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Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Bonus for -1: Which of those songs was written by George Harrison. Another bonus for -1: Which song was sung by Ringo? 9 through 11 are courtest of AFRET CMS who I thank for the questions and his service. 9. Name an apostle of Jesus Christ at the time that Judas Iscariot betrayed him (i. . the replacement Apostle does not count) 10. Name one of the gifts given during the 12 days of Christmas (the number is not required). 11. Name one of the animals from the Chinese Zodiac. 12. Name one of the 12 independent countries located on the continent of South America. Hero (1993): Name the Marvel character played by one of these people in 2015-16 movies. (Give answer as letter followed by character name. A.

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The club have shown strength after that success, too: Riyad Mahrez was held onto for an extra two seasons, while Jamie Vardy turned down an Arsenal move to stay put. A growing (King) power. . West HamThe most high-profile English club that hasn’t ever won a top-flightleague title. A football club that hasn’t won a major honor since 1955 (the last of six FA Cups, preceded by four top-division titles) yet retains a mystique. A big part of that is the loud and loyal fans, packing the 52,000-capacity St James’ Park despite the often dire fayre on offer. heir lofty position here is helped by Newcastle getting good just as the Premier League was booming post-Euro ’96. Kevin Keegan’s side which finished second twice in 1996 and 1997 are recalled lovingly by neutrals as well as by the Georgie nation. ince that there havebeen highs (Champions League exploits under Bobby Robson) and lows (two relegations, although the club bounced back straight away both times). They're currently struggling under an owner who seems to think it’s OK that one of England’s best-supported sides has a net transfer spend lower than several Championship sides. Yet this still feel like a big club, despite the Magpies misplacing their eye for silverware. . EvertonA top-flight club for every season since 1954. Yet time moves on and it’s not been kind. verton’s last major honour was the 1995 FA Cup and the Toffees, an elite side when the Premier League was formed, haven’t exploited its bounty in the way others have.


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