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Not ruling those lil' guys out. (ulysses), Monday, 7 August 2017 21:29 (one year ago) Permalink. I just want the White Walkers to be ice lords who can animate the dead. The gold made it to Kings Landing though, they made sure to mention that, although a lot of people seemed to have missed it. ? dan selzer, Monday, August 7, 2017 9:56 PM (forty-seven minutes ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink I had thought I'd heard tehy were collecting sizable amounts of food fro the area. Just rewatched the battle scene and there seems to be a lotofit. Occurred to me that it would be something better captured than destroyed. Not sure if situation anything like what is happening in the North where they have been talking about collecting food together so that people will actually be able to eat in months to come. The gist of the interaction though, is that Bran can see things that Littlefinger has done, that he's gotten away with so far. Tarly remarks that he doesn't want to split the troops on either side of Blackwater Rush, which would be irrelevant on the King's Road in that it crosses the Blackwater at King's Landing. So it's more likely that they're heading up the Mander on the way to the Gold Road. The Dothraki ships must have landed somewhere between King's Landing and Shipbreaker Bay, and it would be hard to imagine that they landed anywhere near the Red Keep, so let's say they landed near the Straits of Tarth. The Dothraki are on horseback and not especially slowed by the rough terrain, so they can cut through the southern Kingswood or over the Red Mountains, away from the major roads. For some reason I thought Tarly Sr was Uncle Kevan as well. In the show, they haven't confirmed anyone as the culprit.

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No battle plan has ever survived contact with the enemy. No battle plan survives more than 3 minutes of actual combat. No beer, wine, or liquor will ever touch my lips. use a straw. No beer? I think that comes under 'sick and in pain. . No being can be tru ly sentient without laughter. --Delenn. No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings. No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings. -- William Blake. No blinker. They're just exacerbating their crime. Crow. No books are lost by lending, except those you wanted to keep.


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The scene where Tyrion was drinking with Missandei and Grey Worm. The best parts of season 6 were made with plot outlines provided by GRRM. There was one thing done well all season, and it was the Braveheart battle scene and it's amazing cinematography in episode 9 - the Battle of the Bastards. I think people forgive a lot of bad missteps because one director with a disproportionate budget turned in an excellent effort. I'm terrified that the production team is going to lose the point of the story in whatever ending they slap together. Also, more bad news: the final season is likely delayed to 2019 - confirmed by multiple reports. I'm just hoping that the ending done on the show is worthy of the thematic arcs that GRRM planned. Otherwise, it will ruin all the work done before, both TV and books. Yeah, it's an older theory, and it might not apply to the books, but it's entirely possible it DOES apply in the show. We're about to enter the third and final act at this point, and the show has a pretty clear path to resolution. Euron is probably the last major character we'll be introduced to; with Daenerys finally returning to Westeros, the pieces are all finally set on the board for the last game. Last season was the best, and because it was made without the books. The Dorne story line was definitely terrible, but the show definitely did a good job condensing some parts of the book. Hopefully they've learned from that; they did seem to pretty much completely give up on Dorne eventually so there is some hope. I agree with your general point about weak dialog in season 6, but this. Sansa finally getting some agency was a high point for me.

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Yara and Theon are great, I hope they do get to Dany, that would be pretty awesome. This episode felt like a lot of set up, but in a much more exciting way than the last one. I think mostly everything that has been set up is really really exciting, I just hope we won't go through more set up. I am loving how Sansa as a character continue to develop and turning into more like her mother. I have a feeling she's sending that letter to Baelish. no: Poor Arya and The Hound but I guess everyone saw that coming but still heart breaking though. Fantastic episode. The only scene that didn't do it for me was the Greyjoys in the brothel. Even though I knew he was coming back, I screamed at Sandor's cold open. That's only, what, the 3rd time the show's ever done that. Tywin melting down the Stark sword into two, and the pilot. And with the Brotherhood and the Riverlands being a thing again hopefully we'll see a certain someone. drool: I get that the Hound wants revenge or justice (interesting how they mentioned the difference between the two with the Greyjoys), but I wonder what his part in all of this will be after. Her storyline is a bit obvious, but her actually getting stabbed in the gut so many times was a surprise. Maybe Lady Crane will do an IOU and get her to a doctor. Lyanna Mormont 4 lyfe.

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Walder Frey is checked off, along with a handful of his sons. Melisandre is on Arya's list too, and Jon just sent her south to her death. Finally, the bad guys are getting their much deserved justice. Tywin, Roose, and Walder Frey are all dead, which means Robb and the Red Wedding is finally avenged. All that leaves are Jaime and Cersei who absolutely beasted the season. The Starks are now back at full power with a new King of the North who has the entire north rallying behind him. Cersei is now the undisputed Queen of the seven kingdoms, with all the power that entails. We should get some epic Stark vs Lannister vs Targaryen action next season. Fuark soundtrack is on point, still got goosebumps when all them northerners claimed our boy king in the north. One question though-in the tower of joy scene, there were 2 (? sloots in the room with Lyanna and Ned. Also, its cool how they included Dawn into the scene, but I don't remember seeing the rising sun on the pommel of the sword Arthur Dayne used in the fight scene. Sad cuz Tyrion is the coolest character on the show. This is what made that whole scene in the finale even more confusing. I don't think the others had the rest of the info to piece it all together. I mean, they know at least that Jon's not Ned's bastard, they might be able to piece together the rest.

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I think a lot of those things are made noticeable by the way the character is acting. He knows that he can't go bat-shit-crazy and lose it because all it would do is incite an ill-prepared mob. He is staying calm and keeping his head straight because he knows that it is the best way to win this war. I'm happy that he isn't acting like Ned, or Rob, or anybody else because they lost. I can see more depth in Jon and it is because of Kit that I am seeing it. He isn't a great actor, but I think he has upped his game this season. I think that Kit was terrific in season 6, but this season something feels. ff. It was really obvious when he's addressing the Northerners about the ravens he received from Sam and Daenerys in the second episode, its like he was very loud and over enunciating every word, but with little to no emotion. The material's he's been given, and the direction he had to have been given (because REALLY if an actor is screwing up, it's up to the director to say a little sumpin). He was a great Stannis, but he said it got to a point where he didn't know WTF his character was even supposed to be thinking. So I imagined him immediately talking about Dany's raven openly to the other lords, because that's how he was rolling last year: transparent; desperate. Other actors might have gone too far with it, he didn't. I'd like to see him in something other than GOT before forming a solid opinion, but I find him to be one of the better actors (and characters) on the show. She gets some of the most terrible, god-awful writing on this entire show and the most the directors have demanded of her since around S3 or so is to slink around in designer clothes like a model on a runway. I adore Emilia as a person, and she is quite good in more comedic roles, but sometimes her performance as Dany is just bad.