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The laughter that flies from our lips, the quiet found somewhere in our souls, and the tears which roll down our cheeks cannot be qualified. It isn't good or bad, black or white, but it IS, and that, that is what is important. In personal moments of transition, global moments of transition, (which is happening always from one moment to the next) there exists a sadness, a grief for what is being left behind. There is a bitterness to balance deep in the notes of the sweet smell of air making its way through the freshly opened door. We've all walked through one leaving behind comforts, loves, safeties, and securities for the things that challenge us, scare us, excite us, invigorate us, call to us in our waking dreams. Sinking in to feel this sadness, to begin to move it out so the smiles have space to return. Releasing into the beauty of this moment which will never be all black or white. This moment which carries more weight for each of us than the rest of us can ever fully understand. Illustrated by Shivalika Chandel, digital render by yours truly. These two souls travel almost 10 kilometres to scavenge for belongings others have thrown as trash. Apt they say that one man's trash is other's treasure. Times like these is when I wish I could go back and gift people these memories of photographs when I took them. Here you see an old Mongolian cupboard, a vintage candle holder, an old Kintugi plate combined with two vintage vases which I took from the kitchen at the school where I worked. Perhaps because it sits between the extremes of black and white! Night Shyamalan, Dragons Forever (1988) by Sammo Hung.

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They could be advisors but not the sole responsibility for the choreography. Also, she's been established as one of the best fighters currently alive in Westeros. While Arya is supposed to have been trained in the art of disguise and assassination. So Brienne is bigger, stronger, faster with a sword, has greater reach, better technique, and to top it all off, isn't a smug cunt. This fight makes no sense from a narrative and world coherence perspective, and that's the real problem. As far as choregraphy goes, the rule of cool will almost always give you a pass. Then again even so I don't find it believable either that she would have a real chance against Brienne, especially not with that sword. I feel like they just wanted to show off how badass she was, and this comes down to personal preferences, but I think they should have illustrated it with a feat that's more relevant to the skills you would expect from an assassin rather than a duel. For example the Frey massacre was much more believable and in character in my opinion. Plus it would be a fun contrast with all these honorable fighters. This would only prompt her stubborn and strong-willed character to learn more as well, after all if she'd notice that she isn't a good match for a Westerosi Knight she would undoubtedly try and fix that asap, furthering her plot a bit. My point is this: Does that not also count true the other way around. Arya has no knowledge of Westerosi combat, certainly not Brienne's level of it, but somehow she knows exactly what to do. The basics of any martial art allows you to read your opponent, his footwork, where their eyes are going, things that give away their next move I am well aware of that, but it does not save you against specific skill-sets. Basically, force the opponent to do exactly what she wants them to do by choosing the right location to fight, mocking them mid-fight, exploiting physics to balance strength differences, the like.

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A lot of this stems from Laraine Newman’s portrayal of Elaine, the quirky psychic du jour. She floats through ultra-hippie mode here, talking in that relaxed drawl while tending to her dog Dew and spitting out phrases like “far out. . Elaine’s handyman husband, Jonas, is literally sexually harassing and ogling Paige within three seconds of meeting her. Not long after he’s greedily drinking from a flask while sizing her up. Later on, Jonas is hitting on Paige right in front of Elaine and it’s just awful. It’s an absurd sort of character that only exists in this era of films. Furthermore, how is Paige affording this ridiculous, insane apartment, especially while working as an artist. He’s just the worst and is immediately enraged simply over the idea of her being an artist. He’s constantly berating her, insulting her abilities, and wants her to be an accountant instead of following her dreams. It’s such a weird angle for the abusive, stock boyfriend to have that’s given no real context. He’s just enraged right out of the gate, and on top of all of that, he’s also a crooked cop. Of course, just as Paige is having too much of Mitch’s abuse, a cute, nice art lover, Russell, enters the scene and is the perfect replacement. It’s still such bizarre characterization for Mitch though. The film even gives us the incredibly stereotypical Gary Burns-esque mystical character, Morris, who imparts all of the Ouija board rules (“I know what you’re thinking.

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Peter doesn’t come off as a polished speaker, but the things that God has taught him will absolutely rock your small group’s world. It will help them learn how to better relate with one another and people in their everyday lives. Each Office includes time for silence, Scripture, a rich devotional, prayer and a probing question. This eight-week book covers the eight themes found in the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality book and workbook. Then it takes us to what our response should be to that kind of love; how passionate a love relationship He is calling us to. He also serves as the PDSGN Area Point Leader for the states of West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Being “on mission” no longer JUST means occasional trips or life-long commitments to missions work. Today, “missional” is understood in a much broader sense—extending into an actual lifestyle, as opposed to a single event, that includes a passion for people everywhere and a mind set on Jesus’ charge to take care of the poor, brokenhearted, and disenfranchised. The process of becoming missional begins with surrender and ends in life stewardship. Its trail winds through our heart, comfort zones, and the dead areas of our existence. Exploring fundamental influences such as surrender, intention, and discomfort through this study will empower any group to live missionally with significance and passion. It was a huge success and allowed us to start several new groups. Even the groups who didn’t participate in the church-wide campaign later asked me for the study because of the excitement generated by the campaign. There are 6 sessions with two spiritual disciplines covered in each session. You might consider setting aside 12 weeks for this study so that you can spend one week on each concept.

