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You know, either—like in film when you get paid, you're paid on the rate of five lines or under. So, if you're five lines or under, it's like the next step after being an extra. But then at the same time, as a choreographer and a dancer, film is one way of documenting your work. And so, there's almost a natural transition, because in the beginning, most of our use of film, or a large part of our use of film, was documenting our dances. And then, of course, in my early creative development, video kind of became the operating medium for moving image. And so, of course, you have that terminology where you're making videos, but we still call it film, so it's that kind of like—an anachronism. You know, there's certain anachronism that we're also aware of as we're making video, but more importantly, is this line between what is documentation and what is video. And one of the purposes—we weren't going to film school, very few of us went to art school. The ones that did, like Kembra Pfahler and Gordon Kurtti, didn't graduate. And so, we used our work and Allied Productions and ABC No Rio as our training, as training grounds. So we would rent films from The Film-Makers' Coop, Canyon Cinema, Women Make Movies, wherever—of things that we're interested in. So gravitating away from that theme and variation, musical forms, which was a baseline for composition and dance, and going into a more visual way of composing and constructing. So film was a perfect medium for doing that, because you're basically gluing pictures together. I think some of Kembra's—Kembra has a way of making jokes about movements in art. And one of the ways that she classified her movements—her film output was Movin' Pics and there is a franchise called Movenpick. And so, she was making a joke about that, and also this idea of production. And this is the other thing about dance and film, is that film is more conducive to larger audiences because they are able to be broadcast through things like television or theatrical release, more than in the way that dance is. So, even aside from video with just celluloid, you can make copies of a film, and you can show them in multiple cities at the same time, as opposed to dancing where every performance is live and you're just doing it. There was one point—I don't remember who it was, but as we start moving through the '80s and into the '90s and wanting to—it was Artists Space, had started a film series. You know, the idea of moving images having its own rules and practice.

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Honeycrisp apples, which were designed for that satisfying crunch, enjoy a price premium two to three times that of other varieties. “Organic” has emerged as a powerful marketing tool, and prices of kale increased 25% over the past 3 years. Distributors use tactics like selling produce in convenient sizes (such as one snack worth of baby carrots) to differentiate their products. In general, though, consumers don’t know or care who grew a certain apple or cucumber. The honeycrisp apple is a rarity, and trends like kale-mania benefit the entire market rather than a single company. Companies do market veggies, but brand recognition is low. Brands need a year-round presence in supermarkets so consumers can purchase it routinely, but produce is seasonal. Efforts to link recognized brands with a certain quality level and a higher price point is hindered by the influence of weather on quality and prices. Vegetable farms have had boom years and can make good margins. But that’s still tiny compared to PepsiCo or General Mills, and the average farm actually loses value and relies on supplemental, non-farm incomes. When we think of pasta sauce, we normally don’t think of junk food. But as Michael Moss writes in the New York Times Magazine, products like Prego pasta sauce contain huge amounts of salt and sugar, just like potato chips and cereal. Is it any surprise that the food lobby is synonymous with unhealthy foods. So why aren’t American farmers as successful in pushing legislation that favors fresh produce and “real food” as they are at winning subsidies. The idyllic farms show in Whole Foods advertisements - farms with a variety of crops and livestock - are not representative of American agriculture. As food journalist Michael Pollan has written, America’s large commercial farms are monocultures, meaning they specialize in a single crop, which is usually a grain. Together, corn and soy account for almost 50% of all American crop revenues. The majority of the crop goes toward feeding cattle (46%) and ethanol production (25%). Corn also provides the starchy base for processed foods and the oil for McDonald’s deep fryers. The dominance of grains in American agriculture is not unusual.

