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Rintels wrote the teleplay for Sakharov, a biographical portrait of the Soviet physicist and dissident whose actions on behalf of the Russian people saw his Communist Party position eroded, his job and salary taken away, and him remanded to Gorky, an industrial city. When he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Andrei Sakharov was not allowed to travel to accept it, so it was collected by his wife, Yelena. Jason Robards and Glenda Jackson made a strong pairing, as the Sakharovs, and Gold elicited the best from them. The two performers received Golden Globe nominations as did the piece as best TV movie. Co-starring were Nicol Williamson, Frank Finlay, Michael Bryant, Anna Massey, Tom Wilkinson, and Lee Montague. G Murrow, based on Ernest Kinoy’s script about the most famous radio news reporter in America, Edward R. Travanti in one of his best impersonations, taking the great voice from World War II London through his See It Now series to his famous confrontation with Sen. Gold and film editor Keith Palmer effectively used newsreel footage. Travanti and Dabney Coleman as CBS czar William Paley received CableACE nominations for their work in this HBO movie, and Robert Vaughan played FDR, Kathryn Leigh Scott was Janet Murrow, and John McMartin and Edward Herrmann played, respectively, CBS executives Frank Stanton and Fred Friendly. Escape from Sobibor recounted actions at a Nazi death camp during World War II in Eastern Poland, when a dictum from German authorities declared intolerance for escape attempts after one had been tried at Treblinka. Certain inmates at the Sobibor death camp were kept alive for variously morbid clean-up details by the Nazis, and they conspired on little nourishment and in spite of tight and brutal security to launch an escape. The great Reginald Rose crafted the teleplay, and Alan Arkin, Joanna Pacula, and Rutger Hauer starred in this compelling show, which received five Emmy Award nominations, including for outstanding special, direction, actor (Arkin), and writing. It also won the Golden Globe for best miniseries, and Arkin was nominated. Stones for Ibarra starred Glenn Close and Keith Carradine in Gold’s first of back-to-back associations with Hallmark Hall of Fame, followed by the fascinating adaptation by Lee Langley of Graham Greene’s The Tenth Man, in which Chavel, a French detainee by the Nazis, trades identities with another inmate when he’s condemned to execution. After the war, he returns to the man’s home, which is now occupied by the dead man’s bitter sister. He poses as another former prisoner of the Nazis who knew Chavel. They develop a relationship while she vengefully awaits the return of the imposter who traded lives with her brother. This triangular relationship is played by the splendid troika of Anthony Hopkins, Kristin Scott-Thomas, and Derek Jacobi. Costarring were Cyril Cusack, Paul Rogers, and Brenda Bruce.

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I’ve been quite a few of these and hopefully will be the 10th in some future day. She is making fun of cliches found at 12 Step meetings. I am sure I have exhibited a few of these at one time or another. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, we are doing something wrong. Creating a list of personality stereotypes in AA is not founded in reality, since every individual is unique, it’s founded in creative writing, like the names of Snow White’s seven dwarves. Don’t get caught up in it, people, she’s just a writer trying to make a buck with her penmanship, not someone trying to help people in recovery. Actually everyone who read this article witnessed that very judgmental attitude from Lisa Page Rosenberg. I must say I have been in the rooms for awhile now and Yes every type accounted for. As for anyone who has any issue with this I say work a step write about it and listen to ur sponsor chew u a new one when u tell him or her how much a little article upsets u. You are absolutely correct that there are plenty of predatory female 13th Steppers. They’re frequently trading their bodies for other objectives beyond just sex, usually financial gain. How can you tell when two AA’ers are on their second date. Let’s also mention the quietly humble types who are there, doing jobs at meetings and other commitments. If you take the time to get to know a bit more about them, you’ll find that they went from being very non-functional to having solid success at jobs, friends and relationships. They will be contributing members of society, not expecting breaks or pity, just doing their work gratefully and willingly helping others. I attend meetings regularly and I think the writer was pretty accurate. We need to call number 1 what it is so that its not so easy to hide behind the 13th stepper label. I was once a scavenger who preyed on newcomers and been on the other side of it as well. When some one finally called me out for what I really was doing I had to look at it and change my ways.

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PHANTOM OF THE MALL: ERIC'S REVENGE Modern-day teenage angst version of the classic story. A greedy land developer wants to build a mall on the property where teenage Eric's house stands. The young man refuses to sell, so one night the developer sets it on fire and burns it down. But what no one knows is that Eric is alive, although disfigured, and is secretly living in the large air ducts in the mall, killing security guards and people associated with the land developer and the corrupt mayor (played by Morgan Fairchild). This is basically an 80's slasher movie, with Eric wearing the face of a mannequin and killing people with electricity and chopping their heads off with cargo bay doors. My favorite was his lassoing a guy around the neck with a rope then throwing it into the steps of an escalator. Don't get me wrong, this is not a good movie, but it's 80's trash and therefore, has some fun elements to it. Stars a handful of actors who have met with varying degrees of success since: Rob Estes, Paulie Shore, Ken Foree and Brinke Stevens. DROP DEAD SEXY Jason Lee gets gravedigger Crispin Glover involved in a scheme to smuggle cigarettes to Mexico, but when the truck they're driving burns the load, they turn to digging up the grave of a stripper who was supposedly buried with a valuable necklace. Soon, they decide to hold the body for ransom (her husband was a billionaire), but while they wait, Crispin starts to fall in love with the corpse. Quirky comedy for those that like that kind of thing. CANNIBAL TERROR Terrible French film about a group of bank robbers whose heist goes bad, so they kidnap a woman and her daughter for hostages then escape into the jungle where they meet an old man whose wife one of them rapes before they run deeper into the clutches of a cannibal tribe. Okay, this cannibal film consists of thin pasty white guys in makeup and war paint playing cannibals. When they gut someone, they mainly play with the intestines and bite on them a bit. TRAPPED ASHES Think TORTURE GARDEN was a misfire of an anthology movie. A group of people on a VIP tour of a movie studio backlot find themselves trapped in a madman's house where they are forced to tell horror stories that have really happened to them. One is about a woman who gets vampiric breast implants. Another is about a woman who becomes pregnant while hosting a tapeworm and cannot have it removed until she gives birth. A third is about an asian lover who takes a man's wife to the underworld, while a fourth is about two best friends in the film business and what happens when one of them covets the other one's girlfriend.

