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Village elders recount tales of famine, drought, disease, and exploitation before explicating various shifts in the political line - from the land reforms of 1949 and the collectivization of the early 50s, through the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, and the current Four Modernizations. (The latest developments, encouraging household farming, are not universally appreciated: 'Now even if you sleep till noon no one will bug you - you'll just go hungry'). Replete with village rituals (including funerals, markets, and playing Ping-Pong on a round stone table with a brick 'net'), All Under Heaven gives you an appreciation for the successive waves of Chinese history. Carma Hinton. Cinematography, Richard Gordon; editor, David Carnochan. PBS air date: Sept. 8, 1987. English narration; some Chinese dialogue with either English voice-over or English subtitles. An intimate look at daily life in Long Bow, a village about 400 miles southwest of Beijing. Shows how traditional way of life has persisted and altered with political changes of the last 40 years, particularly collectivization and decollectivization. Language: English Series: Distributor: Long Bow Group URL. Language: Portuguese Series: Distributor: Taiga Films URL. Directed by award-winning filmmakers Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker, American Tongues goes to the streets and countryside to listen to American English in all its diversity and color. From Boston Brahmins to African-American teenagers, from Texas cowboys to urban professionals, American Tongues elicits funny, perceptive, sometimes shocking, and always telling comments about our diverse society. Language: English Series: Distributor: CNAM Films URL.

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Based on merit alone, the Code Jam does not make any considerations to contestants’ race, gender, political affiliation, or social status. It’s a test of pure skill—and the impartiality of the results speaks loudly. Women, as with anyone else, have entered the competition, but none so far have ever made it to the final around. This isn’ t a fact that’s gone unnoticed, as keen-eyed Reddit users speculated on reasons for why that is. Despite efforts to increase gender diversity by companies like Google and all across Silicon Valley, the numbers aren’ t going up by much. Current statistics from Google’s own employee demographics show that only 31% of the company is made up of women, with a near-gender parity (48% to 52%) in non-tech positions. The divide is much larger in technical positions (20% to 80%). However, unlike the company’s wage issues, nothing has prevented women from competing in the Code Jam at its highest levels. The results raise questions about the obvious gender disparity, but there are not easily answered (or asked), given Google’s decision to terminate James Damore’s employment for attempting to address this very issue. The film tells a powerful story of desperation that, according to the director, explores the moral compromises all people have to make in their “ceaseless struggle for economic security, or even survival. Koci spoke to Variety about “Daybreak” ahead of its premiere Sunday. What motivated you to tell this story? “Daybreak” is a fictional story. It is not based on real events, but it is somehow distilled from my everyday life observations, intuition, and imagination of other people’s day-by-day struggle to keep going on in a society very “productive” of insecurities. I’ m more and more convinced that this system of insecurities to which most of us are exposed is creating a grey zone of human relations.

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Scream Factory have become the kings of digging up these bottom rack gems and Witchboard is no different, carrying the distinct stamp of the times in which it was made. However, in keeping with that line of thought, Witchboard is certainly not for the ’80s horror uninitiated, as it will mostly play only to those who have a strong affinity for the genre and decade. The somewhat languid pacing can be brutal at times, and those looking for a 90-minute stretch of pure insanity like Night of the Demons are going to be sorely disappointed. There are several moments of hilarity (I’ll now be saying “TTFN” instead of “goodbye” for roughly FOREVER) peppered into the mix while we finally wait for the nefarious Malfeitor (it’s Portuguese for “someone evil”, dude ! to finally show up and start snapping necks. Once the graphic violence actually begins, Tenney shows a real flair for staging crimson soaked set pieces (an impalement right around the half-way point is impressively realized). Witchboard may not achieve the dizzying heights of his later work, but it is definitely the director’s most competently constructed piece of entertainment. With the right audience, the film is a real blast, as a group viewing could lead to some serious hooting, hollering and cheering. Witchboard definitely works best with a case of beer and some fellow horror-loving friends, as its often high energy and (sometimes unintentionally) hilarious moments are sure to leave its audience anything but bored. Special Features The commentary with Tenney and producers Gerald Geoffray and Walter Josten is often lively and informative. Apparently a lengthy backstory involving the origin of David the Ghost was scripted but cut for budgetary reasons (Tenney, who was only out of USC for a few months when the film went into production, had to scrape and claw for every dollar). A second commentary track (with Tenney and actors Kathleen Wilhoite, James W. Quinn and Stephen Nichols) is equally, as everyone involved seems to remember working on the film quite well. All were (and still pretty much are) relative unknowns even to genre fans, but seem to revel in the trials and tribulations of making a shoestring-budgeted horror film. Also included is a lengthy making-of entitled Progressive Entrapment, in which Tenney claims that Witchboard was partially based on real-life experiences (sure it was, Kevin), as well as SIX (!