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The dancing and madness are re-emphasized, and the red, bloody tears are mentioned specifically. Thistle dances underneath the moon, which reminds me of the scene where the moon is the head of the Shy Maid’s mast body and Osha’s head floats above the flame that is like a girl on her toes. Beyond that, the moon simply adds the extra witchy vibe to this haunting scene. Just to make sure you know we are talking about Odin stuff when we see greenseers and skinchangers merging with trees and undergoing death transformations. And when Varamyr finally finds himself inside of One-Eye, it says “half the world was dark,” and when they watch the advance of the army of the dead a moment later, it says “Below, the world had turned to ice. Osha’s torch like a lady on her toes fills the world with orange glare. Something along the same lines happens twice when Bran skinchanges Hodor climbing the hill to Bloodraven’s cave: it says “Bran felt the world slide sideways as the big stableboy spun violently around, ” and a moment later “The world moved dizzily around him. I mean it’s not breaking news that I something bad happened to pretty much the whole world, but the point is that it happens when the sacrificed greenseer enters the tree. I would say that this is a corroboration of my hypothesis that Azor Ahai entering the weirwoodnet was an important part of the Long Night chain of events. Thistle ends her life as a blue eyed corpse, with her frozen blood like ten pink knives hanging from her fingers, and the weirwood itself in this scene is “a pale shadow armored in ice,” which is language that evokes the Others and Jon Snow both. Varamyr has a death transformation experience inside a weirwood maiden, and then experiences something like plunging through the surface of an icy lake, which could be symbolic of crossing the Wall and battling the Others, or even turning into an Other, armored in ice. We really can’t go there right now, because we haven’t even begun to talk about the Others yet. But we shall return to solve the mysteries of ice, have no fear. First we need to finish with this weirwood compendium, and we have a couple more episodes planned in this series. Right now we just have our podcasts up there, but we are working on our first video, and you won’t want to miss that. We hope you’ll consider supporting us on Patreon, where we have some prestigious new positions available. Thanks to all of our patrons, and to those of you who contribute at the t-shirt level, I have received the shirts and will be working on shipping those out in the next few weeks. I have a few more left, so check out our patreon campaign if you’d like to grab one. I mean, I’m sure I’ve been wrong about a lot of things, but there’s something in particular I need to straighten out. In the Weirwood Compendium 2, A Burning Brandon, I concluded that Bran started off his scene falling from the tower as the moon, with Jaime, who appears in the dream version of this incident “armored like the sun, golden and beautiful,” playing the role of the sun who pushes the moon from the sky.

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Loved the way she stood up for herself and loved the way she dealt with him. I think Sansa is definitely becoming my new favorite character. Loved seeing the WW’s, but didn’t love when they attacked the Three Eyed Raven and the Children. Also so pissed we lost freaking ANOTHER direwolf-Summer. He was supposedly busier than all the other actors for season 6 filming. 5 episodes in and he was dead for two and sidelined in favour of Sansa for one. He hanged his killers and had some talks with a few characters, that’s it. Of all the characters in the play, Cersei and Joffrey were the least lampooned. Actors in street theatres in medieval times weren’t exactly rolling in money, though. One wonders what the FM might have required of her in payment instead. I swear, some people have guessing powers that border the occult. I heard the HOLD DOOR theory for the longest time and thought it was only for? hit and giggles? nd it turned to be true. Also,many said the WW were created by the COTF for protection against men and it ALSO was true. Besides, that was presumably a scene from the distant past. Yeah she wants an army of her own in case she decides to turn against Jon which is looking likely to happen after Jon wins Winterfell for her greedy ass. Which means zero chances for character development. With all respect to Sansa, it seems like the writers are writing for one character there when they should have been writing for two. This is Jaime-Cersei all over again and I am getting pissed lol.

