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In the final stages of her sickness, Wick’s wife arranged for him to receive a puppy, to love in her absence. Within days, while taking his car and furry friend for a ride, Wick is confronted by privileged Russian mob kids headed by Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen of “Game of Thrones”). Later that night, the gang invades Wick’s home, viciously attacks him, kills the dog, and steals his prized Mustang. This insult to injury turns Wick’s grief into rage, as he dives headfirst into the criminal world he left behind to kick some spoiled ass. Most of the tricks in John Wick ’s arsenal—who’s-who cameos of cinemas greatest badasses, handcuffed escapes, clever allusions to the extent of Wick’s famed abilities—are used in the first 45 minutes only to repeat themselves. Doesn’t matter, because everything is such a blast that you won’t mind it the second time. The plot—such as it is—doesn’t build toward its conclusion so much as just ends after there’s no one left to kill. Doesn’t matter, because in a genre exercise this tight, any moral or moment of dramatic sincerity would have been entirely artificial. First is the direction by professional stuntmen Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, both of whom have a history with Reeves going back to the Matrix films. The movie looks amazing, from its terrific use of color to its impeccably choreographed fight scenes that lack the spatial confusion of similar shootout-heavy films. The second is Reeves himself, who has become known for performing many of his own stunts, fighting, and even driving. Whereas Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson are dramatically believable in their respective roles, few action heroes his age throw their entire body into every punch, kick, roll, and stab quite as much as Reeves. The plot detours become a bit redundant and sometimes drag the momentum to a halt, and the character of Wick himself is either uneven or required more of a performance from Reeves. But as a technical display of physicality and style by some of the best stuntmen in the business, here’s hoping it launches an American subgenre of Hong Kong-style action films in a way John Woo never could. Perhaps it’s a consequence of the audience’s exhaustion from grim years of Bats and Supes that the DCEU gives an individual filmmaker the freedom to do whatever he wants. DC. When they revealed their discovery to their mother’s longtime. At the annual Burning Man, a gathering that began on a San Francisco beach 32 years ago and is now.

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You’ll get ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, either live or on-demand depending on your location, plus dozens of other popular channels, which Hulu lists in full on its website. Hulu With Live TV also presents some stiff competition when it comes to sports, providing 12 different sports channels, including ESPN, CSN, and Fox Sports 1, which nearly matches YouTube TV’s 13 (though falls short of FuboTV’s sports-laden lineup). Hulu with Live TV also lets users follow their favorite sports teams from the NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLS, MLB, and NHL, and record their games, provided they’re available. This gives the service a serious edge for current Hulu fans, consolidating live TV with everything subscribers already get with Hulu into a single monthly bill. Hulu’s on-demand library is already very good, with some of the best original TV series around, and Hulu with Live TV offers one more reason to sign up. That said, subscribers will be able to upgrade from some basic Hulu with available features like unlimited simultaneous streams and enhanced cloud DVR storage. The base packages, while largely similar, do have some major differences — namely that ABC and Disney-owned channels (including ESPN) are only present in Orange, while Blue carries NBC, CBS, Fox, and other sports channels like NFL Network and NFL Redzone. It’s a little confusing, but it’s fairly easy to parse when you see all the packages laid out in front of you. In terms of bonus features, SlingTV is pretty standard, but it does have some unique standouts. The first is game finder, a search feature on the Sling TV website that finds live and upcoming sports content available for your channel package and region. There’s also a bandwidth limiter, which will help keep you from going over you data limits — streaming video content can eat up data quickly, after all, so this is a welcome feature. Sling Orange subscribers will have access to a single stream, while Blue allows for up to three streams simultaneously. You can get the gist of everything SlingTV has to offer by reading our SlingTV guide. PlayStation Vue offers the largest number of channels of any of the services, but it’s also the most expensive, and it’s pricing structure can be confusing to wrap your head around at first. Which channels you get — and even which plans are offered — will depend on your location. PlayStation Vue’s packages come in two varieties: With local channels (regular) or without (Slim). If you currently only have access to the Slim packages, the good news is that Sony adds new markets quite frequently, so it’s possible live local channels will be available for you in the future (though, at a higher monthly bill). You can find which local channels are available on Sony’s PS Vue page.

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It is often used by programmers, and is bundled with Mac OS X. Andy ( Monotype ), his first face, a design based on a friend's lefty handwriting. Arimo (2010). A free sans family at Google Web Fonts that is metrically compatible with Arial. Ascender Serif (2005, 4 styles) is metrically compatible with Times New Roman. Ascender Uni Duo is a fixed-width comprehensive Unicode-compatible font available with support for the Unicode Standard. Ascender Uni Duo is a 39MB TrueType font with approximately 53,000 glyphs. The Latin and related glyphs (designed by Steve Matteson) are Sans Serif, with Gothic ideographs drawn in Japanese style, and complementary styles for other scripts. There are also versions of Ascender Uni that provide localized support for Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. OpenType layout support is included for Arabic (initial, medial, final, isolate, and required ligature forms, as well as basic mark positioning), and vertical writing for CJK locales (consisting mostly of Latin, symbol, punctuation, and kana glyph variants). Character Set: Latin-1, WGL Pan-European (Eastern Europe, Cyrillic, Greek and Turkish), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic. Ayita (2006, Ascender), a decorative sans family co-designed with Jim Ford. Steve describes this sans family as a feisty hybrid of precise geometry and calligraphic flair. Cousine (2010). A free family at Google Code that is metrically compatible with Courier New. See also OFL. Creepy (Ascender Corporation): a Halloween font designed with Carl Crossgrove. Done with Carl Crossgrove, based on wrought iron on chairs.

