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Capacitor C. Transistor D. Relay Answer: B 6. What do we call a collection of two or more computers that are located within a limited distance of each other and that are connected to each other directly or indirectly? A. Inernet B. Interanet C. Local Area Network D. Wide Area Network Answer: C 7. '. PG' extension refers usually to what kind of file? A. Angelo marconi B. Anno median C. Amplitude modulation D. Text File B. Image file C.

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But I probably simplify. (Probably? Okay. I also waffle. Fields of Fire is a good book? houghtful and engrossing. It did, however, take me forever? t seemed? o read. We've been kicked off the edge of the goddamn cliff. They don't know how to fight it, and they don't know how to stop fighting it. I'd sure like to hear what a Vietnam vet thinks about it. Reminiscent of Cold Mountain, Coal Black Horse by Robert Olmstead is another Civil War story. (Yep, I'm really avoiding those war novels I dislike. In this story, Robey Childs, at the request of his mother, sets out to find his father and bring him home from the War. During his search, Robey sees the horrors of war, the indifference of those for whom it's being fought, and the glee of those able to eke out a profit. Perhaps it should be required reading for all politicians.


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Too bad there aren’t more of them. Plenty of gore and tastelessness, I would have loved it at sixteen. It’s a slowburner but the ending makes it all worth while. The vengeance of the freaks is the scariest moment in 30s horror. The DVD of this is quite good with a particularly noteworthy documentary which provides background on many of the performers playing the freaks. In this one, a pair of ghostly red shoes kills all those who wear them until being taken home by a single mother and her daughter who dreams of being a dancer. This Korean import is more ambitious than most but it stumbles on the horror front. On it’s own terms, Creep might work, but horror fans will feel deja vu. A cannibal preys on commuters and the homeless in the London subway terminals. Yes, fans, it’s Raw Meat all over again, with the focus shifted to a slasher set up with Franka Potente (Run Lola Run) and others trying to survive a long night. The film is reasonably well paced and does hold interest. Creep is the best slasher film of the season, but how about an original idea. A restorer journeys to a small island village to do restoration on a statue believed to be cursed. The niece (Steele) looks exactly like the statue and seems to be of two halves. One is a chaste innocent and the other a superslut who destroys men. This is true but one wishes Curse of the Crimson Altar was better. An antique dealer travels to a mysterious lodge to search for his missing brother.