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I think it's harder to make friendships like this today as adults, because we have the option of not working through the hard stuff. When you lived with a friend (or a sister or a spouse), you have to confront the hard things and learn to apologize and to forgive and move on. You also got to know the good the bad and the really amazing about these friends and they got to see the same in you. We were introduced to the best and most hidden gems of our personalities that made working through the hard stuff worth it. If you had a crush on the same boy, you'd figure it out or both promise to never see him again. If you left dishes in the sink too long, your forgive them for leaving the passive aggressive note (we've all been there, the struggle is real). If you said something really horrible in a moment of late-night hangry, bitchiness, they'd know you well enough to know you didn't mean it, making forgiveness that much easier. Maybe we need to be more persistent today in making new friends. Giving grace for others faults and praying they do the same for us. Staying in it long enough to earn the right to get to the good stuff that will solidify bff status. To all the Mama's who need more mom friends, sometimes I need friends too. From working 2 years of working hard as a mechanic, he was approached by a client offering him large sums of money to murder.

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It pans to show the back of a stately white mansion and then cuts to show its front, with an American flag flying in the yard. The scene looks like it could come from any other reality show chronicling the lives of the rich or famous, but there is one key exception. He is the U. S. ambassador to Denmark, perhaps the least likely TV star this side of the Baltic Sea. Ambassador Rufus Gifford, finance director for President Barack Obama ’s 2012 campaign, thought only a few thousand people out of Denmark’s 5. million would ever watch his show, titled “Jeg er ambassadoren fra Amerika,” which translates to “I Am the Ambassador from America. It was originally intended to broadcast only on Danish public television, and because of that he never obtained formal State Department approval for it. But the show took off, averaging about 200,000 viewers per episode in Denmark and winning him the Danish equivalent of an Emmy, in the category of “Big Character. Netflix NFLX 19. 3 % acquired the rights to the series earlier this year and it premiered there last month. Reality-television fans seeking drama might be disappointed.

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That's what they all want to do down: the worth of our common life. It's what is honoured and preserved by people like Turner, crafters like him. I thought that too, Mr Richard, that our host might be the author you mention; moonlighting in cyberspace, comforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortable. Thank you for the review of Mr Turner, Mr Ishmael, I'll try my utmost to see it. Max Keiser, on Russia Today, used to say, email me at blah blah blah - I wouldn't dream of it, he can make his own fucking show - but now he says You can tweet us at. The implication of this is, Hey, I'm so busy, make it quick, right. Yeah, yeah, Ur so busy 2, we're all busy, gr8, innit. Good morning Mr Ishmael, thank you for your appreciation of Mr Turner, brilliant, shall order the DVD. Aftef I wrote that post I looked at some professional reviews and all the critics seemed bowled over, not enough, mind, for them to damn George Clooney's pap and drivel but, Hey, he's their industry. I quite like the cinema these days. 'Course, down here we are less troubled by hordes of Orcadian vikings clattering about looking for choc-ices in the interval. And I do think the Turner things sounds like a widescreen gig rather than a telly deal.

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Mr. Russert died of a heart attack after collapsing at NBC News’s Washington bureau on June 13, 2008. He had been recording voiceovers for the show, amid Senator Barack Obama’s historic presidential campaign. Below is a tribute episode that aired after his death. In one memorable instance he brought comprehensible analysis to the confusing ballot tumult in Florida in the 2000 presidential election that ended with a Supreme Court decision and victory for Mr. Bush. The son of a garbage collector from Buffalo, N. . he came to journalism from government, having worked for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Gov. Mario M. Cuomo of New York. He was no one’s idea of a polished, lantern-jawed news anchor out of central casting.

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Albiet GoT would probably age him up by 10 years to 49. And I loved how the music continued through the credits and wasn't cut off. A silence that was more chilling than any music could have been. Making highly accurate predictions and congratulating themself on how smart they are. The dialogue between the two is at least interesting. He starts out is the lecherous Imp, appears utterly despicable, turns out to be one of the best Generals in the kingdom. I'm predicting he's one of the few season one characters left standing at the end. The absolute worst ending credits song. WTF. Oh, no, I made the mistake of checking up what you meant. And they can't really advance that one without mentioning the deceased Lord Commander who's lying in the middle of training grounds. Do we know which episode will have the Tower of Joy flashback, I suspect it will be the same one.