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They found so much satisfaction in the act that Lodge members decided to remain on the path of self-righteousness. Presley stayed on after the old man tormented his wife to the point that she split town with the girls and was forbidden to maintain contact with the boy. He interpreted this as abandonment and refused to forgive her. When the father died, Presley was handed over to his uncle, the chief of police, who kept him on the straight-and-narrow path toward fascism. When the Lodge becomes affiliated with a larger, more extreme faction, its wealthy leader tests its loyalty by demanding it take on a personal vendetta. When Presley begins to show signs of backsliding, his reluctance to abide by the rules presents the Lodge with another test. As vigilante movies go, “Bucksville” is borderline existential. The rabble-rousing is held to a minimum and the beautiful outdoors setting provides a stark contrast to the insanity of the Lodge members. Killian has been assigned the task of recovering the cup, from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper, and bringing it back to Spain to be protected for time eternal. The easy part is gaining custody of the cup, itself. All he has to do is liberate a prison full of Christians from Muslim hands and, then, be identified as a worthy bearer of the treasure. Getting the Holy Grail back to Spain is complicated by obstacles of both the military and supernatural variety. Fortunately, he’s accompanied by sidekicks Crispin, Goliath, and the beautiful Viking princess, Sigrid of Thule. As much as Captain Thunder wants to return the Holy Land to Christian hands, he much appreciates Saladin’s decision not to kill him in close combat after recognizing some God-given skin branding. Filmed in some of the same scenic locations that provided backdrops for the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s, “Prince Killian” has enough action to satisfy older boys, I think.

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Being able to factor large semi-prime numbers into their two large prime factors would allow then to break the RSA security algorithms used throughout electronic banking systems. With this ability they would be light years ahead of still-theoretical quantum computers that could, possibly, also perform this little mathematical trick. With this ability, they could steal fortunes from their dingy little basement base and disappear with millions in their accounts. They had been exploring the concept of the Riemann Space as part of a NSA project when they had stumbled across a small internet cult built on concepts of mathematical mysticism and the ideas of Dr. Ivan Dag. Exploring the ideas further and following the procedures outlined on the webpage, both eventually managed to enter the space and experience the power of the primes. They had then immediately realized the implications of this alternate reality and had subsequently gone AWOL on the NSA to explore the criminal possibilities more closely. First, it had taken awhile for them to properly tune into the numbers in the space. They had discovered that they were not equally adept at absorbing the harmonics of the space and so they had agreed that Jones, the more proficient of the two, would be the one to go in and explore the space more fully. Jones had then made significant progress since he had first started his trips nearly a year ago. After several trips he had become better attuned to the frequencies and was quickly learning to hear larger and larger primes. Factoring semi-prime composites was more difficult but he had also been making progress on that front. He predicted that it would take at least a month or so before he could reliably generate the length of numbers that the RSA codes currently used. Whereas Jones was sure that he could factor larger and larger semi-primes while in the Riemann Space, he wasn’t able to remember the factors when he returned to the non-prime reality. He had also, so far, been unable to transmit any information from the Riemann Space to his physical-Earth-bound partner.


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Because he’s Dany’s older brother Rhaegar’s legitimate heir, he would be next in line for the throne before Dany, if the Targaryens still ruled Westeros. Having spent all her life being told that she (or her brother Viserys) should have been sitting on the Iron Throne, it will no doubt come as a bit of shock that she has another blood relative with a stronger claim. “I’ve worked so hard, I don’t want to share that throne,” actress Emilia Clarke jokingly told EW after the finale. “No. The throne’s big enough for one dragon bum, and that’s mine. That’s it! Does this mean that she’ll turn on Jon to ensure she becomes Queen. I think it’s unlikely to be an issue as Jon has never expressed a desire to be King of anywhere never mind the entire Seven Kingdoms and it doesn’t change the fact that he thinks Dany would make a great ruler. Plus, let’s not forget that not everyone will simply take Bran’s word for it about Jon’s true parentage so unless there’s some Westerosi DNA test we haven’t heard about, it’s unlikely Jon can prove he’s Rhaegar’s heir even if he wanted to. Anyway, if they get married it doesn’t really matter. 10. Is Viserion still breathing fire or is it something else. One of the biggest OMG moments of the season 7 finale was watching zombie Viserion bring down The Wall using his powerful, blue dragon breath - but what was that really. Dragon fire is death to White Walkers and wights so that surely can’t be what Viserion was breathing or it would destroy him. There is talk of Ice Dragons in some of the Game of Thrones books, which could lend some clues to what Viserion is capable of now, specifically this passage from The Ice Dragon: The ice dragon was a crystalline white, that shade of white that is so hard and cold that it is almost blue.


