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Performance The 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor on the new Surface Pro runs slightly faster than the 6th generation version did on the Surface Pro 4, and this is most noticeable when using processor-heavy programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Cyberlink’s PowerDirector. The best part about the new processor is that it works without any fan running in the background. Therefore, the annoying coil whine squeak that was in the SP 4 is gone. Multimedia Because the processor is updated, playing HD and (especially) 4K videos is a better experience with less video stutter. In order to enjoy the videos, Microsoft has slightly improved the speakers, which offer a more rounded and fuller sound than the speakers on the SP4. The 8MP camera on the back of the 2017 Surface Pro is rather mediocre, especially in low-lit situations. But is anybody really buying the Surface Pro for its camera capabilities. The front-facing 5MP camera on the front, which can be used for Skype calls and front-facing snapshots, is just average. Battery Life This is the category where the new Surface Pro makes the SP4 completely irrelevant. The battery life on the SP4 has always been an issue. Before software updates, power users weren’ t able to get more than 4 hours of use. After the upgrade, battery life improved by one hour. When it comes to the new Surface Pro, you will not have to carry your battery charger with you unless you are editing 4K videos all day long. Power users should get at least 7 hours of use and normal users can get about 8 without any problems.

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Edmund and Caspian have some elements of this as well as they become like brothers, but their friendship always takes a backseat to Edmund's concern and care for Lucy, when his Big Brother Instinct kicks in. Basically, Lucy is the most important person to Edmund, as his first priority is to take care of her and keep her safe. The same for Lucy, who constantly looks for her brother. Edmund and Caspian find his charred clothes and thought he died. He didn't. Our Mermaids Are Different: In the beginning of the film, Lucy meets a group of aquatic beings in the ocean as she did near the end of the book. However the film replaces the ivory skinned, purple haired Sea People with naiads. While naiads where mentioned in the book versions of the first two films, they were omitted almost entirely save for the River God in the second film. The film naiads are basically similar to the mermaids that appeared near the end of the first film, except instead of being made of flesh, blood, bone, and scale like traditional mermaids, they are made entirely of non-dissolving liquid. The books and classical mythology state that naiads are fresh water nymphs and salt water nymphs are nereids and oceanids. The books and mythology also NEVER state that water nymphs have fish tails. Pet the Dog: When Reepicheep sees dragon Eustace crying and unable to sleep, he offers to stay up with him and tell him about some of his adventures. Plank Gag: A variant of this old gag is used here: Eustace is attempting to set an oar in a rowboat, nearly loses his balance, and swings it about, knocking out a pirate leader who was sneaking up behind him with a knife. Plot Coupon: The Seven Swords belonging to the Lords Caspian seeks.

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The chance though is higher for the Khaleesi to one day sit on the Iron Throne but that scenario will need to wait a bit longer. To be sure, there will be violence and numerous deaths, and the latter, if rumors are correct, will involve major characters. However, GoT fans are in for bigger scenes never seen before that likely will include game-changing deaths, for instance of the Daenerys Dragons. Today, a datamine of the game reveals the season 4 week 3 challenges, with an interesting introduction of rubber duckies. Per usual, this week’s challenge offers players rewards in exchange for completing a variety of tasks. Game of Thrones season 8 isn't getting a release date until 2019. Unless you're recapping season 7 you won't get your Jon and Daenerys fix until next year, see how the Iron Throne is claimed, or how humanity does - or doesn't - deal with the White Walker invasion. There are plenty of Game of Thrones season 8 theories to keep you busy, though, and it's fun to try and guess what'll happen in season 8. It's not all guesswork either - there have been plenty of news snippets, rumors, cast confirmations, and the odd social media leak. Sadly, and rather obviously, there has been no official trailer or footage releases yet. elow is every scrap of information we've gathered on the final season of the show. We may have left George RR Martin's books well behind by now, but there is still heaps of info and foreshadowing for us to work on. Below you'll find all the latest details on the Fortnite Season 4 Week 1 Challenges, as well as some tips on how to complete them. Epic Games adds new daily challenges on a rolling 24-hour basis.

