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Many of them are also the illegitimate sons of women he's raped around the world during his raids. Uses an eyepatch to conceal his red right hand, a pitch-black eye. Raped his brother Victarion's wife, then claimed she wanted it so Victarion had to kill her. Also showed back up in the Iron Islands the day after Balon died, despite having been raping and pillaging in Essos before that, which is suspicious as fuck. Plans to conquer Westeros, and has some unknown plan to deal with Daenerys. Revealed in the books to be the sickest fuck in an entire setting of sick fucks (and that's saying something), including being an anti-religious fellow with a god complex. One of his hobbies is torturing priests and assorted clergymen to try and make them give up their faiths. Unlike the current lot of Lannisters they understand the value of good PR, balancing ruthlessness with being somewhat amicable, political savvy and not being stuck-up on honor. They are House of Tudor with the serial numbers filed off. Massively fat and overweight, while being stupid, overreaching and constantly mocked by everyone else, he's otherwise known as a friendly man, a good Lord when it comes to management and a good father; unfortunately this isn't enough to save a man in the Game of Thrones.

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They greatly expanded the empire and strengthened central power. Some were great statesmen, others ruthless but competent, and still others ruthless and incompetent. Many members of the dynasty were wicked and cruel, though Lo Doq ruled wisely and well for thirty years. He survived the numerous assassinations within the imperial family by pretending to be a lackwit struck with an affliction that made him limp and drool when he tried to speak. A famous historical drama recounts his unlikely rise to the throne. The Scarlet Emperors reigned about 2,000 years ago, and warred against the Jogos Nhai to the north. Their reign was a golden age of peace and prosperity, with nine emperors ruling for 130 good years. While each of them had children before taking the throne, they were each voluntarily castrated when they became emperor, so as not to be distracted from matters of state. They conquered the large island of Leng off the coast in the Jade Sea, and lands as far away as Qarth and Old Ghis paid them tribute. Traded with the Valyrians, who were then also at the height of their power.

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One set of block faces shows the time as a standard analog clock, another set of faces can be used to teach time in five-minute steps, another set can be used to teach fractions of hours, and another can be used for 24 hour time to teach the concepts of A. . and P. . Manul movement of the clock. For a student with low vision, using a standard wall clock as a teaching tool is difficult. The instructor explained that the clock has two hands, a little hand for the hours and a big hand for the minutes. She also explained that if the number to which the big hand was pointing was multiplied by 5, the time would be clear. For example, if the the hour hand pointed to 5 and the minute hand to 4. The set has 41 pieces, including a magnetic write and erase board, two magnetic clock faces, hour and minute hands, and a digital clock face with attachable numerals.