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Theo Records presents the long-awaited soundtrack for the game Pathologic 2. Actually it is a full special album that reminds the early works of Theodor Bastard band. It is dedicated to the mystery of the childhood, to the childhood as the temple of forever young soul. The spirit of the album is very close to the atmosphere of the game - a dark adventure in the bizarre world somewhere in a parallel Universe. Both the music and the game tell about the other, not material side of the existence. Collector's edition: 4-panel digipak, deluxe slipcase, 8-page booklet. It's difficult to define the Theodor Bastard style. Musicians skillfully combine different styles, trip-hop and rock. They give amazingly brilliant shows, using all their numerous exotic instruments, from the tibetian horns to jambeys and gusli. Theodor Bastard release their albums not so often, working for months in various recording studios in several cities and countries, searching for the best sound and arrangements. Work on this album took three years with plenty of musicians taking part in it. Among them are the famous buryat singer Namgar Lhasaranova, multi instrumentalist Phillip Barsky, talented Olga Glazova, who plays the world's largest gusli. Lead singer Yana Veva has reached new heights with her unique vocal technique. There are our places of power, the places where stones and winds are talking to us. A peculiar combination of the archaic percussions and folk instruments was used during the recording. Playing unusual ethnic instruments is still the important part of Theodor Bastard creative process. Russian horn, traditional Mongol violin morin khuur, tibetian ritual horn dunchen, ancient Russian gusli, cajon, vargan, dulcimer (string instrument like citra) - this is just a short list of musical miracles on the album. Tens of musicians were engaged in creating of sound kaleidoscope.

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The Blackfish tells Brienne that he’s unable to do so as long as the Freys and the Lannisters are besieging Riverrun. If he fails to do so, The Lannisters and Freys will attack Blackfish by nightfall. He’ll make sure he’ll slaughter every Tully to get back to Cersei. Brienne offers her services and promises the Blackfish to protect the castle with him. Brienne and Pod barely make it out alive, as the Blackfish implores them to flee the scene. He explains to Brienne that there is secret way out, but they has to travel by boat. He starts to attack them with his axe and gets to kill a few man before he is stopped by Thoros of Myr and his men, who happen to be there too. He’s able to manipulate Loras by promising him a way out. For that, he needs to do something in return for the Gods. At a certain moment, Cersei decides to exert her power and to let not pass the FM. She realizes how much influence the High Sparrow now has. Lancel implores Cersei to order the Mountain and Qyburn to step aside. Cersei doesn’t give a BEEP about Lancel and chooses violence. The Mountain brutally kills the sparrows, including Lancel. A lot of Lords and Ladies have came together in the Great Hall to hear King Tommen’s announcement. Tommen, alongside Pycelle and Kevan, informs Cersei that the Mountain isn’t fit any longer to be her champion, thanks to his crimes against the Faith Militant. Tommen is clearly upset that he has to punish his own mother. Kevan is also furious with Cersei for killing his own son.


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Reading is one of the great pleasures in life. 10 pages, some cover smudge, some. Philadelphia: Independence Hall Shrine of Free Government. ill. Fully. Streets. Known primarily as the location where both the Declaration of. Independence and the United States Constitution were debated and adopted, the. Congress from 1775 to 1783 and was the site of the Constitution Convention in. Illustrations. The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box 2007, George A. Clean: Department of Foreign Language and Bilingual Studies Bilingual Progams. Eastern Michigan Universtiy 1979, Stated First Edition. Edition, Better Business Practices, Language and Usage Techniques, Methods. Jacke. Damage, pages 23-29 have been torn, about 2,5 inches up from bottom. Fesources and of the Development of its Scheme of Instruction to the Present. Time: Prepared by the President of the College at the Request of the.


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Tammie C Anos atras Ok so I'm 16:18 into this and I'm scared. I love scary movie's especially those based on actual events. I love anything paranormal and have watch MANY video's, shows and movies. But i think what really got to me was a comment left by someone who said a prayer about ppl watching this to also be safe and it reminded me of when someone once asked on a live feed from a show i had watched if it was possible just by watching a show where demons were involved could it effect the viewers. I actually had to take a break and I'm seriously contemplating going on with this. Hmmm, What to do! shane lauer Anos atras What the hell. By you stating you aren’t scared your actually scared shitless. Threatening a demon will have happy effects not bad ones like demons being in your house because you fucked with them. Andy Galbreath Anos atras Bro Tim was so disrespectful. That's one of the rules to the board: DON'T DISREPECT THE SPIRITS. Lps Sapphire Anos atras You’re still using a Ouija board tell Zozo though I said hi and that I said do you like waffles. Christian Asmussen Anos atras LiveScifi, stop your BS! LIAR. Andrew Degrand Anos atras Sorry, I’m not buying this at all. I’ve done investigations here on my base in Japan and actually have evidence. I have two apparitions of either spirits of dead samurai or Japanese WWII pilots. If you’re going to conjure a demon you are making a mistake.


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The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and a union representing about 4,700 workers were in talks Monday after meeting throughout the weekend. Workers are set to walk off the job after midnight if an agreement on a new contract isn't reached. The strike would halt bus, trolley and subway lines in Philadelphia but not commuter rail lines or suburban transit. The city system's daily weekday ridership is about 900,000 trips. Nearly 60,000 public, private and charter school students use it to get to and from school. Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke says voters could be disenfranchised if their Nov. 8 commutes are lengthened by a strike. Pennsylvania has tighter absentee ballot rules than many other states and no early voting. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and the union met throughout the weekend and were scheduled to continue contract talks Monday. A strike would affect Philadelphia bus, trolley and subway lines but not regional rail lines and service in areas outside the city. The city system's daily weekday ridership is about 800,000 trips, or about 400,000 people. More than 60,000 public, private and charter school students use the system to get to and from school. Union officials say pension and health care benefits are key issues, but differences also remain on non-economic issues such as schedules, break time and driver fatigue. The other children admitted to Seattle Children’s hospital over the past six weeks range from 3 to 14 years old. Doctors think Daniel and the other children may have contracted AFM, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have seen a spike in AFM this year, with 50 cases reported in 24 states. The health agency said it is a rare illness that anyone can get. “It affects a person’s nervous system, specifically the spinal cord.


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