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Some kind of tattoo peeking out the neck of the shirt. Nose broken years ago, and all around a pretty hard look to him. . Make a close-up of the tatt, and get it to the ink and scar database at RTCC. Even though it’s a partial, they’ve worked wonders finding matches with less. And, yes, let’s do make sure we get this still frame checked against prison records when we circulate it. The entry and kitchen were dark, and she caught the ambient dance of candlelight against the walls and the brushed metal appliances. The flickers came from the great room on the other side of the counter, along with dreamy New Age music. Nikki quietly slipped her keys onto the hook, hoping he wouldn’t be disappointed when she asked for a rain check on the romantic evening. After the wrenching day she’d just experienced, pizza, CNN, bath, and bed held all the allure she needed. Nikki stepped into the kitchen and peered across the counter to discover Rook in the dusky light, prone on a massage table. He had a towel across his ass, and a strikingly gorgeous woman in nurse’s scrubs kneaded one of his hamstrings, her long fingers just a little too close to that perfectly rounded cheek. Rook made introductions without lifting his head from the foam donut. “Nikki, this is Salena. She whispered a hello then resumed her interest in the spot where the upper thigh met the hem of his towel. “Mmm,” said Rook. She left them and found her way up the dark hallway of his loft to the bedroom and closed the door. It’s only a few more sessions, but I can live with that. He did a few twists and bends.

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The overall look of your site is ? eat, as well ? the content. I'd like to start a blog so I can share my experience and feelings online. This will offer you plenty of time and employ to brainstorm and ensure what you will be talking about is applicable and what you would like to turn in. If you say because over and over again, the thing the reader will likely be aware of is really because - it's going to stifle your argument in fact it is towards the top of the list of things you should avoid in your academic work. I'm shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my phone. Seldom do I encounter a blog that's both equally educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. Thanks for posting when you've got the opportunity, Guess I'll just bookmark this blog. Very useful info specially the last part I care for such information a lot. Let's take a glance at just a few ways to give birthday well wishes without the need for balloons or cake. Your content is excellent but with pics and videos, this site could definitely be one of the greatest in its field. Extremely useful info specially the last part I care for such information a lot. We are in Xiamen China and are able to ship internationally. We have successful projects for Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn and Suites, Holiday Inn and Suites, Quality Inn and Suites, Comfort Inn and Suites, Day Inn, Candlewood Suites etc. At our countertop manufacture facility, each piece of countertop is prefabricated with polished sink cutout, faucet hole drilling and various edge profiles. We really fig? e out we've got the ? iter to give thanks to because of that.

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has been boosted to genius level and that he can move small objects using telekinesis. I ask it to move, he explains, elucidating his PK technique to startled witnesses. He also nds he can predict earthquakes by sensing ultra low-frequency vibrations that precede the tremor. When George uses his newfound abilities to rescue a little boy lost in an orchard, his neighbors begin to develop a superstitious dread of his powers. He gets into more trouble when he unscrambles encrypted signals from a nearby military base picked up by his buddy, ham radio enthusiast Nate Polk (Forest Whitaker), and broadcasts a reply back to the base. When George and Nate are arrested and detained by the FBI, they are accused of violations of national security. Government scientists subject George to a battery of tests, but can nd no evidence of espionage and are forced to release him. Returning home, he applies his advanced intellect to solving practical problems in the small community by inventing alternative fuels, perfecting solar power generators and devising innovative new fertilizers. He also attempts to institute a time-sharing barter system and other utopian social alternatives while becoming romantically involved with single mom Lace (Kyra Sedgwick). Despite his achievements, Georges apparently alien-induced powers continue to rankle the locals. Matters come to a head at the local bar when a number of the townsfolk confront him, leading George to shatter the bars mirror in a t of psychokinetic pique. Attempting to put things right, George agrees to a demonstration of his mental prowess at the towns annual Library Day, but when he exhibits his telekinesis the locals are spooked, and he is mobbed Three ESP in Drama, Comedy and Childrens Films 45 George Malley (John Travolta) demonstrates his ESP to Doc Brunner (Robert Duvall) in Phenomenon (1996). Awakening in a hospital bed, he is confronted by the towns physician, Dr. Brunner (Robert Duvall), who tells him that his augmented intellect and psi powers are due to a malignant brain tumor that is killing him. George chooses to spend his last moments with Lace, and a year after his death the town holds a posthumous birthday party for him on the anniversary of his close encounter. Like Resurrection and Powder, Phenomenon deals with a psychic individual who is confronted with the prejudices of a group of small-minded, smalltown bigots. Despite Georges efforts to use his ESP to save lives and solve the towns problems, the townsfolks superstitious dread of the paranormal serves to alienate him from them. He becomes an outcast, an object of dread and scorn as traditional small-town intimacy collapses in the face of the uncanny, and is only restored to social legitimacy by his death. George acquires his psychic abilities from an encounter with a UFO, and while this may seem farfetched, a number of alien abductees have reported similar psi-enhancing effects in connection with their experiences.