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Ellwanger is also in Vernon Wells' Don't Wait TIll Dawn and Scatter with the Taking of Deborah Logan's Nick Madrick. Beyond the Dark's makers also made 2012's Bad Guy with top stuntman Nick Benseman (Grimsby, the Saint remake, Agent Carter). Kaiser is friends with a friend of mine, producer Allan Caggiano and the aforementioned Lee Martin. Kaiser also knows Andrew Dawe Collins, another Michigan indie regular, who is friends like many of my own friends with Andrew McKenzie, writer of Ed Harris' Sweet Vengeance. Dawe Collins also knows Colin Maguire, whom I know through Frank Henenlotter and Graham Masterton. Dawe Collins has been in the Route with Kill the Irishman's Jimmy Doom and Jason Roth's friend Melissa O'Brien and the international coproduction Train Station with the BBC Tracy Beaker series' Connor Byrne and Deceitful - with Rose Ann Nepa and MMA fighter Harley Wallen, a friend of my friend Stephen Nagy. Collins is also in Pitchfork - with Rock of Ages' Celina Beach and Nicole Dambro, a star of the films of Scorpion actor Matty Castano, a friend of Dreadcentral regular Daniel Emery Taylor. Charley's films have featured the likes of Christine Marie (of. She was also in Mary's Buttons with IFC Proxy's Erika Hoveland, Machine GunPreacher's Mandalyn Carlson and dreadcentral's Jordon Hodges and something called I Declare War. Necroland's Dominic Nepa (some relation I presume) was also in Buffalo (. ffalo. tml ), A Girl Like Her ( ) and Telepathic Telephones alongside Rose Ann Nepa and another Batman vs Superman actor, Henry Frost III (also in the rape drama Bianca with Shane Lloyd of Christopher Lloyd's Pirate Code). Doyle has also been in Dayplanner of the Dead with Fangoria starlet Lauren Mae Shafer, from John J Wiesnewski, director of Melissa O'Brien's Vengeance. Rubin appeared in West Bloomfield with Nancy Lynette Parker of Cary Elwes' A Haunting in Cawdor, Doris Roberts vehicle Margarine Wars, the Key with Christine Marie, Iron Man's Ari Rufino and Mark Boyd (Drew Barrymore's Whip It), the aforementioned 13th Sign with Brad Burkhardt, the DUFF's JJ Green, Zombie Horde's Alicia Clark and April Washko (.

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Mabuse, an arch-villain who was the brainchild of novelist Norbert Jacques. In Langs four-hour silent epic Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler (1922), the evil Mabuse (Rudolf Klein-Rogge) uses his hypnotic powers to manipulate the minds of those around him in a bid to control the worlds economy. In one 26 Two Early Paranormal Films 27 Mesmerist Dr. Caligari (Werner Krauss, left) displays his somnambulistic slave, Cesare (Conrad Veidt), to Lil Dagover in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919). scene Mabuse creates an elaborate, cinema-like illusion of a procession of horses that is witnessed by the entire audience at a theater, while at the same time giving a policeman a telepathic command to shoot himself. Brought to justice at the end of the lm, the criminal genius returned in Langs sound-era sequel, The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933), in which Mabuse (Klein-Rogge) again uses his preternatural abilities in a bid to conquer the world. Unlike Caligari and Nosferatu, which were both set in earlier historical periods, the two Mabuse lms take place in contemporaneous Germany and eschew the trappings of the supernatural in favor of real-world science ction. Due to a materialistic mindset that was skeptical of all supernatural subjects, American lm audiences were not partial to psychic themes during Hollywoods silent era, and few lms dealing with this topic were produced at this time. This would change in the early-talkie period, when the supernatural horror lm came to America with the twin Universal Studios hits Dracula and Frankenstein in 1931. In particular, Bela Lugosi in Dracula ably exhibited the vampires powers of hypnotic telepathy that enabled him to control his victims from a distance. 28 Cinema of the Psychic Realm Early Psi FilmsIn the wake of the Universal monster hits, other studios scrambled to cash in on the horror craze.


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Halloween Horror Nights event and will be a key member of a Hollywood horror ? ream team. He is also serving as a judge in Universal Studios Hollywood? annual Halloween Horror Nights short film competition, which will culminate in a presentation to a winning filmmaker during the ? yegore Awards. The Thing: Assimilation, a new maze inspired by Universal Pictures. Updates on are available on the Halloween Horror Nights website and also on Facebook or Twitter. Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news. ( ). Chillerama is nothing like Creepshow except for the fact that both happen to be in the horror genre and both happen to be anthologies. Each of the four segments within the film is as unique as the directors that are involved. Also with Kane Hodder as one pissed-off Jewish Frankenstein that won't be denied the opportunity to knock the block off a foam-headed Hitler. This is all wrapped around a zombie-ish story by Joe Lynch that involves the last day of a drive-in and the showing of the films above to a rather normal set of people gathered at the cinema for the final event. And not to let things go, of course, the wife comes back to life and bites his beanbag off.