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It paired excellently with her new shorter haircut, and it's easy to see that she was feeling the whole look. This beautiful black-and-white polka dot is another variation on fun summer style. But her latest look is special, because the completely see-through dress leaves nothing at all to the imagination. Kardashian West's vintage Jil Sander coat just about covered the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. You get what you pay for, yes, but that doesn't mean you have to pay through the nose for pieces that will last. A new facility in Lanphun, a lush outpost in northern Thailand—Pandora production has been based there since 1989—that keeps the majority of manufacturing under one roof, allowing the company to make use of skilled local artisans. We control all the steps from design and raw material procurement through to production and distribution. We control all the steps from design and raw material procurement to production and distribution. Kozha Numbers, handmade in Oregon in small quantities and sold through its own site and a few small, independent boutiques, allowing for prices substantially lower than what you'd expect from a major designer. Note to the wise, though: The bags also sell out quickly, so if you love it, buy it. Weaning yourself off fast fashion that falls apart (or out of style) within the span of three months doesn't need to necessitate looting your 401k. The piece Bey is wearing in the photo is from it, and the singer put in an personal order for it before she was even pregnant. Her measurements were taken, the sample was tailored, and it was sent back. Then Palomo and his team found out she was pregnant. I thought, Oh my God, I am so in love with this fabric. The brand's founder, Michelle Cordeiro Grant, stopped by the ELLE offices and showed me the collection of cute and low-key basics, including a selection of bralettes I selfishly complained I couldn't wear because of my 32DD chest.

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Because apparently the Old Gods forbid two people reasonably talking about their problems with each other in a moving way that proves that despite everything Jon and Sansa value each other more than plots or positions, or the writers just have a ComplexityAddiction. Between the two of them, they will obliterate the Lannisters (except for Tyrion, because he always manages to survive). Similar to Quentyn Martell's poor approach in the books, this went bad and those three ended up barbecued by Drogon or Rhaegal (he's the smart one) or all three of them. We know Euron isn't right in the head and might have a borderline God Complex, so teaming up with omnicidal beings to gain power couldn't be put past him. This will add fuel to the fire for the inevetable civil war in the Iron Islands. Randyll Tarly will lead some of his men to the wall as a testament to valor, with Dickon lording over his house. Throughout this, people on the Wall will talk to Randyll about how is unfavorite son Sam was the first living human to kill a White Walker and praise Sam, much to Randyll's irritation. Both Varys and Tyrion will be very aware of the extent of the threat from the White Walkers, and will impress this on Dany, and both will probably be aware that only dragons have a chance of really defeating them, but they will have differing advice. Varys will suggest that she focus on taking the south, let the North and the Vale wear themselves down holding off the White Walkers so that she can conquer them with ease, and then stop the White Walkers herself. Tyrion will urge her to send a contingent of her army and the dragons to see off the White Walkers, and make an early alliance with the North and the Vale, saving their lives and winning them over to her side that way, then together take the south. Dany will take a middle ground: she will put helping the North and the Vale on her to-do list, but will focus all her forces on retaking King's Landing first, as she will be unwilling to risk not having the Iron Throne after all her effort. He never considered or took into account their existence in his long term plans. The threat of the White Walkers are a threat to all his ambitions and plans. And he will adapt to it; it is said that Littlefinger would burn the whole country if he could be King of te Ashes, and it's no doubt that his chaos is a ladder philosophy will be at play. PragmaticVillainy has virtually no place with the Nights King on the horizon. Because Sansa is no longer his pawn, Littlfinger will retaliate by refusing any aid for the North in the White Walker threat, but since they are a threat to all of Westeros, in lieu of burning Westeros, he will allow them to pass, perhaps have his men kill any House armies heading to face the threat, he will burn any food and resources for their protection ala Ramsay in season5, and will refuse refugee aid.

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hilippine Idol. Sajor clinched the Grand Champion Senior Vocalist of the World with his rendition of ? nthem. During the elimination process throughout the week, there were always two entries from the Philippines. I hated that I had to compete for the same title with Raki. Sajor commented to this writer after the competition. I did an inspirational album, but it was not released. I asked, ? f a big company would offer you a singing career in the U. . would you take it? ? f course, I? pursue a career here if there is an opportunity! he replied. Aria and Reymond are both being managed by STAGES and are trained by Trumpets Playshop, endorsing Trumpets Music Academy in the Philippines.

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Back on the Fourth of July, the museum tweeted a picture of the artist working on Melania Trump’statue. You can see Melania’s wax head without any hair applied yet in the tweet below. According to ABC, the above tweet came from the museum in Madrid to promote the statue which was in the works for this week’s unveiling. According to Starts At 60, while some folks like the look of the statue, there are others who are calling the statue “terrifying. Many don’ t think it has captured Melania’s beauty and some are calling the image “lifeless” and “pale. The picture below is one of Melania smiling and while she has natural smile lines, the wax statue has given her creases that go deep into her face with excess flesh bubbling up in ripples from her cheek bone down to her jowl line. The first lady’s hairline looks a bit high on her forehead. Melania’s hair looks “flat” and “faded, ” which were the comments quoted by Starts at 60. Others online have requested the statue of Melania be “redone, ” as it doesn’ t capture her true beauty. This is not the first time a wax statue of a first lady has caused some controversy. The wax statue created for Madame Tussauds of Michelle Obama also came with many critiques from the masses saying similar things that you are hearing about Melania’s statue today. You can see Barack and Michelle Obama in wax statue form in the picture below. Donald Trump’s image was captured with his tan and his hair is done according to color, but the thumbs up sign looks a bit like a hitchhiking pose rather than the thumbs up that one would assume it was meant to be. The wax statues don’ t have Melania and Donald Trump connected in any way. Not so much physical, but they look like two separate entities. In June, a criminal court convicted 67 people charged in connection with the plot and recommended 31 of them be sentenced to death.