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Also, their sources are not the same as the 7 leaks. The two accounts who leaked were taken down by HBO. And finally, those were leaked in October, after filming had begun and the actors had already gotten them. I hope these aren't real, I won't watch these videos just in case. GRRM would most CERTAINLY have Dany's body named and whipped or hung up, BECAUSE she's a loved character, and this story doesn't have good or bad guys, as he's pointed out numerous times. Bran could still be the NK, there are theories that we're actually living the past, and THIS is the long night, and the stories we're hearing are Bran's retellings of the occurring events (with some merged). You should check out a video by GreyArea on YouTube. She debunked it and her points and facts make sense. Plus there is the fact that George Martin already said that there are 5 characters that absolutely WILL SURVIVE TO THE END OF THE STORY. Those 5 being Jon, Daenerys, Bran, Arya, and Tyrion. What part of those 5 characters that we know are absolutely going to survive jives with the BS fan fiction that came from 4chan. That's why they aren't using electronic copies of the scripts for this season. Every script is hard copy and every single one of them is collected at the end of every single day. So there will not be any script leaks, about the best you're going to get this season are going to be long range photos. Filled with Epic scenes and Incredible lines it will be worthy of praise.


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844849. Nanocomposites based onwater soluble polymers 213 PVA crystal morphology AFM was performed in all the above modes on bulk PVA films and on PVA filled with inorganic layers (4, 10, and 20wt. MMT) in order to measure differences in crystal morphology, with the emphasis on the initial stages of crystallization. As can be seen in Fig. 8. (a), the bulk PVA has crystals which grow to sizes of about 5 microns and larger, before impinging upon neighboring crystallites and arresting further growth. In contrast, when inorganic filler layers are present (Fig. 8. (b)) the crystallites are smaller and more linear in shape than the bulk crystallites. Crystallite sizes in the MMT-filled system are about 12 microns, when grown in the vicinity of the inorganic particles. The color scales used in both images, show the crystalline regions in lighter color, corresponding to higher apparent topography (i. . smaller deformation under the constant applied force in addition to any true topography features). The behavior of PVA systems loaded with 10 and 20% MMT is similar to that of Fig. 8.


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Many abducted women end up being auctioned off on the Dark Web. Overall I liked the 2nd film over the first, I think the fact it’s more realistic and could probably actually happen makes it more scary than the supernatural take on the first film. Wrzeszczace nastolatki duzo bardziej przejete wpisem na Facebook niz smiercia znajomego - to moze znak czasow, ale podany w irytujacej niestety formie. Zwlaszcza, ze irytacja narasta prowadzac do irytujacego konca. ? B: moje filmy updated monthly - 3 months ago. Sohbetin ilerleyen saatlerinde beklenmedik bir mesaj al? lar. Ayr? a bizim eglence olsun diye yapt? ? ? kendimizce komik yorumlar? arka planda insan. I don't think I've found a movie that utilises this sort of format so effectively as this one.


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The problem with films like this is that when you have a character whose actions and attitudes are 99% deplorable, how can you root for him. I couldn't, and kept wishing whoever was setting him up for a murder rap would be successful. THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES 81. VIRGIN WITCH Two virgin sisters find representation with a modeling agency that sends them on a photo shoot to a foreign castle where they discover they are to be part of a satanic ritual and indoctrinated into a coven. One of those films were everyone turns out to be involved in the scheme. Oddly watchable and not just for the nudity, which is copious. Incredibly odd H. . Lewis cheapie about a handsome man who is injured, his face disfigured. However, he is gifted with psychic powers as a result. Visited by an old witch channeling Margaret Hamilton, he is told that his face will be restored if he becomes the hag's lover. Truly weird. It's an H. .


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The next section explores del Toro’s interest in Magic, Alchemy, and the Occult. His films are full of puzzles, talismanic devices, secret keys, and quests for forbidden knowledge. Many of del Toro’s characters are scientists, contemporary successors to the monks and alchemists who explored the boundaries between the holy and unholy. He cites the influence of H. . Lovecraft, the idiosyncratic American writer whose work is considered foundational for the genres of horror and science fiction. Lovecraft’s vivid evocations of madness, transformation, and monstrosity continue to be a major source of inspiration; for the last decade, del Toro has been attempting to adapt Lovecraft’s novella At the Mountains of Madness (1936) for the screen. Movies, Comics, Pop Culture delves into del Toro’s obsession with cinema, from B movies and horror films to directors Alfred Hitchcock and Luis Bunuel. Del Toro’s voracious appetite for film is matched by his enthusiasm for comic books and his admiration for a wide range of illustrators such as Moebius (Jean Giraud), Frank Frazetta, and Richard Corben. He has directed several comic-book adaptions, working closely with Mike Mignola on two films based on his Hellboy series. Always, del Toro refuses to abide by the traditional hierarchies between high and low culture. Frankenstein and Horror reveals del Toro’s lifelong love affair with the tale of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. He first absorbed the story as a child, via James Whale’s 1931 film, impressive in its Expressionist-inspired visual beauty. As a teenager, he read Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (1818), which emphasizes the monster’s essential fragility and vulnerability.