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We have offered customized smartphones and tablets apps for Android and iOS operative methods, for different industries reminiscent of: Hospitality, Enterprise, Finance, Food, Well being, Media, Video games, Training, and more. However you possibly can nonetheless contribute to ICOs you discover within the app through the ICObazaar sit e — just click on on the hyperlink close to the challenge to head over to the venture’s page on our website. The AirToken technology harnesses the decentralized power of the Ethereum blockchain using a digital ledger of the user’s cell phone data as well as advertising and proprietary credit-score” algorithms to reward and finance customers with AirTokens. It allows quick, price-much less, micro-payments for shared digital assets and companies between FINNEY users. Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Telcoin inherits the strength of a trusted community. AirFox’s free Browser app allows prepaid mobile prospects to earn AirTokens that may be converted into cell airtime. The unique convergence of cryptocurrencies with cell community operator’s accounts primarily based on Ethereum Blockchain. We endeavor to create a safe space for buying and selling, and foster the in- and additional-sport economic system through the use of a cryptocurrency token, named Lord Coin (LC), as a payment medium for participant-to-participant trades and thus facilitating the sale of unique or uncommon sport content. ShoCard is a digital identity card you employ by a cellular app. This limits the market size to, really, superior Ethereum customers who’ve some want for decentralized purposes in their day after day life. This represents a reduction of up to ninety% of the common value of the tokens when the game launches in Q3 2018. These tokens give you the right to claim a portion of iDice’s complete profits and are exchangeable similar to shares. Customers establish credit historical past by opting to share their machine knowledge and advertising behavior, enabling anybody with a smartphone to use for and receive microloans in AirTokens. In particular, B2B clients will probably be supplied with a depth of marketplace for cryptocurrencies as a result of the fact that B2BX will unite brokers, exchanges and different monetary institutions on one platform. Actually, that is an external service that runs on knowledge from the surface, which is not applicable to all tasks.

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Several female characters in the novels, however, actually did experiment with having sex with other women: Cersei had sex with one of her handmaidens in a drunken fog (and didn't really enjoy it) and later with Taena of Myr, while Daenerys herself had sex with her handmaiden Irri at one point, apparently experimenting with it. In the process, they touch each other and have simulated sex while still fully clothed, and Daenerys is visibly aroused to the point that she forces herself on top of Doreah and leans closer, apparently to kiss her, but stops at the last minute. This may or may not have been intended to reference Daenerys's bisexuality from the novels. In the books, when Jaime told Brienne about the Wildfire plot while they were in Harrenhal was explicitly the first - and only - time he ever told anyone about it (he never even told Cersei). In this episode, Tyrion says that Jaime told him about it at some point - probably just to reintroduce this to the audience, though it's plausible that after making the big move of his first confession to Brienne, and still deeply shaken by losing his sword-hand, he later told Tyrion about it at some point off-screen in Season 4. In the previous episode, Jaime remarked that Cersei would burn a city to ashes for her children, while in that same episode Qyburn told Cersei that his spies confirmed an old rumor she inquired about. It seems highly probable that this is all setup that Cersei actually found some of the old wildfire caches and intends to detonate them to destroy the Great Sept and core membership of the Faith Militant. Now, dismount and kneel before me, surrender your army and proclaim me the true Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. I will pardon these treasonous lords for betraying my house. Come, bastard, you don't have the men, you don't have the horses, and you don't have Winterfell. The way people in the North talk about you, you're the greatest swordsman who ever walked. Maybe you are that good. Maybe not. I don't know if I'd beat you. They're ravenous.


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How can I fix that? I have the 2015. version of the Lightroom, the 2015. . version of the Photoshop and the 9. version of the Camera Raw. Very inconvenient as I just edited 180 plus photos. Not sure if reason is that that was my last selection or if that is default. I can access Crop from “Image” but have to do it their way. Since I can’t explain it I’ll show a screenshot of it below. I suspect I’ve pressed a key or something, but since I don’t know what exactly the problem is I don’t know what to look for and how to fix it, maybe it’s not even an actual problem and it’s an easy fix, but I am clueless. I would be extremely thankful if someone on here could help me out. I have tried many ways including uninstall and reinstall Lightroom. When using the stamp tool, it overrides my shortcut and I have to use the mouse if I want to go back. It also means that I can’t jump to another tool via the keyboard, and have to use the mouse again.