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Gambar Binaan seperti Pyramid yang tersusun seperti Fibonaci Number's design dan binaan gambar muka. Gambar-gambar ini didakwa oleh NASA sebagai bukti ia merupakan binaan sesebuah Tamadun dan bukannya terbentuk secara semulajadi. Gambar-gambar ini diambil oleh satelit Nasa di Planet Marikh. Beliau berada dalam golongan (2B) yakni yang mempercayai wujudnya Makhluk hidup yang lain di luar bumi dan mereka ini termasuk yang seperti haiwan yang tidak berakal dan juga yang bijak dan mempunya tamadun mungkin seperti manusia. Didalam ayat ini juga, Allah S. . juga menerangkan kehidupan yang telah Allah sebarkan keseluruh alam yakni di dalam ayat tersebut, Syurga dan Bumi. Jika benar tafsiran Sami Zataari, maka ini menunjukkan kebenaran kumpulan (2A) seperti yang diterangkan diatas mengenai wujudnya makhluk lain di luar bumi tetapi mereka tidak bijak seperti kita. Ini boleh dilihat dalam gambar yang didakwa Nasa sebagai Fosil Kuman Bakteria di atas. Ini bermaksud terdapat makhluk-makhluk lain yang tidak kita ketahui, hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu. Tetapi mereka ada menjalankan tugas seperti Malaikat Jibril yang menghantar Utusan Allah (Al-Quran) kepada Baginda Nabi Muhammad S. . serta kepada Nabi-Nabi yang terdahulu. Ibarat pemandu lori yang menghantar barang dari KL ke JB, pemandu lori tersebut singgah di Melaka dan akhirnya sampai di JB namun tempat tinggalnya masih lagi di KL, bukan di Melaka atau JB. Selain itu, didalam bahasa Arab dan gaya bahasa Al-Quran, kadang-kadang nombor 7 juga bermaksud SANGAT-SANGAT BANYAK. Namun beliau menambah, terdapat Ilmuwan Islam lain yang mendakwa bahawa 7 Bumi di dalam ayat tersebut bermaksud 7 Benua. Bagi saya, ayat-ayat Allah kadang-kadang mempunyai lebih dari satu maklumat contohnya Surah Al-Alaq yang menerangkan Kejadian Manusia didalam Rahim Ibu. Jadi Allah menerangkan kejadian awal manusia didalam perut seperti yang mana satu. Rupa Embrio sewaktu mula-mula terbentuk, lihat yang sebelah kiri Jadi, kembali kepada 7 BUMI tadi, kemungkinan selain maksud 7 Benua, ia juga bermaksud 7 lapisan bumi dan mungkin juga 7 planet lain seperti BUMI. Memang kita belajar disekolah bahawa Bumi ada 3 Lapisan Utama iaitu Kerak, Mantel dan Teras.

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It's five states in just over 10 hours (shout-out to that little sliver of West Virginia I cut through briefly), and a slog of a drive. The next morning, my first stop is to Broadway in downtown Nashville. It's a mix of Beale St. Hollywood Boulevard and the Las Vegas Strip, but with way more bachelorette parties. Pedal pubs packed with bridal parties in matching shirts stream up and down the street blasting turn-of-the-century teen pop favs like Britney and Spice Girls. The musicians performing inside the bars and restaurants are legit some of the best I've ever heard. What Nashville is Talking About: The 2018 Tennessee gubernatorial race is expected to be the most expensive in state history, with the possibility of TV ads airing a year before the election, according to the Tennessean. Nashville's Must-See Political Spot: The venues where losing presidential candidates hold their election night rallies become the stuff of political legend. There's of course the Javits Center in New York where Hillary Clinton was supposed to speak under faux shattered glass, and the Boston Harbor fireworks show that never happened because Mitt Romney lost in 2012. Nashville has War Memorial Plaza, where Al Gore held his election night rally in 2000. The space is empty when I go, but I imagine what it must have been like that night, packed with supporters. As the story goes, it was after 3 a. . when Gore was about to give his concession speech. Bush, but then rescinded his concession because of how tight the race was. His campaign chair Bill Daley was the one who went out to tell the crowd they weren't going to get an answer that night about who the 43rd president of the United States would be. It's nothing new. Country music for a while now has been dominated by men, something Beverly Keel, the co-founder of Change the Conversation, is trying to, well, change. The drive from Philadelphia to Punxsutawney is 273 miles through forest-lined highways, and it seemed even longer because I was driving late. When night falls, the gorgeous scenery begins to look a little spooky.