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“I think it’s going to make the difference. Strange said the president offered his support in a Tuesday phone call and asked what he could do. “I said, well a tweet would be great, ” Strange said. Strange is backed by a super political action committee tied to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The PAC has pumped millions into an advertisement blitz on behalf of Strange as it seeks to beat back GOP insurgents. Ever since a series of messy primaries led to losing general election Senate races in 2010 and 2012, Republicans led by McConnell of Kentucky have worked aggressively to defeat challengers deemed as fringe. But that backing has become a major rallying cry for Strange’s challengers. Brooks has labeled him as the candidates of the “swamp critters. “The principled conservatives, my constituents, they’ re excited about telling Mitch McConnell that we don’ t like him butting into the state of Alabama and we want different leadership and we want support for President Trump’s agenda, ” Brooks said at one campaign stop. “We’ ve got people up there that don’ t want change despite the fact in November 2016 the people of this country voted for change, ” Moore said. Moore was twice removed from duties as chief justice for defying courts on gay marriage and the public display of the Ten Commandments. He is particularly considered a tough Republican primary because of his heavy support from evangelical voters. The heated Republican primary will head into a September runoff unless a single candidate tops 50 percent of the vote in the first round of balloting on Tuesday. Becky Gerritson, head of the one the state’s most active tea party groups, said Republicans in her area don’ t care for McConnell. Moore won the tea party organization’s straw poll, but Gerritson said she supports Brooks.

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With a solid script and superb direction, West commands attention from his audience quickly and holds it firmly in a vice-tight grip thanks in part to the sense of isolation and heightened anxiety that gradually develop into a terrifying sense of dread. AJ Bowen delivers a solid performance but it is Gene Jone’s performance as the compound’s leader that steals the spotlight. He creates a villain with the ability to literally draw you in to his way of thinking as his motives come from a place of reason. Intriguing and harrowing, The Sacrament still holds its power on repeated viewings and it is for that reason I recommend you to check it out. Well in this case Adrian Garcia Bogliano comes incredibly close to doing so with Late Phases, a geriatric werewolf horror. Telling the story of Nick Damici ( Stake Land ) as a war veteran who moves into a gated retirement community only to survive an attack by a large wolf like beast. With his neighbours concerned over his sanity Ambrose (Damici) must figure out a plan to stop the monster from attacking again. Both Damici and Ethan Embry ( Cheap Thrills ) do a fantastic job to sell the realism of the film but the true star is its special effects. The wolf transformations are fantastic and are done mostly practically which I thought was amazing. In desperation to find the source, the duo must come to terms with what has happened before things spiral out of control and the chaos consumes them both. Utilising the conventions of the found-footage sub genre this film puts the audience right into the middle of the fray making the experience thrilling and that much more enjoyable. For example, a chase sequence on a rooftop perfectly blends CGI effects with filmed footage to create an unforgettable sequence that will leave your jaw on the floor. Simply put, Afflicted does for horror what Chronicle did for superheroes. Director Patrick Brice does in his claustrophobic chiller Creep. Without using foul language, excessive gore or constant threat of violence to shock its audience, Creep instead builds its scares naturally through solid acting and some very out there moments that are simply unnerving.