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Would you take Mrs Pirn to see Dr Cream, please. Dr Cream: Ah yes. I just want another five minutes with Audrey. When did you first start thinking you were a 'cow. Cut to montage of photographs again with captions and music. Tonight on 'It's the Mind', we examine the phenomenon of deja vu. That. Tonight on 'It's the Mind' we examine the phenomenon of deja vu, that. Boniface: Good. good evening. Tonight on 'It's the Mind' we examine the phenomenon of. Thank you. That strange feeling. (phone rings; he answers) No. Cut to same piece of film as just previously, when he chases float. We see the float go along the country lane past the. Bishop: (camp) 'Oh, Mr Belpit, your legs are so swollen'. Boniface runs into building and enters Dr Cream's office. .

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You understand you don't have to fall from a tower to be sliced by a dagger. As we now know Jaime and Cersei did not order the hit, why do you assume those two events are in any way related. As a reader you should be aware that Joffrey never gave two fucks about the fat fool he called his father, not would he ever do anthing because it is the merciful thing to do. There is no allknowing narrator, only a bunch of very flawed ones. We only know who didn't - all the narrators, including, Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion. They did it the same way on the show, with Tyrion accusing Joff in coded language, and Joffrey not having the slightest idea what he is talking about. It's an hilarious scene if you get what is going on. Joffrey heard his father say the kid was better off dead, so he platted to have hi killed. It may have been Littlefinger who helped him do that and generously planted Tyrion's dagger. Remember? Tyrion was slapping him around at Winterfell when he was still a sniveling kid. These two motivations are a complete contradiction to each other. What was GRRM's point with giving us two oppossing motivations. Besides Jaime's theory is obviously wrong if you know Joffrey even the littlest bit, as Jaime apparently doesn't. Tyrion's theory makes no sense because Bran is the last person you'd have to kill for anger reasons. Joffrey was completely sure of that and it was the most realistic outcome. It will be revealed though, so you don't have to believe me now. He was nursed back to health by some cult or priests or something and Ian McShane is in this episode. Ian was interviewed a while ago and said his character's arc was not very long so I don't think he will be in more than one or two episodes.


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When the disrespectful trapper fell under the eye of a Louisiana Indian shaman it is said that the man danced a different dance thereafter—as a real loup-garou under the yellow swampland moon. The heritage of Louisiana’s Native American peoples is rich with tall tales and legends and among these the tale of the werewolf looms large. The Indians know the werewolf as the shape-shifting “Rugarou,” a variation of the Cajun French loup-garou. But the name matters little—Rugarou, loup-garou, shape-shifter or skin walker—these deadly, half-human beasts have been part of the legacy of terror that has haunted the Louisiana swamps for generations. One of the most chilling tales told among the Indian tribes of South Louisiana concerns a warrior tribe of cannibals and how they came to be known—and feared—as man-eating Wolf Walking. This is that tale. Where modern-day parish boundaries now exist there were once the mutable limits of the tribal nations of the Opelousas and the Chitimacha; and there exists in the oral tradition of all these tribes a shared memory of vicious and powerful warriors who once held sway over large areas of native lands, using their powers to instill fear among their own people and to manipulate or control their rivals. This was the Attakapas tribe, and they were the source of much fear and loathing among the swamp Indians who shunned them for their reputation as a nation that cannibalized its enemies. But many Louisiana Indian legends hint at something even more sinister at work among the Attakapas. Many believe this dark secret to be evidence of a skinwalking tradition that, if true, would mark the Attakapas as something unique in the annals of lycanthropy: an entire tribe of werewolves. Only a very few of those who have studied the history of Native Americans in this area of Louisiana are not familiar with the story of these cannibalistic warmongers, whose name, “Attakapa” in Choctaw means “Man-Eater. The Chitimacha and Opelousas tribes were the traditional enemies of the Attakapas, and it was an unstated fact that any conflict with them (the Attakapas) simply had to be won because the Attakapas were long in the habit of eating their captives. In one such battle in the 1700s the three tribes went to war in a low country six miles outside of what is today St. Martinville. The Chitimacha and Opelousas won the day and devastated the Attakapas tribe. Only a half dozen or so were said to have survived the conflict, fleeing to refuge in the area around what is now Indian Bend. Fearing retribution from the victorious tribes and the local people—mostly Cajuns and Spaniards—the Attakapas ran away into the unforgiving swamps. The renegade Attakapas were unwelcome interlopers in this strange country. Some bravely appeared as beggars in the settlements along the edge of the swamplands.


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An ability to connect images while letting the image resonate through the voice. A focus of this course is to cultivate tools with which the students can. They will learn of the rich acting technique traditions. Students will learn about their responsibility to the writer, script, and. The students will explore text work by focusing on the enhancement of the. The primary emphasis of the class is the practice of the subtlety and nuance of. Students collaborate in a supervised Production Workshop with. They will also develop their ability to focus their attention and. The student will learn the value of observation and. Emotional preparation will be more deeply explored and students will further. The aim of this course is to have the actor experience. Emphasis is on students gaining practical experience in this genre of on-camera acting. Performing Shakespeare will guide them to further development of the vocal and physical. Students will shoot the script prepared in stage-to-screen rehearsals, which will. Students will learn by experience exactly what is needed to. Each student will create, pitch, and write a “pilot”. The pilot scripts should not exceed five pages, and will be accompanied by a. Students expand on basic performance skills with an emphasis on the actor’s. Objectives, obstacles, and tactics used in realizing.


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. . . Arrangement in library cata-. Cyclopaedia of education — d. . . . Arrangement in reference books, 221212. Ex. 3. Up-to-dateness, 22132. g. . . . Subject bibliography, 4621. Czechoslovakia — r. .