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This is probably the most emotional scene in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. A hard hearted soldier of fortune discovers the inherent goodness of human nature in a child and gives his life in exchange for hers. The only film that got me blubbing was Life is Beautiful right at the end when the little boy gets to ride on the tank after winning hide and seek and then finding his mother. What made it worse was I was in the middle of a flight to New Zealand, it was half past something in the morning, everyone else was asleep and I was crying like a three-year-old whose balloon had burst. I am not worried about being teary in front of my sons; I think it's good to let them know it's OK to let your feelings show. The bit in The Italian Job where the Mafia smash Michael Caine's Aston Martin and the two E-Types had me crying like a baby. My Life as A Dog, a Swedish film that observes a 12-year-old boy, Ingemar, struggling with life with a terminally ill mother and an absent father as well as meeting all the normal developments that life presents us. The tear-jerker for me is how Ingemar tries to come to terms with the story of Laika (a theme that runs through the whole film), a dog sent to space with a guaranteed death sentence. If I want a really good purgative cry then it has to be Truly, Madly, Deeply. The holiday, created to remember animal adventurer and conservationist Steve Irwin, is on Sept. 4 and is really putting us in the mood to watch a film that makes us bawl and hold our pets a little tighter. The animal-human connection is incredibly powerful, primal even, and these movies prove it. Don’t forget the popcorn and definitely don’t forget the tissues. Albert discovers that his miraculous horse has been sent to France and follows him there. Albert ends up fighting on the front lines but knows his horse will help win the war. The movie takes place over the course of Marley’s comical, messy, irreverent life. Billy is thrilled when he saves up enough money to purchase two redbone coonhounds to hunt with. Old Dan and Little Ann prove brave during a mountain lion attack, but not everyone comes out alive. According to this movie, they go on adventures, make new friends and sometimes even make enemies. The best part of the day, however, is when their owners return from work to spend time with them.

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Another reading can be a bit less feverish, perhaps. There is an aboluste beauty in this book, and it seems to lie in the details. How all the characters still in character, the resolution to both romances at the end, all the touches about criticism - all these ring true. ver the years I have read this book, my favorite character has gone from Maud to Leonora then to both. Something I re-read every year to year and a half. There is much to admire here. he author skillfully interweaves two time periods. One was 1987 (close to the time the novel was written), the other nineteenth century Victorian England. he not only invents two poets, but writes a lot of their poetry. It refers to the possession of romantic love, ownership of precious objects, and the almost demonic possession that can take over those on a quest. he 1987 timeline involves a gaggle of academics. All of them are scholars of Victorian poets and writers. The author gently mocks the academics and their obsessions with ideas no one else cares about. At the same time, she makes the professors believable and very human characters. he focus of the novel are two fictional Victorian poets. ne, Randolph Henry Ash, married to Ellen Ash, is considered one of the greatest poets of his time. he other, Christabel LaMotte, is less well known, primarily because she is a woman. She is also a closeted lesbian, living quietly with her lover, Blanche Glover on Mount Ararat Road in Richmond in London. pparently LaMotte is based on real pre-Raphaelite poetess Christina Rossetti, although I much prefer Rossetti's poetry to LaMotte's. Christina, although apparently a beautiful woman, had Italian coloring---dark hair and olive skin (orso it seems in the pictures of her).

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I’ll accept plurals, compound words, or adjective variations, but not word fragments. For example, T he Falcon and the Snowman is ok, but The Girl on the Train is not. Many, many possible answers. 3. Picture Round I---Centenarians Emma Morano of Italy, thought to be the last person alive born in the 19th century, celebrated her 117th birthday in November. Identify one of the people pictured here, each of whom lived to be at least 100 years old. For the top center picture, just ID the Dutch woman on the left. Bonus: For -2 points each, name the three people pictured who are alive as of December 19, 2016. No penalty for a wrong guess, but guess no more than three names. 4. Before and After This category gets both the thumbs-up and thumbs-down when it comes up on Jeopardy. Each answer will be composed of two parts that are linked by a word or part of a word. Examples: LeBron (James) Monroe, Santa (Claus) trophobia. Bonus: For -1 point, what unusual distinction do these names share. No penalty for a wrong guess. 8. Shirley You Can’t Be Serious We’ve had many people named Shirley in entertainment, sports, and business fields. Name the host city one of them is associated with; both summer and winter games are represented. Be sure to include the letter with your answer. A.


