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best, John Delete Replies Reply Reply le0pard13 10:04 AM This was Sam Peckinpah at his button pushing best. It's not an easy film to love, but damn, it puts its cards on the table, alright. For a filmmaker so steeped in the American and Mexican West, his transition into rural England seems so established and natural. It still amazes that, given many of his later projects would be taken over by the studio, he got this on film at all. I have grown to love this film after multiple viewings over many years, but still find its conclusions and commentary on the human condition extremely discomforting. And welcome aboard! --Ivan Reply Delete Replies Reply Add comment Load more. Entas tyovuoro? He ovat Keha I:n tunneliharjoituksessa. Dit TriCafe bestaat uit: een duurrit van 2 uur door duinenlandschap vbij Oostvoorne, een aansluitende looptraining (optioneel) en een TriCafe om afsluitend nog wat extra inspiratie op doen onder het genot van een drankje. Providing a platform for performers to network and share their talent live on stage from; acting, singing, rapping, comedy or spoken or word maybe something with a twist. Have just reached its 60th anniversary, it still holds up as one of the memorable greats. William Castle’s gimmick this time was EMERGO, which sent a skeleton out over the heads of the audience at a key point in the film. It’s currently streaming in the US on Amazon Prime, Tubi, Fandor, and Epix. When we started painting, it was lots and lots of experimenting. One of the most controversial topics in the industry. Director, William Castle, was never one to miss a good gimmick to get people in the seats. (See his EMERGO trick on House on Haunted Hill) They may have been gimmicks, but it worked and I’d really love to see more of this in present day theaters. You don’t need a Ghost Viewer today to see this, but a pair of 3-D glasses does make it a bit more fun. It’s not currently streaming, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere online.

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? I think the song of ice and fire refers to the intentions of men being compared as ice and fire. Dragonbinder burns whoever blows it, although I believe Dany can blow it( the blood of old Valyria) Jackson Andrew 2. Hamed Abedali 2 ? ? Amazing theory kittydreamz86 2. I have always wondered if the horn that Ghost found at the fist of the first men is the Horn of Winter. Shawn 2 ? ? Ice and Fire are Hate and Love and GRRM is a big anti-war writer. HoldupnWatch 2 ? ? Items like horns hold spells, charms, and history -- the embodiment of time -- but it takes a person, a destined person, to use it as it's intended. This is why everyone gets so let down by these types of stories. Max Erea 2 ? ? The horn is the one Euron found in old Valyria Cendy Pfortmiller 2. Man I hope you're right, but I'm skeptical after things seemed so easy for the heroes in season 6 Daniel Burnd 2. The problems I have between the show and the books is that, the show will not show us the true ending. A war that starts with a song of ice of fire that ends by the person born of ice and fire.

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That is why it both hired and understandably fired in the same day tech writer Quinn Norton, once it discovered that she had remained friends with notorious Alt-right racist Andrew Auernheimer, despite claims of frequently disassociating herself from his repugnant views. Yet the Times hired and kept another tech writer on its editorial board, the racist Harvard Law School grad Sarah Jeong. She had not just befriended a racist, but was an abject hater herself—at least if her twitter trove can be believed. But the difference was twofold, Jeong was Asian-American, and the objects of her hatred were purportedly old and white. And she apparently knew well that such a formula provided her exemption from any criticism for expressing toxicity. And all engaged in vicious and cowardly stereotyping of a demographic in a manner that they assumed involved no downside. Rather, the smears were delivered on the expectation of winning approbation from their peers. And they did in twitter-fueled competitions to find the crudest pejoratives. For decades race and gender studies academics had argued that overtly expressed racism against whites was not real racism, but could be contextualized by prior white oppression. In the age of furor against Trump, their theories now went off campus and were being adjudicated by a wider constituency—and yet they did not seem to win agreement from the general public. The irony, of course, is that these professionals displayed far less humanity in their crude putdowns about smells, toothlessness and apes than did the targets of their smears. But the hatred was not confined to the media and politicos, but rather also came from the very top of the Democratic Party. After the election, a defeated Hillary Clinton openly doubled-down on. Read More HERE Wow. I guess bad guys are everywhere Cache Translate Page Ever heard that Ghanaians were doing the same thing. Met this guy on gaydar said his name was James but was not. Careful meeting kenyans on gaydar they will tell you bullshit. Benin - Cotonou Cache Translate Page A few cruising places in Cotonou. These are not gay night clubs, but you can find your luck there. - New York New York: lots of female prositutes, but you can be lucky here.

