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With a new fresh idea James Wan has created a gripping story that kept my eyes glued to the screen anticipating what would happen next. The cinematography is James Wan is still able to reinvent the horror genre in his new movie Lights Out. The cinematography is down right good, the characters feel real, so much so that it's hard not to have some kind of attachment to the characters on screen. The story is clever in it's own right, it's a very open and close story, I don't expect a sequel but maybe James Wan will surprise me like he did with this film. This movie is truly incredible and is defiantly worth watching. The movie keeps finding ways to surprise you, don't judge this film based on the trailer it doesn't begin to scratch the surface. The film is yet another in a string of horror movies that uses diseases as allegories for its premise, and this premise alone is genius. Lights Out, is quite possibly one of the most visually and mentally scary films in the last two years. Lights Out is often unnerving and sometimes terrifying, dark in look and tone, without feeling recycled or derivative. The biggest strength of the film is that the story is constructed in a way that the audience is always wondering if something will happen. That being said throughout this film the audience has to fear that this character could pop out of any dark space at any given time. At 81 minutes, not a single second is calm or peaceful, because the mere sight of sight of this creature is unnerving. However, the writers and crew deserve credit for conceiving the idea of the film having a lot of darkness in it. In this film lighting is very much a storytelling device, and it is used perfectly. Every scene in this film contains, just the right amount of darkness and light, almost as if there are safe areas, and areas that characters should stay away from, and they’re often changing. The dark look and tone of this film, create a very unnerving atmosphere, because one of the most common fears is a fear of the dark, and more notably a fear of the unknown, which exists in the dark.

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points per 100 possessions. The Raptors (8-5) have the Eastern Conference’s second best offense and score 107. points per game. Johnson, in the small sample size of nine games, has helped give the Clippers the league’s best defense. His return to the court is nothing if not timely. “You want to be out there, good or bad, you still want to be out there competing with the team,” Johnson said. “But they’ve been doing well, so I’m eager to get back out there. . Carpenter Jr. died on Saturday. He was 86. The Elko Daily Free Press reports Carpenter was born in Fallon in 1930 and graduated from high school in Ely before moving to a sheep ranch in Elko. He served on the Elko County Commission before serving 24 years as a Republican in the Assembly. His successor, John Ellison, praised him as a family man whose work for the community included fighting for the payment in lieu of taxes program that supports rural local governments. He and his wife Roseann raised seven children and owned several businesses. Dr.


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