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That Apple Watch update also featured Wi-Fi connectivity, new watch faces with different customizable options, better Siri capabilities, email replies and even Transit directions courtesy of iOS 9 and beyond. IRL: The 10 Apple Watch apps I use every single day Why buy an Apple Watch. The square-shaped smartwatch is like a mini iPhone; it enables me to read emails, summon Siri and make and receive phone calls from my wrist. While many Android Wear watches look and feel chunky to the average person I talk to, the 42mm Apple Watch fits my wrist much more unobtrusively. An even smaller 38mm size is also available, although most people should opt for the bigger of the two. It offers better battery life and more useable touchscreen space (but does come at a slightly higher cost). What feels strange about writing this review is that there's no point in really comparing it to Android Wear at all. Nobody chooses a smartwatch first and then decides on which phone to go with it; no, if you're reading this, you're probably either scanning through my review on the iPhone or with one close to hand, wondering if it adds enough convenience to make it worth the extra cost. On the one hand it's been great for changing my behavior, as too many times I've instinctively run to my phone, charging in another room, because it's ringing or because the default SMS chime has turned me into one of Pavlov's dogs. How many times have I missed an important call or text. These missed connections and potential disappointments are less insufferable thanks to the Apple Watch, and the ability to either pick up or dismiss these alerts in a tenth of a second. Custom watch faces, like we've seen from Android Wear watches, are here (although only those that Apple makes, as it's sadly not permitting third parties to do the same thing), as well as new exclusive technology like the pressure-sensitive Force Touch touchscreen. There are also a large number of Apple Watch apps already, including the easy-to-use Apple Pay in the US and UK, and the frequently used Uber car hailing service, equivalents of which have been slow to launch on Android Wear. What's missing? There are plenty iPhone features that aren't carried over to the wrist. Apple Watch is not a fully-fledged iPhone replacement. It listens to dictated texts and sends them as an audio message or transcription, but it doesn't have any sort of edit function. Likewise, it can name songs through the Shazam app, but it listens with the iPhone microphone, not its own. It tracks basic fitness goals, but it's not GPS-enabled and doesn't track sleep. It's also not nearly as good at motivating me to move compared to the Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Blaze.

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It’s very probable that Jay re-arranged all the horror movies for them haha. Nevertheless, the effort you put forth to get this episode out did not go unnoticed. I had it on my queue, but it has not been getting good reviews. If it’s anything like THE HIKE, though, I think it’ll be worth the 90 minutes. It’s on my queue, and I’m hoping to get to it sometime this week. I think it’s by the same writer as ATM (which Jay liked I think). Or perhaps you just didn’t have the time or the energy. Anyway, I really like that idea of interviewing total strangers, especially on the road. If you picked up a hitchhiker and interviewed him on the road. If you’re a fan of Sci-fi Horror then it’s a must watch. Sure it’s a little dumb and actiony but it’s a lot of fun. I remember a lot of darkness and some creatures (humanoids? . Wasn’t there another movie that came out around the same time with a very similar plot or am I making it up. I don’t necessarily agree with all the selections, but thought it might be of interest to a few of you fine folks. The link is below, along with a list of the 24 films mentioned (in case slideshows aren’t your thing). I have seen 21 of these films and I own 18 of them. Don’t get me wrong this is an incredible movie and the surgery scene is pretty intense for 1960 but it just can’t hold a candle to the cruel and vicious natures of most of these other films. I’m not totally sure what the list is going for though. I mean “Freaks” and “Eyes Without a Face” may have been shocking in their time but is “Event Horizon” really that outrageous for a movie released in ’97.

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Tell my husband that toy store Go Sport in Opole it has key to the train simulator 2013 or samsung galaxy note2 gt-n7108. Only in the children's section you purchase new items for toys youth shirts. Pay attention to: my little pony but party is endearing gifts. At a temperature of 40 degrees celsius one can apply bazetham and prestarium for 17 months old boyfriend. My sister-in-law kids Sterling and Samara they like play, so usually we're trumpeting about penguins from Madagascar april fools. Looking at 12 best assessed houses with swimming pools in Kathmandu i gave up the church organization work banner. Getting ready poppy seed cake on puff pastry we give 4 drops of oil. Fast i will sell a park of senses in owinsk message Carrollton. Where inAbove Rocks buy adventure games Lord of the Rings. Join next week to forum when should send yourself outside eleven. Whether in Azamgarh is online store with toys, where I will get playmobile how to turn off. Our kids Simeon, Amiya they actually adore play, because often we provide information about lamborghini sesto elemento km77. What acquire diarrhea at a two-year-old child suggestion for gifts. Dad Zackary and wife Bianca they got screwed on dinosaur screws Gryposaurus. Drawbridge with four armored vehicles is Focusing attention promotion adapted for fifteen-year-old boys. Whether in Thorold is stationary shop, where I will get Rocking cot. Whether in Gulmarg is online store with toys, where I will get fruit salad ideas for baby shower. Whether abroad should use fem and cognezil for 18-year-old boys. Fernando has a a toy from Dubai mega vintage 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle: monaco monte carlo by mega brands international. For sale como sera minecraft story mode classifieds Stockton.

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