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And to prove it we're introducing a new generation of higl frequency components that combine unsurpassed frequency response, high reliability, and surprisingly affordable prices. The secret behind this rare blend of features lies in the use of new engineering technologies that not only improve performance, but actually reduce manufacturing costs. Our latest 1- and 2 -inch throat diameter compression drivers, for example, utilize a pure titanium diaphragm with JBL's patented diamond -pattern surround. The exceptionally high stress limit of titanium together with the stronger surround allows this design to match the reliability of phenolic and composite type diaphragms. At the same time, the design's improved JBL's titanium- diamond diaphragm combines performance with reliability. Designed for flush cabinet mounting or compact cluster applications, the horns provide precise pattern control. The horn's highly consistent horizontal dispersion eliminates the problems of midrange narrowing and high frequency beaming associated with conventional horn designs. Composite 1- octave polar responses of a 2380 horn from 800 Hz -16 khz in the horizontal plane. The fact that Mr. Pohlmann is able to write about incompatible digital sampling rates. Nevertheless, there are now three different standards. Surely we are not still suffering from the same shortcomings as designers working twenty years ago. Even if the future of digital is not completely clear. Incidentally, the difficulty that Mr. Pohlmann described with modems sounded a little funny to me. From my experience. if the modems transpond in ASCII. The modem or terminal software will compensate for word format differences, etc. ERIC WENOCUR Lab Tech Systems Roar Productions Ken Pohlmann replies: I agree with Mr. Wenocur;s comments and share in the frustration of incom- patibility.

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See Park Plaza Mall's Facebook page for the details, and bring along two canned goods for a drive called CANstruction, benefiting the Arkansas Foodbank. SS. Amasa Hines' slow builds, alternately sparse and urgent; Or's mechanized, trance-like foreboding; and DOT's driving, beachy punk rock are all energies used for good here, benefiting the Arkansas chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Now, he's accustomed to multiple standing ovations like the ones he and his band Kentucky Thunder got at the Ryman Auditorium last week. Earlier this year, Skaggs was honored with an induction to the Country Music Hall of Fame — years too late, Garth Brooks and others would claim. He'll play at UAPTC just a few weeks before accepting yet another title as an inductee to the 2018 International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame. Alice Andrews paints the waterfalls and rocky outcrops of her Ozarks home with soft shapes of blue-greens and warm browns. In this show, Dennis McCann, a retired firefighter and winner of multiple awards for his pastels, uses complementary shades of orange and aquamarine to capture abstract underpinnings in representation. Eleanor Dickinson is an artist whose work we just don't see enough of: Gorgeous washes combined with drawing and abstracted architectural features, her take, perhaps Paul Klee-inspired, on places she's been. Matthew, Alice, Dennis and Eleanor — MADE of special stuff. LNP. That night, eschewing the tried-and-true Alberto Vargas pin-up incarnate aesthetic the burlesque troupe channels beautifully and often, Foul Play's dancers twirled and somersaulted instead to FKA Twigs and Katy Perry. Ruby Lead did an entire act using only a crimson swath of fabric and her jet black locks to create mesmerizing geometry, Jezebelle Jaxx revived an entire audience's commitment to yoga class and Doris Night opened the evening with a magnificently technicolor Sally Rand, her wrists twirling two enormous feather fans in time with the throbbing bass beats. It's artful and sex-positive and immaculately prepared and rehearsed, and the cost of admission is a fraction of what lounges in metropoli like Vegas and Paris are charging for shows of the same rank. Evans appears as a guest of the Argenta Acoustic Music Series. SS. The Prairie Grove-based powerhouse has a habit of dropping jaws when it's her turn at the mic with vocal project Divas on Fire, and takes center stage with Brick Fields, a blues gospel project helmed by her and her husband, Larry Brick. Fields plays flute and guitar, but it's her internal instrument that's gonna shake the embers from the cigarette ends and the darts loose from the dartboard at Pizza D Friday night. For fans of Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt and hair-raising blues. SS.

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Poor Hodor. old the Door. The stuff with Bran being able to manipulate the past was a trip. HODOR ------ Other stuff -Yeah, baelish and Varys both being knocked down a peg in the same EP was weird. Wouldn't be surprised if baelish is still playing a long con and this is part of it) -is kinvara an old witch too. She had the necklace on -tormund's gotta step up his game. I would have preferred to see Summer go out fighting instead of just running toward them and letting them devour him to slow them down. Was it just me or did it look like dragon glass that the Children of the Forest plunged into the heart of the man that became the White Walker. I kept expecting an ice dragon to fly down and for Meera and Bran to ride it past the wall. It looks like Meera might be the next to go now unless there is some incredible deus ex machina. I don't see how she can outrun that army while carrying Bran. Also, now that the Ice King has marked Bran, if Bran and Meera get past the wall can he follow them. So, Bran crossing the wall could allow them to cross it too? So, Bran crossing the wall could allow them to cross it too. They, team white walkers, can't get past the wall (yet) because it's a big fcking wall, and no amount of warg diddling will help with that. Best it will do is let them know where bran is going. Maybe bran's gotta lose another limb to sever the connection. I remember the book purists being annoyed back in Season 2 when Theon wasn't actually drowned, just dipped in the water like any baptism. As his member was burning the fire turned blue and a voice answered the sorcerers' chants from the flames. Varys still doesn't know if it was the voice of a god, a demon or just a trick but it's why he hates magic and anything to do with it including red priests.