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consulting firm staffed by human polygraphs-for-hire in the hire of Fortune 500 corporations, law enforcement agencies, major league and college sports, and, occasionally, the Department of Defense. He had helped Mulder break a lunar cycle serial killer’s alibi a few years back, and the two had developed a rapport based on mutual distrust for authority and a common knack for social impropriety. I had to pop a half-dozen Dramamine to get through it, all that panning and zooming and cinema verite technique. The faces were approximating exaggerated fear, but the body language was entirely too relaxed. That’s how they did the trick with the flying phantasms, right? . The man who addressed him was in his late 40s, nearly bald, and plump, wearing khakis and a lab coat. But athletics, they are more, ah, dynamic, than dry scholarship, eh. Across the hall, a group of students were giggling over a thick computer readout. You are interested, I understand, in laser technology? . A directory popped up on the screen, and with a right mouse move, he converted file names into thumbnails — the grainy. pgs Mulder had pulled from Piescak’s video. Such a disc could store 500 gigabytes of information.

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I have read a couple spoilers about stuff at the end of this seaosn bc some people are either naive or inconsiderate and didn't use spoiler tags. I don't know how it will come down, but based off of some supposed spoilers on other stuff, I have an idea. But I don't want to say it in case it's truex so I just wanted to respond so u didn't think I was ignoring ya But I'll say this. f it goes down th3 way I suspect, it will be wild! 81ackman. Of course she hit them back, the Lanisters are still shit, no matter if we understand Jamie or not. If Jons heart was not beating anymore he would visibly change his color. Definitely and I think their bloodline is probably tied to both the white walkers and the dragons existence themselves. I also heard Cercie's comment ref wanting back something of hers. He's not hers. Casterly Rock is as good as hers back anyway, not sure how Danny plans on keeping that. Jon just convinced Dany NOT to use her dragon against the common folk. The Lannisters lost their most important military leader for their ground armies and a big chunk of soldiers and food. She's not going nuts, she's still got people grounding her and making her see the right way to gain the support of the people.

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Suddenly a horn is heard and we see the gates open and Brienne, Sansa and Podrick arrive. Though Sansa and Jon never interacted (they were present in one scene together in the series' very first episode but they never talked) that scene was still a huge emotional punch. Sansa, escorted by Pod and Brienne, who catches the eye of mesmerized Tormund (more on that unexpected gem later), finally reached Castle Back. Jon sees her. And then Sansa runs to him and they hug. Even though I kept thinking how they must have built Kit Harington a ramp for that scene. It was the best and most beautiful moment of the season so far. The last time I cried s hard at something good happening was when Catelyn saw Robb emerge victorious from the battle in season 1. Seeing the good guys, Jon and Sansa, finally reunited with each other, the Stark children, was mesmerizing. It doesn't matter they weren't particularly close - they are the heroes and they've been through so much. It was am incredibly sweet scene with Sansa telling Jon she is sorry how awful she used to be to him. He also mentions how he needs to protect her because Father's ghost would know if he didn't. Jon is still reluctant to fight but Sansa tells him they need to fight and defeat the Boltons. What was even sweeter than witnessing Stark reunion was seeing Sansa after the abomination of a storyline in season 5 and basically an entire series of being a bystander finally take charge and have the will to fight for herself, for her family and for Winterfell.

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