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Boasting a true 4K digital intermediate (no upscaling here), Blade Runner 2049 looks almost as great at home as it did in the theater — we say 'almost' because the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray would've benefitted from the inclusion of expanded IMAX sequences (with shifting aspect ratios that show bigger images during key scenes), which many filmgoers witnessed during the film's theatrical run. Other 4K releases have blown us away by including IMAX presentations (such as Dunkirk, The Dark Knight and Star Trek Into Darkness) as that added detail and clarity translates magnificently at 2160p resolution. Still, we can't argue with what we have here, which is an exceptional HDR-supported disc that makes the best of the film's dark photography and neon-drenched settings. We also have to commend Blade Runner 2049 exception Dolby Atmos audio track, with the film's bombastic score setting the mood magnificently. Spacial audio is magnificent here, bringing plenty of dimensionality to the film's sound effects. We all know how astonishing the film's visual effects are (read more about how they were created in our Weta Digital VFX report), but its photo-realistic apes hold up magnificently under the increased scrutiny of 4K and HDR (despite being upscaled from a 2K digital intermediate). Unsurprisingly, fur looks especially good here, looking completely natural at all times, particularly with light shining through it. Facial textures also receive increased detail, with the various wrinkles in the apes faces looking extra defined. Though the disc's increased resolution is a boon for video enthusiasts, the real showstopper here is the wider color gamut afforded by its HDR presentation. Much of the film is spent in darkness, yet we now get to see more detail and definition in those dark areas. Small details in costumes and props are now much clearer because of it. The overall palette looks richer, too, with the film's forest settings feeling more lush and its white snow looking brighter and more tangible. Skin tones in humans also receive an uptick, looking warmer and more natural than they did in the cinema. War for the Planet of the Apes is a must-own for fans of the series, thanks to its exceptional fine detail quality, deep blacks, and terrific use of HDR. Stay tuned for reviews of the other two films in the series, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The transfer reveals an exceptional level of clarity in what is generally a dark and smoky film. You won't even mind that the illusion is slightly broken by the obviousness of the miniature work, because you'll be too busy appreciating the spectacular craftsmanship and on display. Elsewhere, the whole film gets a visual uptick, with HDR helping significantly when it comes to the smooth gradation of colours and lighting. Clothing, skin textures and hair all look better in this version, and the various extreme close-ups of eyeballs all show extra detail now.


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Here is everything you need to know Play slideshow FilmMagic 1 of 12 The Game Of Thrones cast and crew pictured in 2013 However, there was outrage after it emerged that Headey had used a body double rather than shooting the scenes herself. Whatever you decide. I had no judgment in that or desire to be involved. I just want to clear that up. Game of Thrones season 8 will return in 2019 Related articles Game of Thrones season 8: Will the release be brought forward ahead. Game of Thrones season 8 news: Arya Stark to kill Cersei Lannister. This episode, titled “Book of the Stranger,” features the first season 6 sighting of Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish. Jorah (Iain Glen) and Daario (Michiel Huisman) undertake a difficult task. Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Cersei (Lena Headey) try to improve their situation. Also it’s the first time in a while I am looking forward to her storyline. The more I see Olenna and Kevan together, the more I fear for my fave QoTs safety. Wonder when his season promo pic with the snow will pop up. It’s funny seeing him, Bran, and Rickon grown up now. He literally Has nothing to do in meereen because meereenese plot Has the depht of a puddle. If so, It’s meant to fail the second they realize there’re no tamed dragons. Hope she eventually chills out and actually makes an emotional connection with him. The third chapter will be her TRAVELING on the boat to Storms End to find JC marching to KL. Some people are convinced that Jon won’t be there when Sansa arrives, but I don’t see that happening. It’s obvious to me that he is still at Castle Black, figuring out what to do next, talking with Davos, Mel, Tormund probably and that is when Sansa arrives, and when we will get a reunion.


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Get your daily dose from the SkinShift Sun Defense Dietary Supplement (see sidebar). If you tried to get the same concentration of resveratrol from red wine, you would have to walk around constantly intoxicated, she says. You know sunscreens a must, but what else can you do. We asked a platoon of skin-savvy expertsfrom stylists and designers to dermatologists and nutritionistshow they go beyond the bottle By Maria Ricapito UnderCover WHEN IT COMES to fighting the damaging effects of the suns UV rays, the bottle (or stick, powder, or spray) is still your best friend. Simply putting on sunscreen in the morning isnt enoughyou cant rely on just one thing to keep your skin safe, says Dr. Jackie Yee, a plastic surgeon in Miami. And if its as simple as taking a supplement or throwing some mineral powder in your tote bag, then why wouldnt you do it. She suggests breathable athletic shirts with extra-long sleeves and thumbies, openings to stick thumbs through. That style keeps the backs of your hands covered, too, says Grossman. UPGRADE YOUR COVER-UP For beach or pool days, you need more than the right shirt styleyou need the right fabric. How to AccessorizeTOP IT OFF I love the sun, but I am covered head to toe when Im out there, says skincare guru and former model Josie Maran. Aesthetician Kate Somerville is also a member of the hat pack. Her tip: Tightly woven fabrics such as canvas offer better protection than mesh fabric or straw. Some in-the-know women, like Fernanda Niven, the NYC creative director of clothing line Parasol, even wear hats in the water. For paddleboarding, I have a surfer hat with an adjustable chin strap, SPF 101 Heres how to make your sunscreen even more effectiveUSE AN OUNCE (picture a full shot glass) to cover your entire body at least a half-hour before sun exposure. EAPPLY EVERY TWO HOURS and after swimming. Sticks are great on the go, says dermatologist Dr. Karyn Grossman. I tell my patients who surf to put an SPF stick in their wet suits so they can reapply while out on the water.