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So, basically what I'm saying here is that there isn't a waitlist. If enough runners drop in the next few weeks, I may open registration again for a bit, but don't count on it. Only a little bit of the slippery stuff, which I'm pretty confident will be gone by race day. So, if you're signed up for the 60k, be prepared to go the full distance this year (or maybe even a km or two extra! . Official Trailer for the Film: Search for the Perfect Day. Cache Translate Page We premiered the official trailer for the Search for the Perfect Day film series at the 8th annual Reel Paddling Film Festival at the Mission Theater in Portland, OR on April 25th 2013. You can watch it below: There is also an article out about OSOM and the film series in the early summer issue of Adventure Kayak Magazine. Team Members Jason Self and Shay Bickley have been invited to join an elite group of paddlers on Team Sea Kayaker, part of Sea Kayaker Magazine. There is a feature about them in the current issue of SKM. Team Member Chris Bensch made waves last week when he rescued a family of 3 from drowning in the Clackamas River while teaching an unrelated white water kayaking class. We're working hard to finish shooting and editing of our film series by August. T-shirts, decals, and photo calendars are in the works and we expect them to be ready very soon. Backer rewards for our Kickstarter campaign will ship shortly after they are produced. Shooting Search for the Perfect Day Episode 3 in Kauai Cache Translate Page What a whirlwind the last three months has been. We've been back in Portland for almost three weeks and we're just beginning to recover. We apologize for the delay in posting our report on shooting Episode 3 in beautiful Kauai. First, let's catch up on recent and upcoming events. March 27th: We were given the opportunity to give a slideshow presentation to a great local paddling club; Oregon Ocean Paddling Society (OOPS), on our OSOM mission and shooting Search for the Perfect Day Ep 1-3. April 16th: Jason will be the featured guest on the Double L Show on Kayak Fishing Radio.

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2. . Thermal and flame retardation properties The effect of the addition of clay on the glass transition has shown a variety of behaviours, depending on the system used. Domain II: a region of faster motion where the material is isolated from the bulk and from the tethered state, and thus relaxes faster (due to a lack of such interactions) and has been observed particularly in thermoplastic nanocomposites, such as by NMR. 9 The final region (Domain III) is the bulk material, which has the same glass transition as if there were no added layered silicate. The ability to manipulate the size of these relative areas will vary the effect on Tg. Clearly greater exfoliation will result in a lack of fast relaxation Region II, and thus lead to the same or higher value. Since most epoxy nanocomposites do in fact show an intercalated structure, it is not surprising that most work has shown a decreased glass transition. Likewise, the mix of clay intercalation and exfoliation will lead to a broadness of relaxation. At higher temperatures, thermal stability becomes an issue. This relates to degradation of both the organo-ion, as well as the epoxy resin. Most of the published work on the thermal stability of epoxy layered silicate nano- composites to date is based on the widely used epoxy resin DGEBA. 3,5052 The technique of thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is often applied to investigate the degradation resistance to heat of such materials. Park et al. 0 found an increased activation energy of decomposition and an increased temperature value at which the maximum weight loss occurred. Lee and Jang51 reported a shift in the onset of thermal decomposition towards higher temperatures for intercalated epoxy nanocomposite synthesized by emulsion polymerization of unmodified layered silicate, as indicated by TGA (in a nitrogen atmosphere). In 2. 1 The domain-relaxation model of Lu and Nutt, which contains materialwhich is attached to the platelets (I), confined between platelets (II) or in thebulk (III). 8 (Figure 6, page 4015, Lu, H. Nutt, S.