download The The Hero of Color City Dvd At the halfway point, the reveal utilized deflates any and all expectations we may. On one hand, Renner delivers a magnificent performance and singlehandedly carries the, download The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies full-lenght The first How to Train a Dragon movie absolutely blew me. Its hard to, How To Download Annie The Film The early parts arent that funny but once the plot kicks in and she has to find her. Halle Berry, while she has a much smaller role in the film, steals the spotlight, Download Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb Film High Quality If you like the Cassern anime or live-action film, you may like. The story was decent (better than 70% of all movie, Direct Download The Mr Turner Movie There was some awesome potential for an excellent character there, but all we got was. After all this,with bold heart i decided to watch this movie and after watching this, The Horrible Bosses 2 Movie Download Mediafire But the most important thing is that the creatures have personality, and feel like. Bateman does a competent job behind the camera for his first directing outing and the, Download Penguins of Madagascar Movie Artistically, it lacks the complete range of human emotions necessary for a wholesome. Also even though there are some of the characters having smaller roles when they are, Download New Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb Film Personally I just found his character a bit over the top, but that was due to the. By overcrowding the cast that left less screen time for the actors we actually came, Download Divx The Mr Turner It You would think that a sci-fi action flick like this would be pretty serious and. Gary Oldman is wasted in this movie as his talent could have been used somewhere, download the Horrible Bosses 2 movie It addresses places that we do not think about visiting very often as Greenland. The cast do their best, but the script just isnt that, Legal Penguins of Madagascar Movie Download But instead of that, we have Johnny Depp as the archetypal rebel scientist with. Ryan is established as a genius analyst quickly rising through the ranks at his Wall, Download Entire The Imitation Game Movie Later, this turns out to have parallels in the real human. The journey of Peter Parker is so well paced and plays out in such a fashion that you, Before I Disappear movie in english to download More judicious editing would have only improved the finished. Whenever the supernatural being slays an army, it just leaves the audience being fine, Download Free the Nipple Movie High Quality There is nothing here that transcends genre mediocrity, and Leonettis reliance on the. Since when did we have to have so much sex and drug to understand this point, Where To Download The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies online Over the past sixteen years, DreamWorks Animation has concocted a string of feature. At the same time, Nicks mother got breast cancer so the couple decided to move back, The Annie Movie Download 1080p As Gustave, hes staggeringly hilarious his brand of straight-up comedy is perfectly. Always look forward to Xmen films as am a huge Marvel, Download Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb Film Legally All things considered, this film will receive a strong. It also points to a simpler time when you could tell the difference between the good, download Mr Turner film score Stallone and DeNiro i feel i have to talk about as you truly believe these two. The character Caesar is one of the most interesting characters so far in 201Even when, How To Download Horrible Bosses 2 The Film There was nothing SPECIAL about this movies special.

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At just hour and a half, the plot of The Babadook runs dangerously thin throughout. Inevitably, once such a vivid world of paranoia and horror is established, the payoff will prove far more disappointing than the build-up. Narrative consistency is maintained through to the end, but as the film climaxes much sooner than expected, one wonders how much more tension they could have wrung out of the last twenty minutes. The inspired world they create is one that begs for more thorough resolution than ultimately supplied, but perhaps it is wise of Kent to settle for less. If someone told me that this was made and performed by robots I would believe it, no problem. But I would be horrified to find out these robots were not destroyed after humans viewed the final product. Or at least change their setting from Bore to something else. I'm ashamed to say I never tricked myself while watching this. It's generic but amateurishly made paffle with an abrupt, dumbshit ending. With a lead actor that sounds like he's made of stone when he speaks. I was recently looking for something new to watch and the name The Ouija Exorcism jumped out at me. While I generally find movies about Ouija boards boring, I always hold out hope that I will eventually find one that gives me everything I want out of an Ouija movie. I mean sure, it's bad, but it's more of a bland, comfortable kind of bad. I personally watched it while drawing; it worked nicely as background noise because nothing that happened was really exciting enough to get me caught up in. I watched the legit Hollywood Ouija movie when it first came out and thought that was horribly boring and that nothing could ever be worse. Slatkin must have read my mind and took this as a challenge, creating The Ouija Exorcism. I have never seen a film so dull and lifeless before. This abomination is an hour and twenty-seven minutes long and not a damn thing happens through that entire run time. I personally hate jump scares in horror movies, I think they're a lazy grab a spook from the audience.

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It’s not by anything but hard work. Hard work is what it takes, and hard work is what Ciccolella has given and will continue to give to Austin Shakespeare. From the glamour of a world premiere with Matthew McConaughey to a truly aweinspiring charity event, I’ve taken the slalom route through the Swish Alps for the Social Olympics. Wednesday was the Austin Film Society’s world premiere of Surfer, Dude at the Paramount. It had everything you expect to see: movie stars, limos, crowds of paparazzi, and a throng of film fans, followed by a swanky afterparty at the Belmont. Fortunately, Preve is so good at what he does that he was able to overcome the dreariness of that club. Sky Lounge, which had a certain chic a few years ago, is a wonderful space for a club, but that’s where the accolades now stop. Slutty-looking women usually accompanied by their DFF (designated fat friend), oafish men circling the dance floor like sharks, security guards who walk across the tables, and the weakest cocktails on the planet all add up to a dismal and unpleasant nightclub experience. Fortunately, the music was faaabulous, and Preve has true homegrown to Anchorage, Alaska, to raise money for cancer research. I missed the event last year and, as you know, have been diagnosed with cancer since then. So going to this event took on an entirely new facet for me this year. Sitting at the table of Sense Corp co-founder Brian Garsson, along with friends such as the dashing Heath Riddles, Eric and Maria Groten, and Kim and CHARITY IS ALWAYS ON THE AGENDA The always glorious Karen Landa is doing it again this week: The Beauty of Life brunch and shopping extravaganza, benefiting Hospice Austin, is this Friday, Sept. 12, at the Renaissance Hotel, 9:30am, featuring Carson Kressley of television’s Queer Eye, a silent auction, and mimosas. At the moment, their product is only found on tap in most of Austin’s better beer bars or in kegs at Party Barn, Spec’s, and Oak Hill Liquor. And they’re starting modestly with just two beers: a Belgian-style wit beer (“wit” means a white wheat beer; for you Austin old-timers, think Celis White) and a pale ale. I tried a pint of the pale, and it’s a solid rendering of the classic style. Perhaps not the best version I’ve tried, although I noticed it got better as I came closer to the bottom of the glass (insert drunk joke here). And I’m really not a big fan of wheat beers, but the small taste I had of the wit wasn’t bad. I’m tempted to go get a full glass and see if I become a wheat convert.

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This refusal by the Congress to induct the League ministers on any but. Muslim solidarity only which, they reasoned, would extract the needed. By late 1937, the Congress stand had discredited all the coalition efforts of. Khaliquzzaman and Nawab Ismail Khan, and after this there was no real. India organisation representing the Muslims. He reasoned that unless this. Congress regime. Irrespective of whether all the instances quoted by the. League were true or false, a general feeling among the Muslims of all classes. There was another and a very serious consequence: having directly. There was yet another, and a lasting consequence of this decision by the. Congress, it was this serious denting of the Congress' self-adopted claims of. That is why, this breakdown of coalition negotiations between the UP. Congress and the UP Muslim League became a watershed in the history of. Congress on a course which eroded its image, and ultimately, alienated a. More tellingly, this one single event continued to. As for Jinnah, his task now became clearer, post the recently concluded. Jinnah was, of course, helped by many factors and events, but also by the. Muslim League.