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that same day, Echeparee’s mother filed a complaint with the CITF, prompting the task force to plan an entrapment operation, Malayo said. One of the policemen directed Echeparee’s parents to give him the money at MC Mall in Malabon. But he changed his mind and said a transaction would be done at the Petron gas station on C-3 Road in Caloocan City. However, the entrapment operation did not proceed after the policemen learned that the CITF was on to them, Malayo said. The CITF decided to coordinate with the Northern Police District director, Chief Supt. Roberto Fajardo, leading to the identification of the seven policemen. At 6: 30 p. . on Aug. 12, the lawmen surrendered to Ocden while Echeparee was returned to his family, Malayo said. Last week, the Quezon City Police District director, Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar, relieved four of his men for a similar offense. Sacked were the Fairview police station head, Supt. Bobby Glenn Ganipac; the station’s drug enforcement unit chief, Insp. Severino Busa; and three of his men—SPO3 Mario Samoy, PO3 Hebry Tingle and PO1 Marlon Fajardo. This was after Ganipac’s driver, Joseph Ruallo, was arrested by the CITF in an entrapment operation for allegedly extorting P15,000 from the parents of a drug suspect detained at the Fairview police station. During questioning, Ruallo claimed that he was just following the instructions of Samoy, Tingle and Fajardo. Criminal charges have been filed against Ruallo and the three policemen, who also face administrative cases. Accused Islamic State recruiter Neil Prakash is getting consular help from Australia scmp. om.

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She s super aggressive with the ball and is not afraid to take shots or guard the other team s best player. Redshirt juniors Alex Green and Jasmine Camp and sophomore Briana Roberson give Stanford much-needed depth at the guard position while senior Erica Payne, junior Tess Picknell and sophomore Kailee Johnson will likely be in the frontcourt rotation. Freshman forward Kaylee Johnson (yes, it will be hard to keep them separate) has shown a penchant for rebounding through the two exhibition games. She started both of them and grabbed a total of 28 boards to go with 19 points. If we had a race, she would beat everybody, VanDerveer said. Freshmen guards Taylor Rooks and Brittany McPhee are also showing they belong. McPhee got a late start due to a stress reaction in her foot. The starting lineup looks to be Orrange, Thompson, McCall, the freshman Johnson, and either Karlie Samuelson or Greenfield. McCall scored a combined 33 points and had 18 rebounds in the two exhibition games. Roberson led the team with six assists against Vanguard. For as long as I can remember there has always been great players and great coaches in the conference. The opening homestand, which also includes Texas at 7 p. . Thursday, will be a fairly accurate barometer for Stanford. It would have been far easier if he were an Iowa, Iowa State or Drake fan, all in cities within easy driving distance of his hometown. Randle, instead, accompanied his father to Chicago, nearly three hours away, to watch Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Randle has never been about taking shortcuts, though it was exciting whenever the Bulls came to Quad Cities to play an exhibition game. Stanford s senior guard is about striving to be the best. These days there are younger players who d love to be like Randle, the undisputed leader of the Cardinal men s basketball team, which opens its season Friday night with a 9 p. .

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League, though he did not attend the Dacca inaugural session, and later. Jinnah, who “came out in bitter hostility toward all that I and my friends. Jinnah had joined forty-four other like-minded Muslims in neighboring. Calcutta, meeting together with some 1,500 Hindus, Parsis, and Christians. Campbell-Bannerman, called for self-government, “Good government could. Gokhale-Jinnah address “earnestly” called for employment of more Indians. Dadabhai’s speech replete with quotes from Morley, included one. Hindus and Muslims in the aftermath of partition, Dadabhai called for. I here! be prosperity enough for all, but not till then. Inle necessity. They must sink or swim together. I ItI m Ilierne of national unity was to be echoed by Jinnah at every political. Ilniiah first met India’s- poetess Sarojini Naidu at that Calcutta Congress. Hied, as she recalled, by a “virile patriotism. She was instantly cap-. Iiniiiih lull Calcutta inspired with his mission of advancing the cause of. I” H Mil. c Mich unity was to the new goal of stvaraj (“self-government”) that. Boycott was their battle cry—first of British machine-.