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1987. Beloved. London: Vintage Books. ——. 1984. “Memory, Creation, and Writing. Thought 59 (235): 385-390. This tale is an inspiring rewriting of the classic fairy tale “Bluebeard. Departing from Perrault’s version, Carter questions the traditional emphasis on female disobedience and punishment in order to focus on the dual characterization of the Marquis. By doing so, Carter reassesses the conventions of the Gothic Doppelganger, which also extend to setting and characterization in the narrative. In this gloomy atmosphere, the forbidden chamber symbolically represents for Carter the transgression, liminality and excess which Gothic fiction has traditionally entailed. The Chamber’s torture tools are symptomatic of patriarchal violence and domination exerted on women’s bodies and sexuality. This paper will be drawing on theoretical approaches to Gothic studies as well as on postmodern critical reassessments of classic and contemporary fairy tales. Key words: Angela Carter, Gothic, torture, fairy tales ——— 1. Traditional tale T he literary fairy tale has its origins in the European oral and folk tales whose collection and written recording commenced at the end of the Renaissance. “Bluebeard”—and the tale’s variants—“is broadly disseminated in England, France, Germany, Italy and Scandinavian countries, even reaching into Slavic traditions. Via trade routes, the story found its way to Africa, India and Jamaica, where Bluebeard sported beards of different hues” (Tatar, 14). The main purpose of Perrault’s story was to teach women the bad consequences of being curious. The question of her husband’s killings is secondary and unimportant. One example of such rewriting is Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber.

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There’s currently no identity support, which could be used to book plane travel, where you need passport data and other personal information. RememBear is currently completely free, whilst in beta. Eventually, there will be a paid Premium version with additional functionality. It looks very similar to Dashlane to us, which is no bad thing. There are also plugins for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Hard to recommend RememBear, yet, simply as there are so many alternatives such as Dashlane, LastPass and our favourite, 1Password. There’s also the free Buttercup and KeePassXC to consider. Download RememBear for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. This article originally appeared at softwarecrew. o. k. Grayshift is said to be staffed by U. S. intelligence agency contractors and a former Apple security engineer. GrayKey is marketed as being able to extract the full filesystem from a device, and brute-force passcodes, despite Apple's safeguards against that practice. It may be relying on exploits thought to be used by Cellebrite, targeting the Secure Enclave found in every iPhone since the iPhone 5s. Normally it takes longer and longer between brute-force passcode attempts, ultimately up to an hour. With a six-digit passcode, it can take an inordinate amount of time to stumble across correct numbers. Because GrayKey doesn't require sending devices into a lab, Apple should be able to obtain a copy and reverse-engineer it to discover how it works and fix relevant security holes. Although companies like Grayshift and Cellebrite may be used in legitimate efforts by law enforcement and spy agencies, critics have worried that those same agencies can potentially help governments —and corporations —abuse their reach.

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Gritty indeed, but when he was singing Chattanooga Choo Choo I could not stop laughing. For those who do not watch, he plays a Catholic priest. Hopefully his luscious locks will be set free in that one. I could not recognize the actor who had played Craster, even if he looks the same, but as the queen’s father he is so kind and devoted to his family. She knew a caricature, the Kingslayer, rather than the real Jaime. I think he got more than a taste of the real world when he was appointed to what was supposed to be an order of noble Knights only to listen the king raping his wife and watch him become madder and madder and burn people alive. Also by realising how it’s impossible to keep all your vows in every circumstance, killing your king to save half a million people and then being vilified for the rest of his life for doing a good thing. He had had more than his share of tragedies, losing his sword hand was just the latest once that made him question his identity. Probably not, but chances are good that she’ll be a drunken mess in the courtyard when everyone finally deserts her. On top of all his other atrocities toward Sansa, he had the nerve to chortle with Myranda about future horrific damage he was going to do Sansa. That’s part of what made HIS ultimate fate so satisfying, and a reason I didn’t think less of Sansa for being happy about it. I thought it was a valid point and I am sure some will disagree and show examples but I live in hope Littlefinger will go flying through the Moondoor. In the weeks between the battle and everyone getting to Winterfell, Jon probably had single-handedly cut down half of the Bolton forces before the troops caught up to him. And I do not think that Jaime believes the Lannister propaganda, either: he knows that the Lannisters are a power, but he also knows that they are not the power. I suspect that in Cersei’s nontactical mind, the Tyrell’s many vassals will now flock to her: after all, she just crushed their masters, right. Jaime will probably fear that many of them will ally with the Tyrells and thus with Daenerys, and that others will simply sit on their hands. He might recognize that Cersei just seriously weakened the Lannisters rather than strengthened them. Because, it is not just that Cersei fails to grasp the difference between tactics and strategy: she fails to grasp what either of them really are. Do not get me wrong, I think he is much more intelligent than he is usually given credit for, due to his brand of intellect being less showy than that of his brother or father, but he is hardly a towering strategist, I believe. The Roses are now, for all intents and purposes, dead.

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This was the first golf tournament of the Lady Scottie's season. P. . The tournament was delayed 3 hours due to heat, so the lady Scottie golfers entertained the opponents by doing karaoke. This is Penny Biggers getting into the spirit of things as the new school year is quickly approaching. She's a Scottie at heart and she's getting ready for football season. Bill, Sending an aerial photo of the burned out Farmer's Livestock Market that was lost last week. My son, Lucas Sullivan, won the Tompkinsville Watermelon Pageant on Aug. 26th in his age division (3-year-olds). This is him before and after. hahaha. His little sister won Best-dressed. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting all of the people that stopped by our booth. Pictured from left to right are Stacy Rutledge, Micah Reece, Greg Berry, Paul Vanni and Mike Jamison. The pond looked so pretty and peaceful with the fountain in the middle. It is located on a farm owned by my uncles, Richard and Billy Joe Martin. He wasn't too glad to pose for me. (bottom) The Poison Ivy near my mailbox is already showing its Fall colors. It's amazing how anything so beautiful can cause so much misery. (one photo with flash, one without).

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Seventy-seven patients were included, and three cohorts were formed according to the hypertrophy of FLR. More sufficient PVE techniques and postponed hepatectomy might improve the outcome. Small initial FLR should not be a disclosure for curative hepatectomy. A retrogradely perfused right common iliac aneurysm expanded. Exclusion was by external-to-internal iliac stent-graft. No deterioration in claudication occurred with medium-term stent-graft patency. One possible mechanism of the left -to-right dominant frequency gradient involves the role of the pulmonary veins (PVs) in AF maintenance. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of PV isolation on the dominant frequency gradient and outcome after PV isolation. Patients with either paroxysmal or persistent AF were studied. Mean left -to-right dominant frequency gradient was measured before and after segmental PV isolation. Patients were followed for AF recurrence after PV isolation. This finding supports the critical role of PVs in the maintenance of ongoing paroxysmal AF. Patients with persistent AF and a baseline left -to-right dominant frequency gradient have a better success rate with PV isolation alone compared with. The scrotum was enlarged and warm to touch, and associated skin was noted to be lichenified on physical examination. The penis could not be extruded due to preputial swelling. Results from the following diagnostic tests were all unremarkable or within normal limits: scrotal aspirate, hematology, serum biochemistries, urinalysis, and radiography of the thorax, scrotum, and abdomen. Ultrasonography of lower extremities identified thrombi in bilateral iliac veins and left femoral vein. Collateral circulation surrounding the left femoral vein permitted some compensatory venous return. The left femoral vein of this animal had been catheterized approximately 2 mo before initial presentation. A coagulation panel revealed a positive D-dimer test, indicative of elevated levels of fibrin degradation products due to active thrombus breakdown.