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Bromley had recognized the importance of ethnos as a field of study; but, like everything in Soviet academia, any use of his insights was stifled by the suffocating climate of orthodoxy. Gumilev seems to have done more than anyone to inspire non-Russian nationalism in Central Asia and the Caucasus, with fateful consequences. Gumilev’s contribution to Kazakhstan’s independence is so revered, for example, that the country’s post-independence president, Nursultan Nazarbaev, named a university after him. His publications raised his profile to GULAG 141 a national level for the first time. But this exposed him to criticism: patriotic Russian historians saw his defence of the Mongols and the way he equated Russia with steppe nomads as heresy. The attacks worsened Gumilev’s already severe paranoia, and it remains somewhat tragic that he sank deeper into anti-Semitism as a result. Soon he was caught up in another scandal, which again tinged him with anti-Semitism. Gumilev’s arguments were used by philosopher Yury Boroday, who wrote in Priroda that Western civilization was the heir to the tradition of Jewish Manichaeism. 05 It was a twisted, racist use of claims that Gumilev had made, and indeed this particular point does not seem to have been present in Gumilev’s work; however, Gumilev never publicly repudiated Boroday’s article. Following the essay’s publication in Priroda, the USSR Academy of Sciences convened a special session to condemn it and, by extension, Gumilev’s theories. The editorial board of Priroda was purged and several articles by Gumilev were rejected without explanation by scientific journals. The anti-Western slant of his histories was also very likely considered politically useful. 06 And it is probably no accident that he was given considerable latitude to publish during the Kulikovo anniversary, against the backdrop of Soviet confrontation with the West over Afghanistan and Poland. Interest in Gumilev and his theories in the upper reaches of the party seems to have grown in direct proportion to the waning appeal of communism. By the mid-1980s, senior officials had no doubt noticed that the official metaphysics was exhausted and Leninist dogma was a joke even in top party circles. Russia’s economy was crumbling and needed reform; its dogmas needed rejuvenation; its politics needed fresh faces. 142 BLACK WIND, WHITE SNOW Fresh faces Chernenko was followed by a relatively sprightly 54-year-old, Mikhail Gorbachev, who would shortly implement the political thaw known as glasnost, and economic reforms known as perestroika, which liberalized private property and paved the way for the end of communism. Glasnost, the relaxation of censorship, was first implemented in 1988, and it rescued Lev’s fate as a scholar.

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3. Genitive antecedents Louis Menand is a professor of English literature at Harvard who firmly believes that it is a “solecism” (a grammatical error) for a personal pronoun to have a noun phrase in the genitive case as its antecedent. In correspondence with Arnold Zwicky (see Zwicky’s Language Log post at and earlier posts linked there) Menand staunchly maintained that this is so, even despite the fact that plenty of 34 GEOFFREY K. PULLUM counter-examples could be found in his own book The Metaphysical Club. This is a ghost rule that John Dryden invented out of thin air. It has never been a true generalization in the whole history of English that prepositions could not be left behind in the verb phrase in this way. Linguists refer to the phenomenon as preposition stranding. And there cannot be any doubt about whether Standard English has preposition stranding. Take the language used by Lady Bracknell, surely Oscar Wilde’s great epitome of intimidatingly pedantic upper-class standard Britishness. I presume you know what that unfortunate movement led to. Interestingly, the first strands the preposition of an adjunct rather than a complement (often this is characteristic of more informal style, as in Which days of the week can you visit on? . A common inaccuracy is the use of the plural pronoun when the antecedent is a distributive expression such as each, each one, everybody, every one, many a man, which, though implying more than one person, requires the pronoun to be in the singular. Similar to this, but with even less justification, is the use of the plural pronoun with the antecedent anybody, any one, somebody, some one, the intention being either to avoid the awkward “he or she,” or to avoid committing oneself to either. Some bashful speakers even say, “A friend of mine told me that they, etc. But again, as we seek evidence that this holds for English as spoken and written by its expert users, problems emerge. She puts singular they into the mouths of people from all walks of life. I suppose someone could try to maintain that this shows only that the novelist knew some people engaged in this practice conversationally; so let me just exhibit a few examples in the narrator’s voice in novels by Austen.

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1975, 1975. J: Juvenile Literature. Hard. ISBN: 0027622207. Quality Hardback: hard cover edition in Very Good condition. Jacket. ISBN: 671520777. Hardback: hard cover edition in good plus condition, a. Follett Publishing Company 1956, Clean and Unmarked Text. Shaped Like a Real Hamburger, All Popups are in Good Working Order. ill. Special Hardback: hard cover edition in good or better condition, some slight. General Rochambeau Commission; no Date, Soft Cover. Providence Plantations, General Rochambeau Commission; no Date, POPULAR TITLE OF. Rutherford, New Jersey, U. . . Price Stern Sloan, 1988.

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