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The rest of the movie awards were spread among several contenders, with Jennifer Copping named best actress as a reformed hippie mom in the 1970s-set coming of age story Becoming Redwood, Michael Eklund taking best actor as a tormented scientist in the stylish psycho-thriller Errors of the Human Body, and Agam Darshi supporting actress as an aerobicized femme fatale for the noir thriller Crimes of Mike Recket. Prizes were handed out at Friday and Saturday night galas at the Westin Bayshore, with Saturday’s event hosted by TV comedy couple Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson. Lauro Chartrand won for best stunt co-ordination for the Steven Seagal-Steve Austin action flick Maximum Conviction, while the sexual awakening drama Lucille’s Ball earned the best editing prize for Jeanne Slater. The western Dawn Rider earned Zohra Shahalimi the prize for best costume design, and the revenge drama Bailout: the Age of Greed took the prize for best sound, for the team of Kirby Jinnah, Chris Gilling, Iain Pattison and Graeme Hughes. On the TV side, the Showcase network sci-fi series Continuum dominated the awards, winning seven Leos including best series. William Waring won best director for one Continuum episode, show creator Simon Barry won best screenwriting, while editor Alison Grace and costume designer Maya Mani were also honoured for their work. The new CW network superhero series Arrow earned awards for stunt co-ordination (J. . Makaro), cinematography (Glen Winter), visual effects (Jean-Luc Dinsdale, Pauline Burns, Andrew Orloff, Dave Gauthier), and production design (Richard Hudolin), Vancouver’s Jackie Lind took the prize for best TV series casting, for her work on the Alberta-filmed AMC western series Hell on Wheels. Sunsilk believes that the secrets to beautiful hair shouldn’t be locked behind the salon door. That's why we've worked with seven internationally renowned hair experts to create salon-quality products for every girl, whoever she is, wherever she lives, whatever her hair type.


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No spoilers, but the ending is certainly worth the watch. They might not like the film personally, but that shouldnt generate a biased low score. Unlike a lot of other horror movies, this one actually had a backstory as to the origins and reasoning for the gameI was surprised with that. I expected it to just be a scary game with no purpose, but I genuinely respect that they added a backstory. Its terrible. Its littered with nonsensical reactions, silly dialogue, and unintentionally hilarious moments. Maybe those weird smiles that every character makes at one point are scary to others, but I found them funny every time. The movie is pretty straightforward, but Ill give a brief explanation anyway. While there, a stranger invites them to play truth or dare in a creepy abandoned church. It turns out that the game is possessed by a demon who follows them and forces them to continue playing the game until every player is dead. The game and movie are essentially Jumanji crossed with Final Destination.